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Comment Re:The Truth is Never Libelous (Score 1) 303

Agreed, there is a small set of symptoms for which chiropractic treatment is actually useful. For example, my father had a pinched nerve in his shoulder that it really seemed to help with. The problem is that some chiropractors make wild claims for all sorts of benefits for "spinal alignment" for which there is no valid scientific proof. If all chiropractors would just stick with the symptoms that it makes sense for (and I'm sure many do) we'd have a lot more respect for them.

Comment Re:Already done. (Score 1) 96

Electric?!? What's the range, a couple hundred feet before the battery goes dead? There are rotax engines that barely have the power-to-weight ratio necessary to make this work, but even then you don't have enough payload capacity to carry any decent amount of fuel. So it's only good for short flights for small people. But then jet packs are only good for a 60-second flight. Need a lot more range to make them useful and safe.

Comment Re:Flying car? (Score 1) 96

Agreed. I'd be a lot more impressed if they trusted it enough to carry a real payload and didn't just fly it by remote control. I believe we now have engine technology with a power-to-weight ratio that would make a quad rotor capable of lifting a human possible, but the power is pretty close to the edge and the control systems are difficult to make safe. So it is theoretically possible to make one, but since it would cost about $100 million to develop and the liability issues would prevent you from ever getting any return on investment, nobody is going to do it.

Comment Huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 288

This doesn't make sense to me. If they make a small change, the small change should be patentable -- but that should in no way effect the extent of the patent on the original formulation. In other words, patenting the small change shouldn't stop anybody from copying the original drug. And if the "small change" actually makes a real difference in effectiveness, isn't that an argument that it _should_ be patentable?

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 101

I had a friend who was really bright, an Electronics Engineering student who was Engineer of the Year at my college... and yet he couldn't install a car stereo in his own car without help. "Educated" and "Understands how the real world works" are as different as Theory and Practice.

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