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Comment Re:4k Monitor (Score 2) 137

Well, I'm writing this on my retina-macbook pro without any upscaling, 2880x1800 and perfectly readable. I've used a ViewSonic VP2290B with its 3840x2400 @ 22.2" resolution (a bit over 200ppi) for years in a similar fashion. I think upping resolution is the greatest thing ever, because I can fit so much more content on the display without wasting time on scrolling and zooming, and for reading full-screen documents, everything is as crisp, or crisper than printed media.
However, I've needed eyeglasses since 7-8 years ago. I'll probably opt for a laser eye correction surgery some time in the future. The point is, however, that if you have trouble seeing stuff, get some glasses. It's not for just monitors, but traffic safety and such, because you'll upgrade the real world from SD to HD.

Comment Re:Fuck Firefox 14. (Score 1, Insightful) 505

I don't think the parent is trolling. This is practically the sorry state of Firefox, which would probably be something like version 4.6.7 using the old versioning system. WebKit has left Mozilla in the dust, maybe they should switch bandwagons and just release a Firefox-y application wrapper built on WebKit?

Comment Re:Replace the batteries (Score 1) 301

Well, I replaced the battery on my iPhone 4, the battery was a about $15 or so from DX and it took about 15 minutes of extra careful first-time work to replace. Now that I know the construction, it would take maybe a couple of minutes to do that again. Just remove the two exposed screws and slide off the back glass cover. Then remove the single screw holding the battery connector, pull out the connector, lift out the old battery. Assembly is simply the reverse.

Comment Re:iPhone dream (Score 4, Insightful) 301

They really didn't do the same thing. The killer app for the iPhone was a decent touch-screen web browser and a very stable OS, neither was available on the S60 devices. It also shifted away the phone app from being the centerpiece to just being another app amongst others, which resulted in a paradigm shift. Battery life on Symbian phones was also quite awful, if you actually used any radios instead of just keeping the phone in stand-by. Symbian phones were also very crash-prone, unlike the iPhones, and you wouldn't get any major firmware updates, merely some hotfixes to some of the serious bugs.
You aren't just comparing apples to oranges, you are comparing a mid-90's low-end keypad-controlled handheld system design to a modern, touch-screen-controlled Unix-based system.

Comment Re:"moving irresistibly"? (Score 1) 673

The point is, that the only way to (legally) aquire magsafe connectors is to cut them off Apple's power supplies. The MagSafe connector includes a "DRM" chip, which does the handshake with the MacBook and there are no third parties selling "pirated" MagSafe connectors.

As for the batteries, yes, I expect there'll be people who figure out how to replace the batteries without replacing the top-case + keyboard + trackpad in a package for $50-$150, but in many cases it'll be a worse value than getting a new, shiny top-case + keyboard + trackpad as a part of Apple's $200 battery deal. Damaged top-case components are fairly common in second-hand 'Books and replacing those will probably get a better re-sale value than just replacing the battery or selling with a damaged battery + worn top-case parts.

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