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Submission + - Schmidt Leads CEO Approval Ratings, Ballmer at 40% (

Arneh writes: "Glassdoor, a site designed to allow employees of companies to anonymously share their thoughts on their jobs, has released its latest survey looking at the approval ratings of CEOs. This year, soon to be ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt leads the ratings with Steve jobs in second place, a reversal of last year's ratings."

Submission + - TSA Mandates GA 'Self-Pat-Down' Program 1

countertrolling writes: In a compromise measure that attempts to balance calls for increased security in GA operations against the individual liberties of GA pilots, Pistole announced that new self-administered pat-down program would be mandatory in the very near future. Acceptance has been (at best) mixed within the GA community. While most pilots knew that enhanced steps were going to be forthcoming from TSA, as a 'necessary counter' to security threats, most complain that the new procedures go too far.
*GA =General Aviation

Submission + - AT&T to introduce broadband caps (

rekenner writes: In the upcoming weeks, AT&T customers are going to start receiving notices that their broadband services are going to have a monthly cap, starting in May. DSL users will have a cap of 150 GB per month, while U-Verse users will have a more "generous" cap of 250 GB per month. However, unlike other caps, it won't be until your third month of overage, on the life of the account, that you'll be charged an overage. Thanks, I guess.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Reverse Enginnering the Playstation Move (

An anonymous reader writes: Hack-a-Day reader Kenn has been working hard at reverse enginnering the Playstation Move controller for use in a quadrocopter project. He has documented the internal structure of the controller in great detail, and has even dumped a full-working version of the controller's firmware. He recently was able to program the controller's microchip to run arbitrary code, a big first step in the process of completely repurposing the controller. At this rate, it shouldn't be long before he has custom firmware running on the controller

Comment Re:A good test platform (Score 1) 156

Yes, but it would take the *entire* industry, inclusive of Sony, Nintendo, and MS. They refuse to allow AO games on their systems. So, it's something of a catch-22. If AO games could be proven to sell (and that the negative PR wouldn't be too bad), they might allow AO games. But that can't happen until they consider an AO game...

Comment Re:How is any of this bad? (Score 1) 369

I have a desktop that I built 4 and small change years ago for a bit under $1000. It's stuck with me through a whole bunch of gaming, coding, hardware design, etc. I replaced the graphics card last year with a $130 graphics card. It can still play games that are coming out today at decent settings. So, uh, what the fuck are you talking about? Maybe if you buy a $500 Dell piece of shit every 2 years, that will happen, sure.

Comment Re:Early Development (Score 2) 382

The problem with merit pay is that it then pushes teachers away from wanting to teach those that are hard to teach, and towards kids that are 'easy' to teach. Teachers that teach students with mental handicaps or are also learning English as a second language *along with* the standard school subjects rarely do as well or improve as much as other students. How do you account for that? You did mention that in 3), at least, but it would be very hard to make the system fair.

Then, on the other side of the problem, students that are already "advanced". Those that tend to get in the highest percentile/grade of exams every year. If you base merit pay on score, the lucky teachers have it easy. If you base it on improvement, well, how do improve on being in the 99th percentile? Further, how do you base the merit pay? A standardized test? That's the system that's been proposed (and shot down) in Florida. Which is a horrible system, as, well, standardized tests are rarely good.

Sigh. I mean, I do agree with you, to a large extent. I actually *want* to be a professor. And while I'll be the first to admit I'm not top of my class, I think I could do the job well - Until we get to the politics of the matter. And I've thought a fair amount about fixing K-12 education (partly as an idle thought, partially because my sister does teach ESE/ESOL 4th graders), but it is not an easy problem to figure out a solution to.

Comment Re:Honeymoon (Score 1) 326

Except that, with the Y changed to X, the sexual-behavior structures of her brain will develop as female. So she'll be thinking of sex about as much as any other woman.

True story! At various points in history, women were considered the prurient gender, the gender that always wanted sex, the gender that wanted sex more than men, etc. Current culture praises men for being very sexually active and criticizes women for the same (which has been the most dominant cultural value). I wonder if maaaaaaaaaaybe that's the cause, more than the physiological differences? Just throwing that idea out there.

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