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Submission + - By 2035, Nearly 100 Million Self-Driving Cars Will Be Sold Per Year (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: The rise of autonomous cars might turn out to be more rapid than even the most devout Knight Rider fans were hoping. According to a new report from Navigant Research, in just over two decades, Google Cars and their ilk will account for 75 percent of all light vehicle sales worldwide. In total, Navigant expects 95.4 million autonomous cars to be sold every year by 2035. That's pretty astonishing. For one thing, that's more cars than are built every year right now. As of 2012, which was a record-breaking year for car production, 60 million cars were rolling off global assembly lines per annum.

Comment Re:Perception vs actual rating (Score 2) 180

My favorite thing to do is read all the lengthy reviews. Someone who goes in depth into the product can give valuable feedback. Also, when someone says they've had it for a few months or something (rather than "I just got it 5 minutes ago and it's SO FUN and hasn't broken! Exceptional quality!") and are reviewing it after using it regularly ... that sort of thing. In other words, reviewing actual usage rather than reviewing how well it was shipped or packaged or how it "feels" when they first opened it and used it once.

Comment Re:RAM data retention (Score 1) 287

Isn't a clean reboot primarily a software thing? If you have to turn the power on and off, you're resetting it, not rebooting it.

And anyways, even if power on/off doesn't "reset the RAM" (clear it, whatever word you want to use), presumably you'd be able to tell the controller to do that. I can't "reset" my hard drive state by turning the power off, but I can format it (either just replacing the filesystem info or by actually rewriting it)

Comment Re:tired of evolutionary bs (Score 0) 256

I'm one of those wacky "intellectually challenged" Bible people you may have heard about ;)

But I can actually agree with you here... because reason and intent is something that is awfully hard to prove without, uh, well, something that has reason and intent. As I understand it, unless you go for theistic evolution, evolution is entirely a natural process and evolution does not occur with some future reason or intent in "mind." It can't. It has no mind, reason, or intent.

So to say that something evolved to prevent something? I could see trying to argue that it was, at least, a side-effect, perhaps even a primary effect, but to give a purely natural process an intent of *prevention* ...

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