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Comment No problems in MS (Score 1) 527

I was originally Earthlink dialup (I lived in a VERY rural area in California), moved to Mississippi where it became TW. TW got replaced about 2 years ago or so by Comcast. My results appear clean: DNS Tests Restricted domain DNS lookup: OK We are able to successfully lookup a name which resolves to the same IP address as our webserver. This means we are able to conduct many of the tests on your DNS server. Unrestricted domain DNS lookup: OK We are able to successfully lookup arbitrary names from within the Java applet. This means we are able to conduct all test on your DNS server. DNS resolver address: OK The IP address of your ISP's DNS Resolver is, which resolves to DNS resolver properties: Lookup latency: 170ms Your ISP's DNS resolver requires 170 msec to conduct an external lookup. Your resolver is using QTYPE=A for default queries. Your resolver is not automatically performing IPv6 queries. Your DNS resolver does not use EDNS. Your resolver does not use 0x20 randomization, but will pass names in a case-sensitive manner. DNS glue policy: OK Your ISP's DNS resolver does not accept generic additional (glue) records â" good. Your ISP's DNS resolver does not accept additional (glue) records which correspond to nameservers. Your ISP's DNS resolver does not follow CNAMEs. DNS resolver port randomization: OK Your ISP's DNS resolver properly randomizes its local port number. The following graph shows DNS requests on the x-axis and the detected source ports on the y-axis. port sequence plot DNS lookups of popular domains: OK 74 of 74 popular names were resolved successfully. Show all names. In the following table reverse lookups that failed but for which a Start Of Authority (SOA) entry indicated correct name associations are shown using an "X", followed by the SOA entry. Absence of both IP address and reverse name indicates failed forward lookups. Name IP Address Reverse Name/SOA X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X (chia.arin.NET) X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( a96-17-74-131.d[...] X ( X ([...] X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ( X ([...] X ( webmail3.emeryv[...] a96-7-100-199.d[...] a96-17-74-122.d[...][...] X ( X ( origin-busine[...] DNS results wildcarding: OK Your ISP correctly leaves non-resolving names untouched.

Comment Re:You& Fai7 It (Score 1) 122

Thanks for pointing that out; this is the first time I've personally noticed it, but I guess that's because I tend to keep my threshold pretty high as you mentioned.... And I'm usually late to start reading stories (using google reader now).. I do share your surprise that none of the slashdotters who are more active than myself haven't mentioned it before though!

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