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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Linux Info Share For Geeks Site (

EmErgE writes: "We would like to present you a new service, it's called Share My Apps and it allows you to share information about your GNU/Linux system with other people.

It's a site that allows you to create a profile and display information such as installed packages, the amounts of memory, processor type, the Linux distribution in use, the wallpaper and many more similar interesting things.

After creating your profile you will be able to search, vote and comment applications, systems and users and share your experiences with others."


Submission + - new energy-efficient microchip developed by MIT (

L Shlen writes: "A new energy-efficient microchip designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Texas Instruments is reputed to be 10 times more efficient than current chips, according to an MIT news release. The chips could be used in cell phones and medical devices, among other applications. The energy savings is due to a high efficiency DC-to-DC converter that involves fewer components than are found on other chips."

Submission + - Visiting Haiku's Kernel Debugging Land (

kokito writes: "Haiku is a project started in 2001 whose goal is to create a modern reimplementation of BeOS. One of the Haiku lead developers, Ingo Weinhold, has posted an interesting tutorial on how to use Haiku's built-in kernel debugger to the Haiku website, where he describes the most important commands, introduces the kernel tracing feature recently added to Haiku, and includes an example KDL session in which an inter application deadlock is debugged. According to Ingo, "Haiku's kernel debugger is a powerful tool whose usefulness does not end in the kernel domain. It can also help with certain userland problems, that would otherwise be tricky to tackle.""

Submission + - Cryptographically hiding TCP ports (

JohnGrahamCumming writes: "The shimmer project implements a cryptographically-based system for hiding important (e.g. SSH) open ports in plain sight. By automatically forwarding from a range of ports all but one of which are honeypots and by changing the ports every minute only a user knowing a shared secret can determine the location of the real SSH server."

Submission + - BBC: Jeremy Clarkson pwn3d by himself. ( 1

unstable23 writes: The BBC has a summary of what happened when televison blowhard Jeremy Clarkson published his bank account details in a newspaper. Clarkson's contention was that no-one should be too bothered about 2 missing CDs with 25 million bank account records on them. His argument was that even if he published the details in a national newspaper, no-one could take money out of his account. Not surprisingly, when he opened his bank statement, he found he was now involuntarily donating 500 pounds to the charity Diabetes UK. Humble pie all round.

Submission + - Napster to go 100% MP3 (

BigRedFed writes: "In either a return to it's roots or a desperate move to save it's business, Napster announced to Shareholder's today that they will be going 100% DRM free and releasing their whole library in MP3. The change is supposed to occur in the second "calendar" quarter of 2008. Details on any price changes or bit rate are non existent in the press release."

Submission + - Australia ratifies Kyoto (

An anonymous reader writes: From BBC news:

Australian Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as prime minister, following a landslide victory in parliamentary elections last week. Immediately after the ceremony, he signed documents to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, reversing the previous administration's policy.


Submission + - eBay Still Has Login Vulnerabilities?

Atario writes: "This morning I checked my email to find several apparent eBay-alike spam messages in my Inbox. This reminded me that I needed to leave feedback for something on the actual eBay. So I went there, only to find that I could no longer log in. Long story short, I realized that those "fake" eBay emails were the real thing — and were sent from my eBay account! Horrified, I contacted their help people and got my password reset, and some mass eBay emails following up to those who had been spammed, saying that I hadn't done it. Going to my account, I saw that the attackers had sent a "visit our happy and good-spirit Chinese web site and buy electronics" spam to 30 different people. (Only the first six came to me, because those used a general "contact an eBay-er" mechanism, whereas the rest used a "ask seller a question" one; apparently the latter doesn't automatically send you a copy in email automatically.) At any rate, whoever this was was able to change my password and send messages as me; this, to me, implies that they were able to crack my password and log in as me. This would mean either (1) inside job with DB access or (2) eBay is vulnerable to brute-force login-attempt attacks, which is something so easy to defeat (increasing attempt delays), they would need to be ashamed for about aleph-null years were this the case. So, what does Slashdot think: eBay is infested with Chinese spammers as employees, or they can't get security minimally right after all these years?"

Submission + - NASA, Russia test sex in space ( 1

azuredrake writes: According to The Guardian, both NASA and the Russian space agency have tested the feasibility of sex in space with human astronauts as the so-called "guinea pigs". While the purpose behind this research was to ascertain whether families could be sent on colonization missions together in zero-g, it's still amusing to think that two humans were sent up into space with government funding to copulate repeatedly on video. Of course, leave it up to the American government to come up with a mission codename like "STS:XX".

Submission + - Flaw in GMail message routing? 1

manoffoo writes: "I was signing up for a TV channel listing service to work with my pvr software and I incorrectly entered my garbage email address of when in fact it's actually Upon checking the account I saw that gmail had in fact routed the message. This is a repeatable behavior from other accounts. Makes you wonder if this could be exploited to receive messages intended for someone else."

Submission + - An Insider's View of Apple Store Sales Training

Dekortage writes: "FastCompany has a report about the training that would-be Apple Store sales clerks undergo, with some insights as to the "magic" of low-key, high-volume sales movers. "Other workers... explained to customers that they had some questions to understand their needs, got permission to fire away, and then kept digging to ascertain which products would be best. Position, permission, probe. ... At an Apple Store, workers don't seem to be selling (or working) too hard, just hanging out and dispensing information. And that moves a ridiculous amount of goods: Apple employees help sell $4,000 worth of product per square foot per month." Note that Apple just beat analysts' quarterly profit estimates by around fifteen percent, and now has a market cap bigger than IBM's."
GameCube (Games)

Submission + - Setting up a wargame server

zeridon writes: "I am touting at the moment with setting up a Wargame server. The main idea being to educate users in risks and treats of security, research, reverse engineering and such.
Typical examples of wargame servers are the ones from Pullthe plug

My questions are:

Can you advise on level of complexity? — i mainly intend to target medium to advanced users (but unfortunately i hardly make a distinction)
Can you advise on software to be used?
Which environment is better? virtual machines, real machines, some faked simulation?
What forensic tools to be deployed? tripwire and snort are good candidates
Should i record all the generated traffic for later analysis etc?
Have you ever stumbled on a tool/framework/general howto for realizing such service?
Ald finaly Can you propose some subject/theme? — I am kinda tempted to create something based on The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy but that's prety distant for the younger people (at least in my country)

And yes, please excuse me for my many questions *WINK*"
The Courts

Submission + - Possession of the Anarchist's Cookbook==Terrorist

Anonymous Terrorist writes: Back in the midsts of time, when I was a lad and gopher was the height of information retrieval I read The Anarchist's Cookbook in one huge text file. Now it appears the UK government considers possession of the book an offence under the Terrorism Act 2000 and is prosecuting a 17 year old boy, in part, for having a copy of the book.

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