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Comment Re:rather have money (Score 1) 524

I'm confused - it appears you're disagreeing with my post, which actually agreed with your post but added a qualifier to a specific circumstance in which they would be right - one which is far outside the control of the healthcare system anyway.

People simply do not die waiting for elective surgeries or emergency procedures - transplants are the only way I could think of where a person would die waiting for the operation.

For what it's worth, I live in the purview of the New Zealand healthcare system - one which has a target of 6 months for elective surgeries.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 251

Unfortunately the reality is, in the wrong hands pretty much any solution can seem shitty. Doesn't matter if it's Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, or even Google Apps (I've managed to bollocks up my Google Apps configuration a few times).

And I would agree, older Exchange versions were a dog (like 5.5 etc). It's come ahead by leaps and bounds since then though.

Comment Re:Only $280k? (Score 2) 251

You do realise that Windows domains at greater than Windows NT 4 functional level don't have Primary Domain Controllers right? Are you saying that Samba 3 can act as a FSMO Master role server in a Windows 2003 functional level domain?

(The answer is no by the way - only Samba 4 can do this, and even then the functionality is still buggy according to the Samba project).

Side note, SMB isn't used for domain communications, it's LDAP/S and Kerberos (well, Kerb5 or whatever it's called). Your post appears to completely apply only to NT 4 domains.

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