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Submission + - NSA Confirmed to Monitor 75% of Domestic Internet Traffic, Store Domestic Emails (nbcnews.com)

ilikenwf writes: Today it has been confirmed that the NSA, contrary to their own word, has the capability to monitor 75% of domestic internet traffic, and stores all domestic emails. So much for their cyber spying programs being limited to suspects and foreign nationals — does this mean they consider every U.S. citizen a criminal? Heap in the fact they're working on a real time facial recognition system to use live with security camera feeds, and you have a situation that makes George Orwell spin in his grave.

Submission + - No more Groklaw (groklaw.net) 1

scsirob writes: Word is out that PJ has pulled the plug on Groklaw. A source of education on US law, patents, SCO versus IBM and much more stops. PJ simply cannot justify to herself to stay connected in a world that is under constant surveillance. The Internet as it stands today is a threat to humanity, she explains.
Goodby PJ, you will be missed.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 88

Care to state which VNs you consider the greatest? *Puts on weeaboo hat* Looking at the top list at vndb (http://vndb.org/v/all?q=;fil=tagspoil-0;o=d;s=rating), the majority of the western audience predominantly considers the greatest titles to be those produced by big companies like Key and Nitro+ -- hardly a couple of kids in their basements. Higurashi and Umineko are doujin titles, but they were hardly slapped together over a summer holiday.

As far as western VNs go, the most popular is probably Katawa Shoujo, and that took literally years to make. And even as a finished product, it can hardly be considered even remotely in the same league as MLA or CrossChannel. Other western VNs made by a basement dwellers are invariably bad. It's also worth noting that doujin software tends to have more salability in Japan than indie software has had in the west until recently (though this seems to be changing for the better).

While I doubt the megatokyo vn is going be all that great, I can understand the need for financial support if it's going to have a hope of being anywhere half-decent. I chucked the guy my $10 and wish him well -- not because I am particularly hopeful of this specific title, but because I think it's nice that the medium gets some exposure apart from the lolcartoonporn kind.

Comment Re:It Could Be More (Score 1) 295

Works fine on arch (yaourt -S steam), and I haven't heard anyone else complain. Just because valve packages steam for ubuntu, doesn't mean it doesn't work on other distros. It's unreasonable to expect valve to package its software specific to each and every distro, version and architecture. I don't know if your last comment was supposed to be funny, but repackaging hardly requires a software engineer.

Comment Better example (Score 2) 91

While definitely cool project, I think there are better examples out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QcfZGDvHU8#t=16 also shows an auto tracking turret with portal voices. However in this case the tracking seems quick enough to be useful, and it actually hurts people. Add some white plastic, and you're pretty close to the "real" deal.

Submission + - Boltzmann equation solved, the new way

xt writes: The Boltzmann equation is old news. What's news is that the 140 year old equation has been solved, using mathematical techniques from the fields of partial differential equations and harmonic analysis, some as new as five years old. This solution provides a new understanding of the effects due to grazing collisions, when neighboring molecules just glance off one another rather than collide head on. We may not understand the theory, but we'll sure love the applications!

Submission + - Trademark attack on Open Source project

jfbilodeau writes: I've been contributing and releasing open-source projects for a number of years now, and managed to stay (mostly) clear of conflict. One of my projects BSOD(roid) have been available on the Android Market for nearly a year. Last night, I've received a email asking me to rename my product because it infringes on the trademark ROID. This trademark has been filled nearly six month after my project was on the market. The two projects are completely unrelated and do not compete. Renaming the project is not the issue here. Responding to mindless corporate bullying is. I'm curious to know if this happened to other slashdotter and what suggestions you may have.

Submission + - First Anarchist's Cookbook Convictions (telegraph.co.uk)

analysethis writes: In the UK last month the author/compiler of the well-known-in-internet-circles 'terrorist handbook' pleaded guilty to seven counts of collecting information that could have been used to prepare or commit acts of terrorism, with a maximum jail term of 10 years. Today the first people caught with downloaded copies have been put behind bars — a white supremacist father and son pairing getting 10 & 2 years respectively, convicted of three counts of possessing material useful for acts of terror. How many will be emptying their recycle bins after this conviction?

As of writing, the book is still freely available on Amazon.com to buy.

Comment Re:Ubuntu (Score 3, Interesting) 279

But, an earlier poster mentioned the fact that corporate and financial institutions have all this money to pay high powered administrators. If the administrators are working with a decent operating system, and if the administrators are competent, then Enterprise is safe, right? And, the military too, right?

How's that British thing working out now? Windows for Submarines? The last I heard, it was down. Who has more expertise in securing computers than the US or the UK departments of defense? If THEY can't secure Windows, then who can?

Comment Re:People will move to Apple. (Score 1) 695

My grandparents are dead, so I can't really speak for them (insert bad bsd joke here), but I know my mother has no problems clicking on the wifi icon in ubuntu. Really, while wifi can be nuisance in some distributions, ubuntu has come a long way. Even a generic acer laptop which one of my neighbors uses, complete with a (reputedly horrible) broadcom wnic, worked out of the box on. While I'm sure there are still some black spots on the linux wifi map, you have to be pretty unlucky to get something which doesn't work out of the box on said distribution. And if you want to eliminate luck as a factor, you can spend five minutes extra the next time you buy a computer, and make sure you get one with atheros or intel chipsets.

While Apple hardware may be excellent, their macbook line is still overpriced by $3-400 compared to a similarly spec-ed Lenovo. This I believe, is the biggest rationale for not choosing apple. If you can get a similar or better non-Apple computer for less price than an Apple, why would you go with the Apple? Especially if all you do is play solitaire and flash games, which you can do on ubuntu just as well as on osx (easier according to my mother, as the dock confused her).

On a side note, as I'm sure some will suggest installing OSX on non-Apple PC's. When I recently installed 10.5.* on my T60, the wifi (iwl3945) refused to work. I don't think the drivers were ready. On the other hand, ubuntu immediately recognized the card and configured it; so I can only assume that the whole OSX "just works" experience only applies to Apple produced PC's.

Submission + - EPA: Cellular eCycling Campaign

Joe Martin writes: "Greetings, My name is Joe Martin and I am contacting you on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I have a press release, but I am first sending the brief introduction. Most people don't realize that the old cell phone that's sitting in their drawer is actually contributing to climate change. Recycling, or what has become known as "eCycling" an old cell phone can be a quick and easy way for Americans to help protect the environment. By recycling or reusing old cell phones, consumers can help reduce climate change, save energy and conserve natural resources by reducing the amount of precious metals and copper that are mined for the manufactures of new phones. According to the U.S. EPA, if 100 million Americans recycled cell phones that are no longer in use, we could save enough energy to power 194,000 homes for a year. Currently Americans are replacing their cell phones every 18 months on average. Despite the large number of manufacturer and retailer-led collection programs across the country, many of these consumers still do not know where or how they can recycle their unwanted cell phones. With an estimated 250 million cell phones in use nationwide and less than 20 percent of unwanted cell phones being recycled each year, EPA realized the need to educate the public on the importance of eCycling their old or unwanted cell phones. To help consumers identify easy recycling and donating options, EPA is partnering with leading cell phone makers, service providers and retailers to launch the Plug-In To eCycling "Recycle Your Cell Phone" campaign on January 8th. Program partners include: AT&T, Best Buy, Dell, eBay's Rethink initiative, HP, Intel, JVC, Lexmark, LG Electronics, Motorola, NEC Display, Nokia, Office Depot, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Staples, Toshiba, and Wal-Mart. Through the national take back program, consumers can drop off their old cell phones or mail them into participating organizations. In 2007, through Plug-In To eCycling, retailers and electronics manufacturers voluntarily recycled more than 47 million pounds of electronics including computers and televisions. As part of the cell phone program, Sprint recycled 3 million phones and accessories through an in-store and online program. Samsung also collected used cell phones and portable rechargeable batteries to recycle 100,000 pounds of electronic equipment. These are just a few examples of how the program is making a difference. To help Slashdot readers discover cell phone recycling options that can make an impact on climate change, please contact me. I am happy to put you in touch with the EPA between now and January 8th. Additionally, we can coordinate interviews with program partners Staples, AT&T, and Nokia who can speak to their national cell phone recycling and reuse programs and accomplishments in conjunction with their partnership with EPA's Plug-In program. The EPA will also be at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. If you will be present at this event, we can certainly set up a face to face interview. Thank you for your time. To learn more about the recycling campaign and to obtain a list of partners and their scheduled events and programs visit: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/osw/conserve/plugin/partners.htm Click on partner logos to learn more on specific eCycling programs. Sincerely, Joe Martin on behalf of the EPA (Tel) (206) 623 0232 x231 (Cell) (206) 384-0852"

Submission + - Open Source Amiga clone pricing announced

downix writes: "For those who have not been following, Dennis VanWeeren created the first cloned Amiga hardware earlier in 2007. Up until now, the only way to have one of these MiniMigs was to build it yourself, not an easy task for all people. But, ACube systems, the guys developing the SAM440 PowerPC motherboard, have stepped up, making available a fully assembled Minimig for the cost of 138 euro. The idea of having your own, brand new, Amiga is exciting to some, but a full open-source hardware platform should be exciting to all of us."

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