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Comment Re:Interesting fact (Score 1) 403

In order to demonstrate what you say to be false, there only needs to be one supplement that is medically effective that isn't used by MDs. Eat a bundle of dandelion greens and tell me it isn't a diuretic. I understand placebos, you're just stubborn and ignorant if you think the only effective medicines are pharmaceutical pills.

Comment Re:Interesting fact (Score 1) 403

1. Insomnia
2. Depression
3. Anxiety
4. Bowel disorders
5. Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)

Those are conditions off the top of my head where alternative medicine not only has effective treatments, but the treatments are often better for you than conventional medicine. Calling anything non-pharmaceutical as "non-medicine" is disingenuous at best, and shows you have done absolutely no research on the matter.

Comment Re:No antibiotics for me (Score 1) 260

I just graduated medical school, so I have at least some authority on the subject, but I plead with people to go to the doctor at least every 3-5 years even if you never get sick. If you have even a halfway competent family doctor he will know what tests and exams to perform so that he can detect things that when things get serious, it isn't too late. For example, if you wait until you pass out from a diabetic coma, you're already well into diabetes, where instead if you have some minor symptoms and are found to have insulin resistance you can make some dietary changes so that you never have diabetes. If you have moderately elevated high blood pressure (but don't know about it because you never went to the doctor) you are putting undue stress on your organs. There are dozens of similar problems that most people shrug off as nothing but when taken together can point to a potential serious problem or complication.

However, like the poster below mentioned, if you have the common cold or even influenza just stay home so you don't infect everyone you come into contact with. The likelihood that you will come and see me in time for tamiflu to do anything is pretty small, and I'm not really convinced it makes much difference anyways.

Comment Re:Don't pay the fee (Score 1) 319

I agree. I don''t know about Verizon but the AT&T stores clearly list the full price of phones without contract and with a contract. If you don't want to pay a termination fee then don't "finance" the $600 phone for $99, pay full price. Even my grandma knows this. I still have a 3 year old smartphone and while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the new smartphones, I'm not locked into a data plan and I can terminate my service anytime I want. The problem is entitlement, people want the latest and greatest for the cheapest and they don't care what they get into as long as they get it.

Comment Re:What is the deal? (Score 3, Insightful) 103

There have been numerous reports of people being fired for relatively innocuous facebook pictures which didn't really have much to do with their work. One particular case had a Quebec woman lose her disability insurance for depression, because she had a facebook picture of her going to the beach. These may be an exception, but it demonstrates how an employer or the government can get into your private life in a way that wasn't previously possible.

I have a facebook profile but I rarely post and when I do I make sure it is information that could never harm me in any way.

Comment Re:The very next useful ad I see... (Score 1) 419

I have. I can't find the video but someone posted on reddit a video of a refrigerator TV ad from a mom and pop shop which had an an enthusiastic asian guy talk about how to pick the best refrigerators (insulation, how to tell cheap models that cut corners, etc) and in about 1 minute I learned more about fridges than I have ever known. If I lived in the same area I have no doubt I would have bought a fridge from them if I needed one.

Comment Re:Not necessarily a bad thing (Score 1) 246

My biggest regret has been using steam lately to purchase a few games (including Empire Total War which requires it). I remember the days of loaning games to other people, finding out about genres you otherwise wouldn't play. Now you can't even sell your used PC games anymore. When games didn't require a nagware/adware internet check to play a single player game. Now you have to investigate if games come with additional rootkits (Securerom/TAGES) before you buy them. When games came with extras like huge detailed manuals (Baldurs Gate II) which now require you to buy the "collectors edition" if you want any extras.

The big publishers took all the fun out of buying games and I will not mourn their loss.

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