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Comment Re:Digression (Score 1) 313

Natural is definitely not always easy.

Lots of things come naturally. Like war. Humans seem to like to kill each other. Is war "easy?" No. Some job professions seem to come "naturally" to people, too. How about farming? Definitely not easy.

If things that come "naturally" were easy, then life would be easy (after all, most people do what is "natural" to them; not too many people consciously and intentionally seek out things they feel are unnatural to do). And life is not "easy." For most.

Comment This is where I get confused about AGW. (Score 1) 77

which likely flourished there the last time the land in that area was exposed to sunlight before the Little Ice Age.

So, this makes it sound like it was a climate change - an ice age - that caused this area to get totally covered in ice, right? But isn't one of the major concerns about the proposed AGW/CC that said ice is melting (presumption: it shouldn't)?

I realize maybe we could argue about the rate of change, but didn't the previous ice ages ... kinda ... supposedly happen rather quickly, too?

Truth be told, my views are significantly different than the above, ha. But I'm curious how this works out, since I believe the overlap of those who accept this history of the earth with those who accept AGW is likely pretty large.

Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 273

Lots of things are food additives that are ... dubious in their health nature, shall we say. Have you read anything about high fructose corn syrup and problems associated with that? How about trans-fats, which recently underwent lots of legislation and whatnot?

Something being legal or added to food is hardly an argument for it being health neutral. I'm not necessarily arguing that MSG is bad, either; I'm saying that your argument for it being fine is ... faulty. :)

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