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Comment Re:.01 Really? (Score 1) 329

Maybe all software developers don't do it this way, but technically 0.21 to 0.22 IS a 0.1 increase. Version numbers don't work like normal decimals - 0.22 actually should be read as 22nd sub version. If it wasn't done this way, you would run into a problem if you got to 0.9 and made a 0.1 increment.

But your point is still a good one - if this is a major change, lets call a spade a spade and make this version 1.0. Now, I know that will attract the wolves - FOSS developers have a habit of holding their major version numbers at 0 to indicate they are in beta (seemingly forever).

Comment Re:I enjoy at least 1 Belkin product (Score 1) 137

My experience differs.
I find the D-pad very useful for MMOs and other medium duty movement. Certainly not useful for FPS unless you want carpal tunnel - for those you're better off mapping some of the finger keys to wasd. (Maybe that's just because I'm hitting the keys harder in FPSs due to anger ;)

In Guild Wars, for example, I map 1-4 as the left side of the 8 skills, 6-9 as the right side, thumb D-pad is movement, and 5,0,and thumb button are set up to allow fast calling of targets and assisting (I don't remember the exact keys off hand). The resulting increase in response speed that I can get out of using the n52 makes it worth it for a pvp mmo.

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