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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 286

Actually you could push 4k resolutions out of really old video cards, including something like HDMI 1.0 and single-link DVI. You'd just have to scale down the refresh rate. The video card limits are mostly a function of bandwidth and they don't really care about the display geometry, all they do is send a stream of bytes from their frame buffer along with some sync bits to tell the monitor where the line or frame ends.

Comment Re:50" 4k costs 1/4 the price of the 32" (Score 1) 286

I actually run mine at 34Hz :P It's more of a function of how much over the specs your display adapter can supply bandwidth.
It's also awesome for civilization-like strategy games, where you want to see as much of the map at once as possible. If I wanted bigger refreshes out of it, I could perform the almost-60Hz (56Hz-ish seems to be stable for most) mod on it by overclocking its fpga's. That'd mean driving it with four single-link dvi heads, each at 1920x1200.

Comment Re:a laptop can not replace a workstion system (Score 1) 301

Sure, I had a Mac Pro in daily use before I upgraded to the retina mbp. It was absolutely necessary for driving enough displays and a (then) huge amount of 16GB ram and fast enough CPU's. However, I see it as a thing of the past in my case. Technology caught up and provides what I need in a laptop form-factor for the first time ever. Within a few years, the same will happen to most of the remaining workstation users.

Comment Re:a laptop can not replace a workstion system (Score 2) 301

Or for people that like larger screens

Umm what? I can connect three separate screens directly into my (retina) macbook pro (2x displayport + 1x dvi). More with external thunderbolt PCIe breakout chassis' using more GPU's. One of the external screens I have connected has a resolution of 3840x2400, which is about as big as it gets resolution-wise.

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