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Comment Re:That's not the professional term (Score 1) 487

Linguists say "African-American Vernacular English".
What does it say about our society if a group we need to integrate is so isolated it's developing an incompatible dialect?

Ah -- a problem I've been trying to raise awareness to for ages: how to incorporate Linguists into our society, make them valuable and productive members, even. Sadly Linguists appear to be a bunch of stubborn bastards who relish in the esoteric obscurity and unfathomable tenebrity of their patois.

Comment Re:It's somewhat expected. (Score 1) 436

"[...] say what you want about Steve Jobs, but it will be a cold day in hell before a product comes out of his company that can be described as "unusable.""

Well, there was the infamous "Hockey Puck"-mouse.
I worked at a multimedia roadshow and workshop in 1999 and could see first hand how a large sample of users (of various levels of skill) interacted with this abomination. We ended up having to buy clip-on thingies for the mice so people would be able to use them(*). Say what you will about Macs and the Mac OS (I've always liked them), but I've yet to see a good mouse produced by Apple (and that includes the current generation mice).

(*) Yes, we could have just used any other USB-Mouse, but for some (contractual? sponsor?) reason we were required to use only Apple equipment.

Comment Re:This would be a great loss (Score 1) 398

VLC just happily bypasses [region codes] and plays anything.

Sadly there are a number of CD/DVD-drives around where the drive itself checks the region code of the inserted disk and acts (or rather: refuses to act) accordingly -- nothing VLC (or any other software DVD-ripper for that matter) can do. The Matshita-drives used in most portable Macs come to mind. The only workaround would be to re-flash the drive with a different firmware, but often the drives/laptops ar obsolete by the time someone comes up with an alternative firmware. Oh, and of course your warranty's shot if anything goes wrong.

Comment Re:Windows Upgrades (Score 1) 570

I went from Vista to Win7 RC1 and didn't have any problems. Every time I see a comment like this, I think to myself "Why don't I ever have these problems?" Well?

Possibly for the same reason I can install Linux and not have to keep a terminal window open for every little thing, or constantly tweak it. We are not drama queens

Same here with Mac OS upgrades. When a completely new OS-Revision is released (10.4/5/6), or even just a minor point-release (10.n.n), you should hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Apple-centric forums.

Mind you: you hear (read) mostly from people who have a problem. In my experience it's mostly people who sometime in the past did something to their OS they were explicitly told not to (or at least warned about), because it might cause problems in the future ("Input-Manager Haxxies" come to mind). Now, I by no means want to give the impression that all Mac-OS-updates will run flawless, unless you did something unsavoury (in fact I have been bitten by a pure Apple-Mistake myself (sometime around 10.2.8 -- my USB-Peripherals would suddenly Kernel-Panic my Mac (which had run flawlessly until then)), also there sometimes are 3rd-party programs that use (more or less suddenly) revoked routines (does happen each and every time with parts of the Adobe CS-Suite)...

Having said all that: the really, really bad "upgrade experiences" usually happen to people who at sometime in the past had already b0rked their system.... or did not read the news: I make quite a lot of money with Adobe CS3 on MacOS X 10.5.x. (I'm a designer by trade). I did a little rearch when 10.6 came out, realized, that the (acutually rather minor) problems with CS3/OSX10.6 still were showstoppers for my workflow and continue to work very productively with yesterday's OS (Mac OS 10.5.x) and yesterday's Adobe-"Suite" (CS3).

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 318

I'm out of mod-points right now, which probably is a good thing, because i'd have modded you "insightful" on impulse. That probably would have been wrong, since your scenario is not universally attractive, But boy did you hit my personal idea of unlimited whimsy.

One addition, though: I'd first buy all my favourite works of art (as and when available), then pay the master art-forgers of this world the requisite monies to create exact, indistinguishable replicas of them. Then, when it's definitely impossible to distinguish between original and "fake" I'd donate half of my collection to the public. Which version goes to the museums and which version remains with me would be decided by double-blind random events. Who owns the original? What is the original? Who cares... the bottom line is: a lot of extraordinarily talented craftsmen (and -women) would get payed well for their work, and some of the greatest works of art would now exist twice. Ah... what a wonderful world that would be.

And the best thing: those shenannigans, costly as the might be, would likely only use up a tiny fraction of my vast fortune, leaving lots and lots of money to be spent on serious, humanist causes. Which would get me tons of karma, but would be utterly depressing to manage. So (since I'm so incredibly rich, remember) I'll just pay people (administrators) to care. And some other people to audit them. And, maybe, some people to audit the auditors (I don't mind losing money, but the people who should receive it might). Yep, I thing that would be A Good Thing(TM) all around. :)


P.S.: Yes, I'd own the Trademark on "A Good Thing", too, but would only enforce it when evil fucks misuse it. See how nice I am? :)

Comment Re:the point (Score 1) 326

Major changes in OS 10.6 are mostly cosmetic from what I can tell.

Well, maybe you want to take a closer look at what's actually new in OS X 10.6 -- I'd say it's a lot more than just a cosmetic change.

I'm not going to go into the details of every major OS X revision, but you should note that the upgrade price for 10.6 from 10.5 is not the usual $ 100, but only $ 29. Apple basically says that 10.6 is what 10.5 could have been, had they had more time. 10.6 has massive changes under the hood (see above), but actually very little "cosmetics" or obvious new features (e.g. TimeMachine or Spotlight in previous revisions).

They're doing something very simillar to what Microsoft appears to be doing with the transition from Vista to 7, but unlike Microsoft they're not charging the users full price for a major system overhaul (this time ;) ).

Comment Re:DOOOOOOPED! (Score 1) 602

I'm not sure you're aware of how the world of high-finance works. There have been hedge funds handling over $10B with FIVE employees. Seriously.

I'm not exactly doubting you (in 2009 sadly someting like this sounds all too believable), yet I'd rather have some (reliable, checkable) corroboration (i.e.: links) for that statement of yours. It was, after all, blindly believing in credible (but unchecked) statements from one trusted guy that got all those investors into the mess they're in.

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