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Comment its not fracking or the market, its superfund. (Score 4, Insightful) 270

nuclear and other power plants should not be allowed construction without adequate consideration of cleanup cost. as it stands, superfund is a joke considering an insolvent or nonexistant subsidiary deprecated after the working lifespan of a reactor just lets the government foot the cleanup bill under the guise that its insolvent or nonexistent.
in TFA the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant is arguably at the end of its useable lifespan (30-40 years.) Coincidentally so is the Ginna plant. for those keeping track of the joke that is Nuclear Regulation in america, both have been given a 30 year extension despite having gone from megawatt to gigawatt in their installed versus actual capacity. the reactor cleanup cost would likely go to Entergy...who would either declare bankruptcy or drag the government and mohawk energy (a prior owner) into court over potentially responsible party definition as that would determine who has to clean things up. if Mohawk were to declare themselves insolvent, or the PRP could not be identified in court, the entire site would become an orphan share. that means no one has to clean it up but the taxpayer out of the congressional general fund. its lemon socialism.

Entergy likely understands the cost to litigate its way out of a superfund cleanup is way cheaper than actually cleaning a nuclear site and once its absolved of cleanup, it can focus on investing in the gas fracturing movement, which is likely vastly more lucrative than maintaining 40 year old nuclear sites.

Comment Re:Makes complete sense (Score 1) 176

That's because when they take off they jump backwards. I use a grabbing motion coming up from behind the fly. My hand being 2 or 3 inches above the surface. The fly jump up to take off and quite often ends up in my fist. Trying to squish them can be tricky so a lot of time I just throw them at a hard surface to stun them and then finish them off afterwards.

The very best method to kill flies I have found is with a spray bottle of some kind of glass and surface cleaner. Something like Windex will work, or something stronger with chlorine/bleach will kill them faster. It's better to use the kind of bottle that lets you adjust the output from spray to stream. Stream is more effective but the mist will work if you get close enough. Give it a few practice squirts and you can easily refine your aim (if you ever do any target practice, this will be trivial). Nail 'em with a single squirt and they drop, crawl around a bit, and die. A single shot and they don't get back up. A follow-up shot makes them die faster, though I can't help think that this must be a very nasty and unpleasant fluid in which to drown.

It's much easier than trying to squash them with your hand and less unsanitary too, though definitely less sporting.

Comment it has to be said, linux aint unix anymore. (Score 1) 729

who still uses gnome? Certainly Ubuntu and Fedora thrust it into the user experience for all of us but how long does it stay around until the average slashdotter can get XFCE, Fluxbox or Awesome installed?

3 has devolved into a screaming race to the bottom alongside KDE, mod points be damned. Gnome started out as a sly wink to Mac, an environment the users of the once famed #2 OS could find themselves at ease just as KDE was a sly wink to windows. These days either environment is the equivalent of a bathsalt trip down pick-and-choose lane. should an icon slide? or click? in Gnome 3 it can do both in some applications... which is an infuriating experience for mouse users but screw the base. the user needs yet another input-driven excuse for wild cirque du soleil gesticulations in the pursuit of his tablet experience. Hotspots? lets put them everywhere. the Dock? lets make it meaningless icons you'll either wait to metriculate from the edge of the screen or bungle into trying to get to a different menu entirely, which incidentally is now totally obscured by the dock. Reverse course captain stubing, the mouse has run aground. how do we power the machine off? click the tiny gear in the upper right hand corner but full stop captain! the mouse! she's moored in another hotspot which has pulled up an entire screen of random unlabeled icons. If you've the latest graphics card this screen will snap to attention like a seasoned warrior, but for anyone a few years dated the experience is beguiling as the screen slowly dims and icons like so many phantoms gradually condense into existence.

releasing the knowledge that the middle-click paste is being deprecated in gnome is like learning the news that your senile aunt who once enjoyed pudding cups, now only eats pudding on a stick. its different for auntie but expected behavior in the context of the other nursing home residents.

Comment point taken, if not myopic. (Score 1) 1440

Texting and driving is way, way too prevalent. In ohio its an artform. People merge into the far right lane, press the phone against their steering wheel, and dont look up until the glow of the tail lights from the car ahead has completely illuminated their vehicle cabin. It renders the lane a horrendous mess of jerky start-stop traffic that wastes gas and infuriates anyone trying to merge from an on-ramp only to be met with a person whos completely divorced from operating a few thousand pounds of car or truck. It kills quite a number of people as well.

but as a police officer, fixating on one traffic infraction is a complete waste of my tax dollars. Try branching out and engaging in the two years of criminal law enforcement my tax dollars sent you to academy for. issue citations for the beamer roaring down the fast lane, or the pick up truck with a teetering unsecured mass of various brick-a-brack in the bed. I cant begin to list off how many people ive seen with a complete absence of functional tail lights, turn signals or competent lane change.

Comment other correlations which may not be causation (Score 1) 144

1. uncontrollable sobbing in the mens room may be attributable to the creation of a monster that no longer seems to respond to any economic theory past or present.
2. exhausted yawns and dosing are considered a sign that regulation is being proposed.
3. flatulence indicates carmimes deli has started using that half-mayo half-mustard topping on its deli subs again...

Comment website for application (Score 3, Funny) 177

We here at the NSA would like to thank slashdot for its interest in this position.
Due to overwhelming traffic, our website may become inaccessible from time to time. should you find yourself unable to connect or submit your CV, please try these steps:

1. calmly speak your resume into any cellphone, preceded by one or more of the words: "Terror, Obama, Occupy, Syria"
2. Purchase one Quran, Disposable mobile phone, and one tank of propane to speak with a member of our team about the job opening.
3. open a copy of your CV in any Microsoft Operating System.

oscar nascar pickle marmalade1234
NSA Human Resources

Comment Hmm (Score 5, Insightful) 177

This new position is focused on the future, designed to directly enhance decision making

Does "shut down this agency permanently and don't replace it with anything similar" count as an enhancement?

If we want to fight terrorism we could always stop installing dictators and manipulating the affairs of other nations.

Comment Re:judges are pissed NSA lied to get their okay (Score 5, Insightful) 576

Judges have ruled that the NSA could do these things - when the NSA lied to the judges about what they were doing and how. Some of those judges are pretty pisses off now that they know how the subpoenas were abused, so I wouldn't think think those rulings definitively say what NSA is doing is in fact legal. The judges who made the rulings don't think they approved what was actually going on.

This happened because to become a judge, one must generally be a "believe in the system" type. This is why judges will automatically take the word of a police officer over yours, being impressed by the fact he/she is a "sworn officer", because this type of mentality doesn't consider that cops and other members of government could lie to get what they want. So now it finally bit the judge(s) and made them look bad, feel a little angry? It's been doing that to regular citizens for a long time now.

Comment gm is too out of touch to compete. (Score 0, Flamebait) 466

for the past decade GM had refused to ease up on its strategy of selling SUV's, betting instead that customers would continue to buy even as gas went beyond $10 a gallon. as gas approached $4 a gallon and SUV sales went into steep decline, GM was faced with a stockpile of midsized cars that came from such an incestuous group of design teams, sometimes the only thing that changed was the badge. if a car were so shitty as to be un-sellable, they just slapped a new brand on it and kept pushing. For example: the PT Cruiser was such a collosal piece of shit, it was rebranded the Chevy HHR in what i can only imagine was a complete lack of respect for their customer. then when GM failed, we bailed it out. so can GM compete? no. more importantly though, it now knows it doesnt have to try.

in 2004 GM's offering for hybrid technology was basically a toyota ripoff. based so closely on Toyotas development of Hybrid Synergy Drive, they were later forced to license 21 patents from toyota just to offer a hybrid vehicle. Their first hybrid vehicle? the Chevrolet Silverado, part of the same portfolio of overweight gas guzzlers GM just couldnt seem to sell to anyone.

their electric vehicle is electric, in the most ass way possible, because GM doesnt care. it doesnt care if you buy the cars or if their technology is all that great, because they understand they will just be bailed out if they dont succeed in an industry that has so far outpaced them, GM itself has started rebranding and outsourcing most of its "innovations"
The Dart is based on a version of the Fiat Compact platform
the Pontiac G6 is based on an Opel platform
the Ford Fiesta is based on a Mazda platform

Comment this research makes some untenable assumptions (Score 1, Troll) 337

such a pandemic will kill 2 percent of the infected population, or about 2 million people.

thats a pretty generous statement considering 34 million americans go without health insurance. even if they dont seek medical attention, which isnt likely considering the media hype surrounding the condition, we're assuming a nation 36% obese and 74% overweight is nutritionally capable of weathering this. workplace policies that forbid or restrict sick days will also amplify transmisison vectors.

sequestering people into their homes for a protracted amount of time isnt going to work as we've intended. whereas 50 years ago the average american kitchen would be prepared to spend two weeks without leaving the house, the average american today is barely capable of anything more than zapping a burrito once weekly in lieu of going to a restaraunt. based on consumer spending data, during an emergency most americans simply stock up on poptarts and beer.

Comment Re:Gotta be some kind of compensation. (Score 1) 273

Do you know why NBA players get so much money?

Because we as a society have fucked up priorities and overvalue things that are relatively meaningless?

The doctor who finally cures cancer will be anonymous to the general public compared to an NBA player, an NFL player, or the latest shallow whore who can (somewhat) sing with auto-tune.

I don't argue with your logic about the ratio of players to fans. Rather, I address why there would be so many fans and so much money to be extracted from them. Personally, I just can't get that worked up about other people playing a game, the outcome of which won't affect my life one way or another. I certainly can't identify with that team as though it were an extension of my ego, saying "we won" when I contributed no effort.

Now get off my lawn.

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