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Comment Email your airline (Score 1) 647

I just emailed my airline expressing my concern of the scanners. If enough of their customers start telling them they don't want these, the airlines, who are in a relatively high position of authority to negotiate with the TSA, will try to change policy. People being annoyed, humiliated, and pissed off is not good for business, and the airlines know it will hurt their bottom line.

Comment Re:VPN (Score 1) 213

Also, with VPN, once someone is connected to the VPN, they're another peer, just like a wired peer. I fail to see how you get any benefit to your proposed solution to the problem.

The benefit of the VPN is that it encrypts your traffic so that someone using this exploit wouldn't be able to see and manipulate your traffic.

Comment Re:What the? (Score 5, Interesting) 272

There was a large group of people at the time (anti-federalists) that did not want a Federal Government that had too much power. Many states would not ratify the Constitution unless a Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments) was added. It was a compromise. So to put it this way, if the Bill of Rights was never added to the Constitution, many states would not have ratified the Constitution and America really wouldn't be united as one country...Sounds pretty damn important to me.

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