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Comment Re:Or Just a Local Shell (Score 1) 124

Are you talking about an existing "Android Perl" app that requires root permissions? Do you have a link?
I don't see why you'd need root access. You can download one of the terminal emulator apps and run anything within the context of the app.
You may need to figure out how to get it compiled, though.

Comment Re:Netflix (Score 1) 324

Flash supports hardware accelerated video, while Silverlight does not (at least not with Netflix). So Flash's performance is better for the one useful things that uses Silverlight. Silverlight 5 is supposed to have hardware accelerated video, but it doesn't work by default. Anyone know of any workarounds?

Comment Re:Forget versions if you're pumping them out this (Score 1) 495

Chrome has a similar bug (at least I've experienced it in the dev version, possibly the beta version as well). Chrome was claiming my browser was at the latest version, despite being months out of date.
I can't seem to find a page that lists the latest version of Chrome, so I have no idea if my browser is up to date now or not. Does one exist?

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