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Comment Re:Like 16-bit DOS applications (Score 1) 321

But they pay to have it done.

That, in a nutshell, is the article poster's problem. They want support for ancient technology, but can't pay for it.

That means it's dead. It's defunct. It's passed on. It's kicked the bucket. It's pushing up daisies.

So, yes, time to move on.

And if it works, what maintenance is he asking for? If that's the case, then the package maintainer's "maintenance" is sufficient to keep it in a coma.

Comment Re:There is no standard. (Score 1) 166

Amongst many other streaming services in Canada, we have CBC Music, which covers a wide variety of properly licensed streams. In fact, some of the other internet radio stations in the country are right pissed at the agreements CBC managed to sign up to, and even the record companies have cried "foul" over the fact that CBC has the right to stream their entire catalogues for a fixed fee.

But they can't do jack shit about it, because they negotiated the contract -- they just didn't think it through.

Much as they didn't think it through when they signed up for the fees on blank CDs that essentially made it implicitly legal to rip and burn your own copies of CDs in Canada, because every blank you bought had a fee to pay for the privelege.

Comment Re:Utter Nonsense! (Score 1) 617

The hippies were a minority; the artists they listened to even more so.

The vast majority of people from the 60s were ordinary, every day, greedy, self-serving humans.

As were the people of any age in human civilization. Take your rose-coloured glasses off. The past was not better than the present, and for the most part, the present is no worse than the past. The greedy and selfish clawed, kicked, and jackbooted their way to power and control, took more than their share, and kicked the commoners in the nads. The commoners whined and complained about how rich the powerful were.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Comment Re:Good riddance to the pros (Score 1) 617

You're confusing "local club" with "bar band."

The bar band industry won't die any quicker than the alcohol-serving industry.

It's not glamorous and it won't make you rich, but if it's what you want to do, it's fun and lets you play for an audience.

The problem is not that there is a shortage of venues, but a shortage of big profit venues, and too many egotistical artistes think the world owes them millions for sharing their "style." It doesn't. 99% of bands never even make enough for the members to support themselves; they do it for the love of the music.

And that love of the music is why I'd far rather go to a local bar, buy one beer, and listen to a band that wants to play their music than some hack like Rihanna who expects the entire audience to wait for two hours while she gets stoned before stumbling on stage and putting on a lacklustre performance. Don't get me wrong -- the girl has pipes -- she can sing. But she's too rich and lazy now to put in a real effort anymore for the audience.

Comment Re:The author is either a shill or a pawn of Googl (Score 1) 332

But they don't advertise the cap, do they? And a cap that can be consumed in 1-2 days of moderate usage is a fraudulent advertisement when you claim multiple megabits of capacity.

Not that my ISP has caps. Nor that I'd ever sign on with an ISP that has them.

But that's because I'm not interested in getting conned.

Now if the ISPs were to advertise something like "260GB per month at up to 5mbit speed", then they'd be producing fair ads. Ditto if they sold different cap tiering levels and bundles without requiring you to pony up for a higher speed to get a higher cap.

But they don't. They just rip people off.

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