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Comment Re:Sanctimonious hypocrites (Score 1) 491

We are, and have almost always been a "bastion of civil rights". Even during slavery we had a republic and rule of law, even if not everyone was included. Even this was better than anywhere else in the world at the time. We may not be perfect, but we at least try to be the good guys. As wrong as almost all of those things you mention are (the internment of Japanese, German and Italian Americans was a justified and necessary security measure at a time when we faced a possible fifth-column threat from these groups. Seizing their property without compensation was not justified however...) well over 50 years into our past.

Comment Re:TNSTAAFL (Score 4, Insightful) 163

Moreover, it doesn't really solve the problem. Universities would still get more funding (except, the funding would from the government) for more students, so they would still have a reason to try to recruit students. This would in turn give them a reason to fudge their US News rankings and whatnot, much as the current system did.

Comment Re:Right. (Score 2, Informative) 897

For the record, GM used to own EMD, which is currently the #2 manufacturer of Diesel-Electric locomotives in North America. They sold it off to a holding company a couple of years ago (2005, I think).

For the record, there are companies that will re-engine existing locomotives with Caterpillar engines. For a while, one even manufactured its own locomotive to compete with the big two of the business (EMD and GE).
The Internet

Submission + - Facebook Maxes Out Its Data Center Space (facebook.com)

1sockchuck writes: "Facebook is adding 2 million new users a week, and recently maxed out the data center space at its California facilities. The load on the company's servers "continues to increase at a pretty astounding rate," says Facebook engineer Jason Sobel, who said the fast-growing social networking service has added a data center in Virginia, which is now serving 30 percent of its traffic. Sobel also discusses how Facebook sorts out which data gets stored on the East Coast and West Coast, which has meant some fine-tuning of its MySQL code to properly update Memcached."

Submission + - Virus that came Pre-Installed on Maxtor HD 1

kirouac writes: "Security mavens from Kaspersky say they have discovered a nasty virus that came pre-installed on Maxtor external hard drives sold in the Netherlands. The virus, dubbed Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah, was found on the Maxtor 3200 Personal Storage, according to this press release from Kaspersky (translated from Dutch to English courtesy of FreeTranslation.com). The company said the virus roots around a computer in search of gaming passwords. The malicious code also rifles through a computer's contents and deletes mp3 files, according to a separate description of the virus, also from Kaspersky. A spokesman for Seagate, which recently acquired Maxtor, said the company was investigating Kaspersky's findings. "This scenario seems unlikely because the 3200 does not have any software preloaded on the drive so there is not an opportunity for a virus to be loaded," he said. Yes the drive is formatted but I have never heard of a virus that lives in the master boot record.""
The Military

Submission + - Air Force drone hits Afganistan -- from Nevada (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "The US Air Force is reporting its satellite-controlled unmanned Reaper aircraft has made its first precision bomb strike in Afghanistan. The strike was launched Nov. 7 from the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada. The remote pilot released two 500-pound laser-guided bombs, destroying the target and eliminating the enemy fighters, the Air Force said. In this case the Reaper was operating over the Sangin region of Afghanistan on the hunt for enemy activity when the crew received a request for assistance from a joint terminal attack controller on the ground. US Soldiers were taking fire from enemy combatants, the Air Force said. The local operator provided targeting data to the pilot in Nevada and the bombs were targeted and dropped. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/21744"

Submission + - Amazon Patents Including a String at End of a URL

theodp writes: "On Tuesday, Amazon search subsidiary A9.com was awarded U.S. patent no. 7,287,042 for 'including a search string at the end of a URL without any special formatting.' In the Summary of the Invention, it's explained that 'a user wishing to search for 'San Francisco Hotels' may do by simply accessing the URL www.domain_name/San Francisco Hotels, where domain_name is a domain name associated with the web site system.' Here's the flowchart that helped cinch the deal."

Submission + - Chemical Industry:Greenpeace Iphone report is BS (wired.com)

mytrip writes: "In round three of Apple vs. Greenpeace, the Cupertino company gets the backing of (surprise, surprise) a major chemical company trade body. On Monday, the Bromine Science and Evironmental Forum (BSEF) joined Apple's corner and claimed that much of the Greenpeace IPhone report was either exaggerated or misstated. First and foremost, the BSEF says that none of the chemicals used in the iPhone are banned under any environmental laws, and further argues that the brominates in the phone are actually essential in protecting against fire. "The Greenpeace report does not say which brominated flame retardants are present in the iPhone because it does not know," the group said in a statement. "Therefore, the report speculates about what substances might be present, and raises an alarm without any basis for doing so.""

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