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Comment Re:I'm a South African... (Score 1) 118

I'm South African as well and the situation here is heart breaking. Mandela gave us such hope for the future, a non-racial society where crime is frown at. It went bad so fast after that. We now have a law whose only reason is to legalize crime. The ANC leadership is without any doubt a bunch of big time criminals, now they are safeguarding themselves from prosecution. Racial harmony is a lost dream. Every year hundreds of whites are murdered and tortured by blacks in the must horrendous way. This is just normal crime according to the government, but then they will make a big issue about racism when a black person is harmed by a white. There is not a single white person in this country who does not have at least one friend or family member being murdered in racial hatred. The rich whites live in fort - like houses. Poorer whites have no protection

Comment no, take the sick bastards off the air (Score 1) 1

I am not even American and I'm sickened by this whole wikileaks thing. The internet is all about freedom of expression but there is a limit. You cannot publish stuff like child pornography and "leaks" that is not only traitorous but can harm countless people who were only doing their job. No american company should even consider being part of this. Keep the web free but give the message that with no self censorship, we will do it for you. Support for the freedom of wikileaks will do a lot of harm to the freedom of the web in future

Use BitTorrent To Verify, Clean Up Files 212

jweatherley writes "I found a new (for me at least) use for BitTorrent. I had been trying to download beta 4 of the iPhone SDK for the last few days. First I downloaded the 1.5GB file from Apple's site. The download completed, but the disk image would not verify. I tried to install it anyway, but it fell over on the gcc4.2 package. Many things are cheap in India, but bandwidth is not one of them. I can't just download files > 1GB without worrying about reaching my monthly cap, and there are Doctor Who episodes to be watched. Fortunately we have uncapped hours in the night, so I downloaded it again. md5sum confirmed that the disk image differed from the previous one, but it still wouldn't verify, and fell over on gcc4.2 once more. Damn." That's not the end of the story, though — read on for a quick description of how BitTorrent saved the day in jweatherley's case.
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Demonoid Tracker Is Back Online 211

Crymson4 writes "We discussed the shutdown of the Demonoid torrent tracker last fall. For those who don't already know, Demonoid is back up. Looks like they found a new host for the Web site and the tracker is functioning properly as well. For those with old accounts, all the old data has been saved. It's almost as if they never left."

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