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Comment The real benefit is an SSD and HDD in a laptop (Score 1) 122

I hate having to choose between an SSD and an HDD for a laptop and really want one of each. I want a nice big 500+ GB HDD but I always want a 40+ GB SSD for a boot/OS/applications/page partition i.e., the "C" drive. Then you really get the best of both worlds because you get the insanely fast IO speeds of SSD but you have somewhere to put large data files.

Comment Absolutely (Score 1) 804

Having gone back to college for a few brush up classes in 2008 after being out for 10 yers, it was a bit of culture shock to me. The computers are way too much of a distraction and they should be banned for most of the class, and at least during the lecture session. I was one of the laptop users and I wouldn't have been angry if the teacher told me to stop, and I know a lot of people like that.

Comment not required, but comes with territory (Score 1) 545

Fast typing has very little importance to developers. However, anyone who spends the kind of time with computers as programmers will likely have at least moderately fast typing skills. So when we see someone hunt and peck, we generally presume that this person is not well versed in computers much less a programmer and it's probably true more than 99% of the time. In this day and age, kids are exposed to typing early so it's very unlikely they aren't familiar with the qwerty keyboard. But it's quite possible that they have sloppy technique where they make a lot of errors and have to use the back space a lot or they don't use all their fingers, especially the pinky.

The best thing to do when a person is starting out is to spend 2 weeks, 1 hour a day developing fundamental typing skills using a training program like Mavis. Sure it's a chore but the amount of pain you save in the long run is amazing.

Comment When the phone reboots a few times a day (Score 1) 166

When the phone reboots a few times a day, boot time matters. Yes of course, the phone (android) shouldn't crash but it does.

OSes on the other hand do need to be boot more, especially laptops if you don't want to lose charge in standby or you care about crypto which only works if you power off. In standby mode, people can freeze the memory and transplant it to another computer.

The other problem is that OSes that boot slow also tend to run slow. The user interface slowness is something developers and product managers neglect all too often. That has worked for traditional computing products, but the public clearly likes a fast feeling OS. That's why the iPad does so well.

Comment Montgomery Scott school of programming (Score 1) 166

If you can make and algorithm 43000 times faster, that means the first version was utter garbage to begin with. By this standard, all a person needs to do is write an algorithm that is one million times less efficient than the hardware would permit. Then over 18 months, make the software progressively faster until it gets one million times faster and claim that you performed a miracle. I think this is the Montgomery "Scotty" Scott school of computer programing where you under promise a thousand fold but deliver a half ass effort to claim that you're a genius

The ugly reality is that mainstream applications and OSes have slowed down more than the hardware has improved. That's disturbing considering the fact that hardware these days is about 10,000 times faster yet modern OSes are more sluggish than ever. Fortunately, people are waking up to this fact from instant computing devices like smartphones and tablets and once they've used instant computing, waiting 5 minutes for a computer to boot or even 45 seconds on a lean fresh install just won't be acceptable.

Comment Title is deceptive, not coders (Score 1) 239

The claim about Scott Lowe (which one never specified) was that he was on the FBI's dole to write how to implement OpenBSD based VPN VMware tutorials. Writing tutorials doesn't make him an OpenBSD coder. The claim was that "Jason Wright and others" were the ones who inserted the backdoor into the source code of OpenBSD. I haven't heard any refutation from Jason Wright and the story doesn't even claim that.

Comment I never said ISPs (Score 1) 275

I mean individual companies. An ISP should selling to multiple companies is different. Of course there would still be exceptions of an individual company needed more than 256 per site. My point is that most of these legacy companies are sitting on blocks of 65K or 16.8M addresses and they're using it as an internal IP scheme. That's the problem I have.

Comment Nobody should own more than /24 (Score 1) 275

It's ridiculous that companies own more than a /24 (256 IP addresses) since they're not using it for public visibility. Even a web site can mask thousands of servers behind a single IP. If they have multiple sites, let them have a /24 per site. This business of letting companies use multiple /16 or /8 (that's 16.8 million IPs) for private networks is ridiculous.

People who say "just switch to IPv6" simply don't get it. The reason is that even after you "switch", you really haven't switched at all because you still have to have backward compatibility. So what's the point of adding IPv6 when you still have to fully support IPv4 to reach the remaining 99.9% of the Internet? At the end of the day, we're still going to run IPv4 for the next decade or more which is why nobody in the real world cares about IPv6. If it was truly a switch over, then fine. But nobody is fooled into believing it's anything but some type of dual-stack for the foreseeable future.

We would all be better off if we made more efficient use of IPv4. We'll have to do that anyway even if we do switch to IPv6 (which won't happen) because of the need for backward compatibility.

Comment Re:30 years old is not too old (Score 1) 168

Make sure you know the proper form. If you don't know it, most gyms offer at least 1 free training session and you can learn the correct form there. Also, do the full stroke. These guys that slap 1000 lbs on an incline sled and raise it 2 inches are fooling themselves. It boosts their ego, but doesn't do much for their muscle development. 10 good form full range squats with 135 lb free weight barbells beats those machines any day of the week.

Comment Re:30 years old is not too old (Score 1) 168

You need to ask yourself a very simple question. Do I want to lift weights for 10 to 20 minutes a week (the actual exertion time) and be able to eat 2500+ calories and still lose weight, or do I want to starve myself to lose weight. For me, I'd be willing to lift 7 days a week and 10 minutes a day if I could eat what I want, but it turns out you only need to lift 4 days a week and 5 to 10 min a day to eat what you want. Now when I say "lift", I don't mean doing as many of the ladies do with those 2 pound dumb bells. Be prepared to haul some serious manly weight and break a sweat. Squats are the biggest killers that work the largest muscle group in your body and you should never skip leg and glut workouts.

Now it's possible to do the lifting at home, but I've found that it's too easy to slack off and avoid doing it. The act of driving to the gym and changing your cloths is a huge factor. By the time you've done all of that, you tell yourself that you might as well work up a sweat because you don't want all that work going to waste.

I did dieting once and it worked, but I was suffering all day long feeling hungry and fighting my urge to eat. It was suffering every waking minute 16 hours a day. Doing just a little bit of muscle building is very little suffering compared to starving yourself, and a little muscle development looks good on a man. Also, don't even worry about your weight. Muscles are heavy but they're very compact per pound. What is important is how thin you look and not how much you weigh.

Comment Re:30 years old is not too old (Score 1) 168

If you can't run, maybe try the elliptical or cycling machine for cardio. Again, it's not that important for weight loss since 10 minutes is only good for 100 calorie burn, but it is good for your lungs and heart. What makes the difference is the weight lifting and the muscle mass to jack up your base metabolic rate to several hundred or even 1000 calories higher than it is now. Once you jack up that metabolic rate, you can keep eating whatever you want and still lose weight.

Comment Re:30 years old is not too old (Score 1) 168

I used the laziest way to get back in shape without dieting. I packed on 10 lbs of muscle in addition to dancing 3 days a week. I was a professional ballet dancer until 2000. I was already dancing that much before adopting the weight lifting program, but I still weighed 195 and wasn't dropping weight. My professional dancing weight was 155 in 2000.

I had refused to lift since the early 1990s because I didn't want too much bulk, but I wasn't losing weight. I knew that the secret weight loss without giving up food (not even junk food) was a higher metabolic rate, and the secret to a higher metabolic rate is muscle mass. A guy who is really muscular or athletic (think Michael Phelps who on some days eats 10000 calories) needs to eat 3500 to 4000 calories just to keep from losing weight. I didn't need to go that far and just 10 lbs of solid muscle boosted my daily caloric requirements to 2500 to 3000 calories. I actually started eating more after adopting a fitness program because I was more hungry, but I still ate less than 3000 calories. The result was that I initially gained 5 lbs but started dropping a consistent 2 lb average a month. Just over a year, I've dropped 22 lbs off the peak of 200 lbs down to 178 lbs. My pant waist size dropped from 34" to 30" and I'm probably around mid to high teens in body fat percentage. I'm still dropping a pound a month now so I'm hoping to get down to 160.

I played football in High School so I was familiar with the basics of weight lifting. All I did to put on 5-10 lbs of muscle was do some basics. That would be bench press, military press, pull-ups, and squats. If you have knee problems, make sure you warm it up and wear the right supports, and probably stick with lower weight, higher repetition, and don't go as deep. Machine lifts aren't nearly as good as free weights.

I broke that down to 4 days and each day I'd do 5 sets of 10 repetitions. Now it's important that you're lifting sufficient weight were you absolutely can't do another one by the 10th rep. You do this for about a month and you'll notice immediate results. You'll initially gain some weight but that's muscle, but you'll immediately notice your pants getting looser around the waste. There are other lifts you can do to work the finer muscles if you get serious about lifting, but the basics are what's important. The basics should take no more than 30 minute per session where you're lifting for 30 seconds and resting 4.5 minutes between lifts.

Note that I didn't do cardio for the first year, though I've adopted an 8-minute run on the 4 days I go to the gym on the treadmill to improve my cardiovascular fitness. That's really not that much and most people at the gym do more than that because they're not as lazy as I am, but 8 to 10 minutes produces some good results so that I'm not winded in any of my other activities. Personally, I think moderation is better for most people because it's easy to stick with. When you do something too strenuous, there's the risk of you giving up the program. Moderation produces some really good results.

So in summary, do 4 30-minute weight training sessions a week, 8+ minute runs, and some other activity you love that isn't as strenuous but spend at least an hour a day and 4 days a week on it. Note that the weight training is the most important aspect of losing fat if you hate doing hours of cardio a day and you hate dieting.

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