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Comment Re:Symbian (Score 1) 198

I believe they're talking about program memory. I think in the old ipaqs you could adjust what you wanted between storage and program memory but once everything went to nonvolatile memory only recently have devices had 128Mb of program memory.

Comment Re:Heh. (Score 1) 244

People here hate marketing but there is a reason why companies like MS and Apple spend so much on it, it works even if people complain about it. The end result is now no one knows what this company is, but if they mentioned the company people would have complained, but maybe a couple people would have found something they wanted.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 264

I'm pretty sure I had an american model (mph being prominent) and I am positive the temperature adjustments were digital, because I was 16 at the time and took it to a shop who said they would have to replace the entire computer costing $500+ and I just said screw it. It was a hand me down from my uncle so he may have opted for a euro upgrade for the dash but I kind of doubt it.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 264

I owned an 85 audi quattro and I still consider it better than my current BMW 5 series so am I missing something (other than perhaps nostalgia)?. The only major problem with it was the display electronics and AC died in the late 90s, compared to my Taurus which the entire thing nearly disintegrated after 6 years.

Comment Re:You don't need to yell into your phone. (Score 1) 585

I use different ringtones for different people, so that provides more functionality than just vibration, and no, I don't care what anyone has as a ringtone unless it is excessive loud. My mother despises Danzig, so whenever she calls Danzig-Mother plays and it always brightens my day just a little.

Comment Re:they look absurd (Score 1) 371

Like in the latest episodes of dollhouse, they were "hacking" using a screen with 90% special effects, and a 3 inch window to view the code, of course flying away at 100 lines a second. You would think since their biggest demographic is geeks and 14 year old boys that they would have something flashy but actually reasonable.

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