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Comment Re:that what they call it? (Score 1) 675

funny thing is their data gathering can probably see multiple keys pressed at once (as fist repeatedly contacts keyboards) - I wonder if they can detect loss of monitor (as it flies through the window).

[12/12/12 14:12:35][log_event][42][multiple keyboard events]pressed keys 4,5,6,e,r,t,y,d,f,g,h,x,c,v,b,SPACE]
[12/12/12 14:12:87][log_event][42][multiple keyboard events]pressed keys 5,6,7e,r,t,y,d,f,g,h,x,c,v,b,n]
[12/12/12 14:13:22][log_event][42][multiple keyboard events]pressed keys 4,5,6,e,r,t,y,d,f,g,h,x,c,v,b,n]
[12/12/12 14:13:58][log_event][42][multiple keyboard events]pressed keys 3,4,5,6,e,r,t,y,d,f,g,c,v,b,SPACE]

uh-oh we got a keyboard pounder

Comment Answer! (Score 1) 135

use this website for the math: http://www.changpuak.ch/electronics/yagi_uda_antenna.php then simply use the wire you have to build the yagi antenna. highly directional with a large forward lobe this should do the trick. I see the boom length is small for 800/1900Mhz (I think that's 4G freqs). Naturally purchasing one will save the time/effort to solder/clamp the elements to the boom and the coax to the antenna/connector but there's nothing more satisfying that a bit of home-brew kit. HTH

Submission + - One Way Trips To Mars, Leaving 2022 (vice.com)

Daniel_Stuckey writes: "Check this vacation package: A seven month journey without showering (Just 213 days’ worth of moist clean towelettes for four) balanced with a satisfying three hours of exercise per day, and extremely tight quarters (with the possible interruption of solar storms which would require that passengers crawl deeper inro the rocket’s shelter area for days). It’s like Survivor, but it’ll take 10 years of passing immunity challenges to make it aboard. Sounds like one of the more interesting passages I’ve come across in the Rough Guide (Will there be shrimp with garlic?)

Enough though – is this for real? According to Mars One, “Yes, it is!” They say they’ve been planning a Mars trip since January 2011 in secret, and only recently could they remove their embargo once they realized it could happen. They’ve received letters of interest from big-leaguers Surrey, Thales Alenia, and space’s recent commercial debutant, SpaceX. Hooking up with these companies as suppliers, Mars One aims to call on a general audience to participate in selecting the first person to leave foot prints on the surface of the Red Planet.

“Our biggest challenge is acquiring funding. Once we do, it is on,” Mars One exclaims on their site, saying the company’s trip will help produce “the biggest media event in history!”"


Submission + - Richard Feynman's FBI Files (muckrock.com) 1

v3rgEz writes: "The FBI files of noted physicist, esteemed author and all-around geek Richard Feynman have been released:


Feynman and the FBI had an extended encounter after the Bureau discovered he had been invited to speak at the USSR, which set off a flurry of investigations into his loyalty — even as he pestered the State Department for guidance on whether he should or shouldn't go, guidance they only gave belatedly.

Of particular interest to the FBI was his avid devotion to the art of lock picking, his high school membership in a socialism club (for social reasons, he swore), and the fact that he was a godless scientist who loved his bongo drums.

Original Documents are available:


One other element? A seven-page letter detailing a conspiracy theory that Feynman was a sleeper agent for enemies unknown, but probably communist ones.


Comment Re:Microsoft of social networking? (Score 2) 138

"I'm finding that I have to divorce "intellectually stimulating" from "social interaction" more and more every day" wow, you've just described the way I feel. What we need is to combine the two to have "intellectually stimulating social interaction". Something like a geek club where you can bring your projects to show-off or have a brainstorm debug session, drink beer and have a good time.

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