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sorry but the point, I think, is for microsoft not only to "sting" the servers and finding the infected computers.... what are they doing in order to prevent those computers to become infected? I think the problems should be addressed from several parts.. stinging the command and control will only relief for some time... in a few days or weeks, another virus or trojan will infect pcs again and so on... what is Microsoft doing in order to avoid PCs to be infected.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - Looking for Love; Finding Privacy violations (

itwbennett writes: "When you sign up for online dating, there's a certain amount of information you expect to give up, like whether or not your weight is proportional to your height. But you probably don't expect that your profile will remain online long after you stop subscribing to the service. In some cases your photo can be found even after being deleted from the index, according to the electronic frontier foundation (EFF), which identified six major security weaknesses in online dating sites."

Submission + - Tools, Techniques, Procedures of the RSA hackers revealed

An anonymous reader writes: Details of the tools, techniques and procedures used by the hackers behind the RSA security breach have been revealed in a research paper published by Australian IT security company Command Five. The paper also, for the first time, explains links between the RSA hack and other major targeted attacks. This paper is a vendor-neutral must-read for any network defenders concerned by the hype surrounding "Advanced Persistent Threats".

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Iran: 30 million lose email access - The Associated Press ( 1

Globe and Mail

Iran: 30 million lose email access
The Associated Press
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian news agency reports that more than 30 million people in the country have lost access to foreign email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail. The Saturday report by the semiofficial Mehr agency says that the ...
Iran blocks the
Iran blocks access to some outside websites, servicesComputerworld
Iran Reportedly Cuts Off Access to Secure Internet SitesPC Magazine

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Submission + - RIP Compiz (

vst writes: From the article: "This is not 100% confirmed, but the news that Fedora is dropping Compiz from release 17 can only mean one thing — Compiz is dead. Gentoo, openSUSE, GNOME, and a list of others had already dropped Compiz, leaving only one distribution holding onto the compositing software — Ubuntu."

Submission + - Alaskan tests to use waste CO2 to flush out natura (

ananyo writes: This month, scientists will test a new way to extract methane from beneath the frozen soil of Alaska: they will use waste carbon dioxide from conventional wells to force out the desired natural gas.

The pilot experiment will explore the possibility of ‘mining’ from gas hydrates: cages of water ice that hold molecules of methane. Such hydrates exist under the sea floor and in sandstone deep beneath the Arctic tundra, holding potentially vast reserves of natural gas. But getting the gas out is tricky and expensive.

The test is to be run by the US Department of Energy (DOE), in conjunction with ConocoPhillips, an oil company based in Houston, Texas, and the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation. The researchers will pump CO2 down a well in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, into a hydrate deposit. If all goes as planned, the CO2 molecules will exchange with the methane in the hydrates, leaving the water crystals intact and freeing the methane to flow up the well.


Submission + - Dart Does Physics - Just To Prove It Can! (

mikejuk writes: One of the difficulties in getting a new computer language accepted by a wider audience is that there is doubt that it is real. Is it a toy language that just proves a concept or can it do real work?
In the case of Dart, which is Google's replacement for JavaScript, the development is speeding ahead at a rate that is impressive but worrying. To prove that Dart is already a language that can be used, we now have a port of the well known 2D physics engine Box2D, the one Angry Birds uses, to Dart. Take a look at the demo website and be impressed once again at what HTML5 and JavaScript can do but take note that at the moment it only seems to work under Chrome.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Automated ATMs Recycle Phones For Money (

judgecorp writes: "EcoATM is going to install machines which give money for old phones across the US. The system, shown at the CES show, takes a photo of any phone or other gadget put in its tray, and provides a data cable (for every kind of phone?) to check it is working. The machine offers a quote based on the current used price, and pays up on the spot."

Submission + - Femtocell maker Picochip bought by Mindspeed for & (

sweetpea86 writes: UK-based femtocell maker Picochip has been snapped up by Mindspeed Technologies, a supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, for $51.8 million (£33.5m). The two companies intend to merge their respective 3G and 4G technologies and lead the industry’s move toward fixed/mobile broadband convergence.

Picochip currently provides around 70 percent of the chips used to make femtocells, but has had difficulty converting its success in 3G/HSPA into LTE growth. Femtocells are used to beef up 3G network strength,and have been touted as a way to solve the problem of 3G ‘not-spots’, as well as easing strain on mobile networks during London's Olympic Games.

Submission + - The Pirate Bay Now Blocked In Finland ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Today, Finnish network operator Elisa has blocked the Pirate Bay. News just coming in, but here’s a list of the domains being blocked. I can verify that the Pirate Bay is inaccessible here in Finland.

Here's a list of blocked domains.

Submission + - £989 Raspberry Pi Donated to Museum (

purehavnet writes: "One of the first 10 Raspberry Pi computers to be released has been purchased on Ebay and donated to The Centre for Computing History by an anonymous donor.

10 of the eagerly awaited $25 computers were listed on Ebay for auction and enthusiastic bidders around the world bid frantically for the rare opportunity to own one of these first production boards. The auction for board #7 ended on 8th January at a final bid of £989 which obviously included free delivery!"


Submission + - Cubelets - Snap Together Your Latest Robot (

mikejuk writes: The whole idea of encapsulating functions into bricks is such a good idea that it is bound to be reinvented time-and-time again. In this case we have Cubelets for modular robotics. The idea is that you have standard sensors, logic and actuators in plastic blocks that connect together via magnets. These can be used to quickly build robotic systems. Watch the, slightly odd, video to see how it all works. It might not have enough open ended creative potential to engage interest for a long time but it might be the stepping-stone some children (or adults) need to decided that this stuff is worth knowing about...

Submission + - What do you know about Alkaline Water? (

Alex456 writes: "On a pH scale, alkaline water is water that is neutral. It is on the basic side or alkaline side of the scale – ranging from 7.5 to 14 pH. A lot of people hold the belief that alkaline water is immeasurably beneficial and that it is a vital constituent for one’s health. As a matter of fact, there are those that say that research on alkaline water is far from the conclusion. The main use of alkaline water is for drinking, due to the health benefits that are associated with it."


Submission + - Microsoft Patents Bad Neighborhood Detection (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: With the grant of their US Patent #8090532 Microsoft may be attempting to corner the market on GPS systems for use by pedestrians, or they may have opened a fertile ground for discrimination lawsuits.

Described as a patent on pedestrian route production, the patent describes a two-way system of building navigation devices targeted at people who are not in vehicles, but still require the use of such a device to most efficiently route to their destination. For example, the user inputs their destination and any constraints or requirements they might have, such as a wheelchair accessible route, types of terrain they are willing to cross, the option of public transportation, and a way point such as the nearest Starbucks on the route.

Any previously configured preferences are also considered, such as avoiding neighborhoods that exceed a certain threshold of violent crime statistics (hence the description of this as the "avoid bad neighborhoods" patent), fastest route, most scenic, etc.

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