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Comment Big loss of customization. (Score 1) 1009

I tend to buy a higher end motherboard and a mid-range CPU. Unless they really go overboard on model options, I highly doubt this will be possible anymore with Intel chips being soldered to the board. For instance, if I wanted better performing or well-featured motherboard, then I would be forced to also purchase the more expensive CPU that is inextricably coupled with it instead of simply buying a less features CPU with just the amount of processing power I need.

The customer loses in this respect.

I'm also not used to swapping motherboard as often as Intel users, since AMD is much more sane in socket changes. I dislike installing motherboards.

Comment Multi-Lib Linux. (Score 1) 313

I personally favor a multi-lib Linux environment (Slackware multi-lib, currently) for my desktop. It's not that hard to set up and once you do, you get all the 32 and 64-bit libraries running seamlessly together without any conflicts. This way,you can utilize more then 3.5 (4.0) GB RAM without sacrificing your apps that haven't made the transition to 32-bit yet (looking at you, Citrix).

Comment Razor products (Score 2) 249

Razor products are just shitty. I've purchased only one item from them, a copperhead mouse, but that'll be all I ever buy. I returned that thing three times for three different problems. All of them were known issues that they just chalked up to being part of the process of owning a Razor product. Logitech gets my money now. It's a mouse that only does mouse stuff and does it well.

Comment Why? If they're so worried... (Score 1) 533

If they're so worried that their lives would be disproportionately scarred (obtaining or keeping a job, treatment of members of their families within the community).. then why not just LEGALIZE prostitution already? That way you won't have to hurt anybody's social ego, and it couldn't be used as an extortion tool as efficiently. This prompts me to believe that some familiar names are on this list...

The logic in this boggles the mind otherwise.

Comment Open Source and the "Cloud Creep" (Score 1) 460

Looking at distros like Ubuntu, and the general way general computing is becoming increasingly more focused on walled gardens and subscription-based services, it seems that there's a definite push towards cloud-based distribution and handing of data even within open source projects. In your opinion, what steps should the open source community, Linux and other open operating systems in particular, be taking to stay relevant in the face of all this drastic change?

Comment Living in the area (Score 2) 167

It's not that bad. the disease is mostly affecting people with weakened immune systems, the really young and the really old. This is not too different than the flu in that regard, except it's much more difficult to control the spread of it and it has some really nasty side effects if it goes untreated.

That said, I think treating it like a dire emergency is not the right way to go. I really don't want me or my children breathing in any chemicals unnecessarily. If any of us get sick from the virus, we'll go to our doctors that we trust or a emergency room. With all the pollution we already have on top of allergens, I really don't want to know what adding those chemicals to the mix will do, but there's a chance that it may be even less treatable than the disease.

Comment Re:Predictably... (Score 1) 538

If it was the same fixed amount of time, then essentially nothing would change. It's still a race, albeit a race in which all competitors legs are weighted. If the weights were randomly interspersed with air sacs instead of lead, then that would make the race no longer to anyone's benefit to even run.

Comment This is a troll attempt. (Score 1) 388

Disclaimer: I am biased and no longer trust Kaspersky.

They should know that computers are merely tools and that they are a tool that is poorly suited to free and democratic voting. This is a simple conclusion to come to, and something that I'd expect a well-bred security company to understand. You don't utilize a hammer to drill holes. I'm sure you could compromise in some situations, but it won't be a pleasant experience.

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