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Comment Re:Vote For Something Serious! (Score 5, Insightful) 362

> I am amazed that so many people are willing to vote for X-Factor and who should be no1 in the Christmas charts but will not vote for who runs the UK!
> That's like totally horrifying.

The difference is that these two songs are polar opposites. When it comes to the General Election, you're voting for one bastard over another bastard, both with essentially the same policies.

Why bother voting when the result is the same?

Comment Re:Sounds Hard (Score 3, Informative) 796

> Every month, I pay my landlord (a professor; I'm his only tenant) with a check. I wonder what system would replace that, that would be significantly different from checks, but that my landlord could accept?

A standing order.

> Also, what if I run over someone's bicycle, and I want to give him a blank check to pay for it? Or, more realistically, what if I need to pay an individual that I have only just met more money than I have in cash?

If you're going to give black cheques away to strangers, why not just give them your bank card and PIN?

As for the second situation, I'm sure your dealer can wait a day or two. ;)

Comment Re:someone from the UK please comment (Score 1) 181

Just more scaremongering really... I live in the UK and have seen none of this supposed Orwellian dystopia we supposedly live in. I never get stopped or searched by police, despite looking dodgy. I can buy kitchen knives without any difficulty. It's all a lot of hot air.

Don't believe all you read... I suspect the right-wing US media may be partially to blame, as we are obviously too 'communist' for them.

Comment Re:To all people seeking software patents... (Score 1) 95

"Yeah, right. Without patents some poor people would have never gotten rich, since the rich have more experience, money and manpower. Patents were created to prevent the rich from stealing commercially valuable ideas from the poor so as to encourage innovation and help mankind as well. "

That may or may not have been the original intention, but it is certainly not what they are used for nowadays; the rich monopolising anything they can get their hands on.

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