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Comment we've seen this before on bullshit mountain (Score 5, Insightful) 285

1. insist the US Postal Service implement pension funding 75 years into the future with no known revenue source to do so, as we cannot directly defund it. pretend companies like UPS and FedEx actually want to deliver bulk mail in place of the postal service but are in fact incumbered by its existence.
2. insist NASA pursue permanent manned installations on the moon and mars despite the fact its orders of magnitude more expensive than current unmanned operations. pretend companies like SpaceX are somehow encumbered by the existence of NASA.

Comment so sick of this shit. (Score 0) 67

another startup makes the front pages of slasahdot by dick-riding a successful open source project, closing it off as best it can, and giving neither a link to the source nor direct credit. I dont see GPL anywhere on the site.

by ipv4 and ipv6, do we mean we ticked the little boxes in menuconfig before we compiled debian? because im pretty fucking sure linux has been doing both protocols since 2006.

Programmable datacenter is to google as lights out datacenter was to AOL as smart datacenter was to AT&T. its not actually meant to be an implementable technology any different than that which would be crafted by skilled engineers, architects, and programmers. Its just a neat word to gin up the stock.

'network orchestration hooks.' get ready for support contracts, strategic partnerships, and sla's, because ive never had to use them before to route ipv6, and im not sure how ill use them in the future to do so.

Almost everything from service to download requires me to log in, which certainly betrays the 'used to work at cisco' part of TFS

Comment at what point do we stop kidding ourselves. (Score 5, Interesting) 541

hes lived in a room in an embassy for an entire year, but its just questioning
hes prepared to live 5 more years in the embassy, but its just questioning
£200,000 bail was required to get him out of the klink, where he was awaiting extradition for questioning
swedish prosecutors have been given access to assange in jail, in the embassy, and during his house arrest on bail to which they declined
the british government has committed £3.8 million to playing what amounts to a very childish game of whack-a-mole with no end in sight...just to process an extradition for questioning about a possible rape.
The case is hillariously frought with inconsistency. There are more consistent rape and assault allegations on an episode of Jerry Springer, but for some reason the swedish criminal justice system cant seem to get this one even remotely credible.
the US denies any "witch-hunt" is being undertaken but this is coming from a country that practices rendition, operates torture camps, and executes its own citizens without trial. So its safe to say the opinion of the government targeted by Assanges leaks is wholly unqualified to comment upon their response.

Assange knows what we all refuse to admit: Sweden might be his country of extradition, but his final destination is the cuban resort with the lemon-pepper fish and waterboard wednesdays.

Comment Re:fanboys? (Score 1) 406

Easier way to avoid such things, look for people who use the word "sheeple", then disregard everything else they say.

Replying to them and making it twice as visible that the word was used, does not further your cause. It does, however, let you show us that you're so much better and holier than them.

I don't like or agree with every term that everyone uses all the time myself. I just don't bitch about it. I don't tell others how they should express themselves because that's worse than any word they could use, and because I am not their lord and master. The only person I want to control is myself.

That this particular term "sheeple" gets so deeply and visibly under the skin of so many tells me something. It tells me that this word has power, that it's significant, that it must in fact do a very good job of connecting an ugly tendency with an ugly word. "Follower", "lemming", "droid", "trendy", "mindless automaton" etc. all describe the same thing, but for some reason it is the word "sheeple" that so many I'm-better-than-you types fixate on. That's all the more reason to use it.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow. (Score 4, Insightful) 406

I don't get it. What does free speech have to do with censoring comments on a website? He seemed to be talking about government censorship being bad, and then he said that.

If you believe that censorship is fundamentally wrong then you have two choices: 1) Be a hypocrite and pretend it's different when you do it, or 2) don't censor content on your own Web site either. This KWin maintainer is choosing the first option. What he doesn't seem to appreciate is easy enough to understand: if the trolls can cause him to abandon one of his core beliefs and make a hypocrite of himself, then that's a victory for the trolls and a defeat for himself. It reminds me of how certain nations respond to terrorism by eliminating freedoms -- if the terrorists want to do as much lasting harm as possible, then they must be delighted by that.

This near-obsession with treating government as a special case even when the discussion is about abstract principles is why you were confused. Government is only a special case when the discussion is about censorship via the legal system, because government is the only entity legally allowed to use force or threat of force to achieve its goals. A Web site operator isn't going to arrest a troll and throw him in jail so that just doesn't apply here. Said operator might, however, delete certain posts or ban certain users to effect censorship.

I think our society in general is losing the ability to think in terms of abstract principles (part of why privacy is eroding). This is why we have to rehash the same old "but but .. government!" discussion every single time censorship is mentioned regardless of context. It's a nearly indestructible meme it would seem. You will probably be fired if you tell your boss to go fuck himself and that, too, is a form of censorship. Anyway, this is like a GPL vs. BSD license discussion -- check the Slashdot archives and you'll find that every conceivable point and counterpoint has already been debated ad nauseum.

Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 1) 262

If you steal your neighbor's car, they won't call it a "friendly theft" just because you were on good terms prior to the theft.

Except that nothing was stolen. It is like downloading a movie. Copying is not stealing. Countries spy on each other, friend or foe. It is normal and expected.

That's a fine job of redundantly restating my sentence while also pointing out the obvious.

Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 1) 262

I think you miss his point. Homosexuality is ancillary to the problem it was just an example, it's that something- anything- could be discovered and used against the politician or anyone else for that matter.

That's the problem with this media-driven urge to view the entire world through the lens of group identity. It becomes a fixation, and people who allow their thought process to be a product of media will miss your clearly-stated point because of it.

Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 1) 262

>When the day comes that this information is obtained and used against the same politicians who voted for it, it will be some delicious comeuppance.

I really don't think you quite get how that day would work.

"Senator, PRISM has discovered an email of you admitting to having a gay lover in college, something that would make you completely unelectable in this country for some reason."

"Ahh. Johnny Ten Inches. Yes, well, I admit to that. How much is it going to cost for this to go away?"

"We have all the money we need, but it would sure be nice if that new NSA data seizure legislation in the pipeline got a yes vote. #211,944 if I recall."

"#211,944? I'm not familiar with it."

"Of course you aren't, senator. We haven't written it yet."

You are describing authorized use by those officials who have access to the system.

We were talking about unauthorized use by outside attackers who manage to compromise said system. The post to which I replied spelled this out explicitly and I quoted that in my own post.

See how simple that is?

Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 4, Insightful) 262

So, setting aside all the potential evils that will absolutely certainly occur because of politicians and career bureaucrats having the data, throw in the random security breach by insiders, contractors, script kiddies, whatever.

When the day comes that this information is obtained and used against the same politicians who voted for it, it will be some delicious comeuppance. And better than they deserve. And a minor observation. From the fine summary:

an anonymous reader links to a story at The Guardian about some good old fashioned friendly interception

It's funny the way they phrase things when governments are involved. If you steal your neighbor's car, they won't call it a "friendly theft" just because you were on good terms prior to the theft.

Comment not to seem insensitive (Score 1) 737

as ive personally seen, "Booth Babes" are ubuquitous at other trade shows as well. The north american international auto show for example employs a few hundred. the great american motorcycle show quite a few more. Cigar afficionado has a show in Las Vegas that has "babes" behind silhouettes and in front of customers. the reason? Sex sells.

A censorship policy prohibiting women who are not fully clothed to your standard is probably what youre asking for as it applies to both booth bunnies and scantilly clad cosplayers alike. The real question that needs to be asked is what constitutes a moral dress code, and should we enforce it when children are present at conventions? we certainly do not enforce the dress code at the local public swimming pool, and the beach is likely just as offensive.

sorry if this comes off a bit rough, im an LA native, but how did you make it into Los Angeles in one piece let alone the Staples Center? the billboards have sexy women, the strip clubs advertise them outside the venues, the homeless are prone to fits of total nudity and your average male or female angelino on flower street can show up in anything from a 3 piece suit to a pair of mens daisy dukes and a cutoff.

Comment so glad to see EA is back in the game again. (Score 5, Funny) 197

after the latest SimCity i was afraid i might never see EA release another title again. However with this latest acquisition i can see EA is still dedicated to the tradition of alienating consumers, infuriating players, and pedaling the franchise ever further into the dirt. A worry had crossed my mind that perhaps they might suddenly change direction, or maybe continue the sincere course the original developers had maintained for so long in order to foster a thriving online gaming community. Yet once i heard "EA was unavailable for comment," I signed in relief and smiled to myself, knowing somewhere, somehow, John Riccitiello's biggest care in the world was trying to find a port of call that not only offered both legitimate cuban cigars as well as fine vintage scotch, but could also fit the likes of his superyacht in on short-notice. Carry on you brave pioneer of the digital age.

Comment you're mistaken Bennett (Score 1) 114

Its facebook, hence youre the product. The product does not complain or pout or campaign. The product is sold to the market, and as long as a market exists for gender based hate speech the pages will exist as well.

now, with Nissan, you are a consumer. if you as a consumer dont appreciate their marketing on these pages then by all means direct your complaints to them. in turn Nissan will demand a partial refund for poor demographic targeting and insist facebook fine-tune its system to prevent further unrest and complaint from their customers.

Comment if it happens it will be a token gesture. (Score 1) 257

carriers and handset manufacturers have absolutely no incentive to make this happen. a market for phone theft insurance exists already, and the ability to disable a stolen phone would arguably reduce the number of phones providers could vend to a specific customer. District attorneys enjoy taking up cause celebre things like 'phone kill switches' because its an election year for most of these guys. rampant theft of the most coveted cellphones is a side effect of the philosophy of futility. That the very idea one might lose their bugati, prada, or iPhone is not only understood, but actively encouraged by advertisers subconsciously as a selling point of the product. exclusivity, social inequality, and elitism are all parts of the culture of conspicuous consumption we've all agreed are acceptable, nay, even ancicipated.

the effective solution is to keep expensive personal electronics secured on your person or away from view in questionable or dangerous areas and situations, or simply stop keeping up with the joneses and start buying something practical and affordable.

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