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Comment Easy (Score 1) 364

1. Buy a phone with a removable battery. Cheap or expensive doesn't really matter.
2. Remove battery from phone.
3. Discard battery as appropriate for the type (it's probably classified as some sort of hazardous waste).

Your cellular phone is now 100% secure from government spying.

Comment Re:Multi-mode is old news (Score 1) 146

Freight complicates things, but not having freight doesn't really simplify the problem that much. There's a lot of other issues. Weather is a major one. Breakdowns are another big difference; I've never heard of a passenger train being cancelled due to engine failure.

Basically, there's a relatively high amount of schedule variability in planes which would simply not be tolerated by the rail industry.

Comment Re:Multi-mode is old news (Score 2) 146

Even in a best-case scenario, where everyone headed to a specific destination lives along the same train line, I don't see this working out economically.

Even if it could work economically, the scheduling would be a bitch.

Trains don't really have a lot of flexibility in their schedules, particularly if they share the track with freight and whatnot. There's already a huge problem with people sitting around on tarmacs waiting for takeoff and that's just one mode of transportation. Mix in another mode with different constraints and I don't think it'll be pretty.

In other words, airport terminals and train stations are probably still needed to act as a passenger buffer.

Comment Re:Hooray for the PC market! (Score 2) 223

All we need to do is redefine what a PC is (desktops, notebooks, and tablets)!

Exactly. I was under the impression that tablets were being counted under "mobile devices", mostly because of the Android/iOS platforms, with the tablet PC's being called "slates" for some reason. Admittedly, if you have someone starting to sell Android PC's the distinctions get a bit weird. And 10" Android tablets with attachable keyboard docks versus 10" Win8 tablets with attachable keyboard docks.


Actually, I think I'm starting to understand why Microsoft seems to be so utterly confused these days.

Comment Re:Can't fault China on this one (Score 1) 209

The firewall is an inbound HTTP filter, nothing more. It isn't designed to stop outbound traffic.

I know. And it's not even a very good HTTP filter. That's not relevant.

In the context of international relations, how (or even if) it works is irrelevant. In this context, we start from the assumption that it accomplishes the goals that the Chinese government publicly says it does, which is to control the Chinese portion of the Internet for the purposes of computer security, preventing dissemination of "illegal" information, etc.

This makes the significance of the Chinese government blaming attacks on uncontrolled criminal elements operating from the Chinese network space a bit more interesting. Rather than the flat-out denial that one would normally expect from the sort of regime that gets pissy about appearances, it's an official admission that the Great Firewall pretty much can't stop those in China that really want to get around it.

Comment Re:Can't fault China on this one (Score 4, Insightful) 209

Statistically if you get non-state sponsored hackers in every nation it makes sense that you're going to see more from China than anywhere else.

Yeah, but China has a firewall. Surely you're not suggesting that non-state sponsored Chinese hackers have figured out how to get around the national firewall?

Heh... actually, that wouldn't be a bad official response. Puts the Chinese in the position of either accepting responsibility for hacking, or admitting that their state firewall is actually pretty porous.

Comment Re:Get a court order. (Score 5, Funny) 229

If retrieving your posts is that important to you, get a court order, so Facebook must give you access to download them.

If the government's archiving all digital communications, who needs a court order? Just file a FOIA for your old stuff.

That could work, but you risk having them black out the parts you're interested in.

Comment Re:This does not inspire confidence in me (Score 1) 326

I'm guessing a Micheal Bay-ified version, complete with explosions, spaceships, maybe even an all out human on replicant war, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

That could actually be kind of cool.

Now, if only they can come up with a name for it that isn't Blade Runner... If they want to tie it to a well-known franchise, the "Terminator" name can't get much more debased.

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