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Comment Re:Buy the "light" plan (Score 1) 228

This is FiOS, there is no throttling and you do not share your connection with your neighbors. I don't think they even offer 1Mbps, I think in most locations it is 10Mbps then for $5 more you get 25Mbps. If you have more than 1 person streaming netflix and torrenting in your home it definitely makes sense to get the 25Mbps plan. Headroom isn't an issue, this is fiber, I think the theoretical limit of singe node is ~10 gigabit, so way beyond what they are selling you.

Comment Tablet PC, Hello! (Score 1) 569

People say there is no use for a tablet PC, yet you describe the perfect scenario for one: notetaking. Get a convertible tablet PC (with a keyboard), get OneNote (the best software MS has made IMO) and create searchable notes where you can also draw diagrams. It was a lifesend in medical school. I still have my handwritten notes from undergrad in a box and I can't even read half of it. Ever wonder "hmmm, I remember taking notes on thijakoojis 3 months ago, I wonder where the hell they are?" well I have to do is search in OneNote and it will show me all the pages with that term. You can even export your notes into pdf to read on your ereader.

And sorry but some of us can overcome internet distractions, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't take notes in my classes I would have failed some of them, as professors frequently taught outside of the books, and I have to look at something several times to retain it.

Comment Re:False assumption? (Score 1) 143

If you like Tower Defense type games check out Azgard Defence. I have it for my crappy windows mobile and it is the first game that I have played that made the device worth anything. It is available for the ipod touch so it should be even better at that. I'm not affiliated with them, Zuma is probably my favorite casual game ever, short of the original gameboy Tetris with original 8-bit music, something I don't think anyone has done since except for on emulators.

That is one reason I'm holding out on the iPod Touch/iphone/ipad; I'm not sure what I would actually do with them that I'm not already able.

Comment Re:I found the 'defective by design' aspect (Score 1) 311

Especially if you look at the HTC Imagio on Verizon it is a worldwide phone that can use both CDMA and GSM bands. The GSM bands are locked in the US but if you call verizon and tell them you are going traveling you can get an unlock code so you can use it with pretty much any provider. So the only reason the nexus is locked down is insistence from T-mobile or Google.

Comment Re:My wife got scammed by / Webloyalty (Score 1) 117

This happens to me about every year (I swear Best Buy must do this, I keep getting magazine subscriptions even though every time I insist no), so I've made it a habit of just closing my account once a year to change the account numbers so these companies no longer have my information (they are nearly impossible to get a hold of and claim ignorance every time). Now I only shop online via amazon and newegg and no longer buy anything from Best Buy, and so far I've been lucky.

Comment Re:Legal but dishonest (Score 1) 117

I keep hearing about prohibitions in merchant agreements, such as they can't ask you for ID when using a credit card, or they can't charge an additional fee to use a card, or they can't require a minimum. Yet nearly every business around me does all of these things. So either restrictions on merchant accounts aren't enforced or there is a huge misunderstanding of what businesses are allowed to do.

Comment Except flash works on other platforms, if barely (Score 1) 409

I somewhat understand Apple's position, but if Skyfire can do flash on shitty windows mobile devices then it can be done on the iphone. I still can't believe after the mp3 patent fiasco that we don't have widely accepted open music and video codecs. I already don't run bloated Apple software on my computer I can't wait to file Adobe in the same cabinet I put Realplayer and Quicktime in.

Comment Re:False assumption? (Score 2, Insightful) 143

The majority of Wii games are shovelware. These developers don't care about quality games, they care about maximum profit via little investment and ignorance. They probably throw a couple of Collins College graduates at a title and if it turns on and doesn't crash in 5 minutes it is good to go. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them said "learn to code for the iphone in a week, have something we can ship in 8".

Comment Re:Symbian (Score 1) 198

I believe they're talking about program memory. I think in the old ipaqs you could adjust what you wanted between storage and program memory but once everything went to nonvolatile memory only recently have devices had 128Mb of program memory.

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