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Comment Re:A Rep? (Score 2, Insightful) 334

Why should the US be able to decide what is good for Europe and its consumers? Sun and Oracle have the choice of no longer doing business in Europe at which point the EC won't have anything to do with their merger!

US regulations suck for consumers, whereas the EC attempts to work for the consumer. That is the reason for the difference, and whether you like it or not that is how it will continue to be done as multi-nationals can't just stop selling in the EU or the US just because one of them is more favourable towards two of them merging.

Comment Re:Any systems depend on a pulse (Score 1) 465

So? The reason why you have the device generate the clock signal and clock it in, or out (in latched chips (simple example, see MAX6969), or even various other serial protocols) is that the clock does not have to be stable like it has to be with RS232 or TTL communication. As long as both agree that something gets clocked in on the falling or rising edge you can have perfectly good serial communication that slows down and speeds back up with no down sides.

Comment Re:Who cares about HAM radio (Score 2, Interesting) 343

I am sorry to hear that in your city they were not as interested in learning about the technologies in so much as buying it.

I am 21, so I am much younger than you, I got into HAM radio because of a project (http://nearspace.0x58.com) I did at school, having a license helped communicate between the teams while on the ground looking for the device, and helped us keep track of the APRS as it was being sent from the balloon.

HAM radio has been really interesting, I have met really great people at various different companies, and recently a hacker space (http://heatsynclabs.org/) has been starting up in Phoenix and there were quite a few HAM radio people there! You just need to find the group that is still willing to learn and find new innovative projects to work on.

Comment Re:It isn't just a hobby (Score 2, Interesting) 343

For $15 to take the test, and then $200 or so for a decent radio you can have a hobby that is a blast. I regularly talk to people on radio nets (basically where a group of people get together at a desired time, and all talk about random subjects).

I am 21, and I am considered one of the young ones, even so it is interesting to see how much HAM radio in general is used in various situations to get information from one location to another quickly. HAM radio groups also tend to be available at all kinds of different events to help manage the crowd, do reporting of incidents. Just recently there was a biking event and we were present along the course to give status updates, get emergency help all by using our radio's.

Generally the HAM radio guys are older, and they can talk for hours on end, and some of it is boring, but I have met many people that have skill sets that I only wish I could have, I have talked to people in the industry (Moto, Intel, Microchip, and others) and it has been awesome to get contacts or leads for new projects and ideas as well as possible jobs coming out of college.


Submission + - Anti-Sec to release OpenSSH exploit

0x000000 writes: In a fine display of hypocrisy Anti-Sec has said they will be releasing the source code to their OpenSSH exploit (versions
"In 48 hours, the anti-sec movement will publicly unveil working exploit code and full details for the zero-day OpenSSH vulnerability we discovered. It will be posted to the Full-Disclosure security list."

Going on to say that 10 hours later they will release worm source code:

"Within 10 hours of the initial release of the OpenSSH 0-day exploit code, anti-sec will be unleashing powerful computer worm source code with the ability to auotmatically find and compromise systems running any and all versions of OpenSSH."

For more information and the replies from full disclosure list members, see the Full Disclosure thread.

Comment Re:US School System compared to Europes School Sys (Score 1) 677

I was just pointing out the differences between the two educational systems, and while I agree that a chef does not need more than the US math, the fact that it was required was something I wanted point out as interesting.

I was just comparing and contrasting the two and providing examples as to how the two differ, not using it as an excuse. Most if not all of the math I know and use I have taught myself, mainly because I have difficulty understanding math like most other students and I had to learn it my own way for it to stick.

Comment Re:US School System compared to Europes School Sys (Score 1) 677

I actually went to two different high schools. I switched the summer before my Junior year in school. This was because the high school I had been attending was having major issues with minorities fighting (the african americans and hispanics were bringing weapons to school), we had several knife stabbings at the school, and it caused many issues in general because of the way the school was run and where it was going. My dad figured it was easier to move, both closer to work, and into a new town than to have to worry about his kids going to a high school where fights were the daily norm and where no attention was being given to the rampant issues with drug use, alcohol abuse and fighting.

The second high school I went to was a higher class, more expensive town, and while the education there was generally better in terms of people wanting to be there it was not that much better. There were different levels of classes offered, but in those classes they were still catered to the lowest common denominator. This was a mostly chinese and white school compared to my previous school. The issue at hand was that the school and the school board were more willing to put money into sports and the sports programs and buying new football fields and tracks rather than improving the class rooms, providing new books, new computers and new equipment.

The first school was 1500 students in size, the second one was 1200 students in size, small? Not really. Not as large as some of the bigger US public high schools.

Comment US School System compared to Europes School System (Score 5, Informative) 677

I myself have gone through the US school system starting at grade 7 (lived in Switzerland and The Netherlands before then), I am currently in uni for a software engineering degree. While I have read only part of the article (the blog post) I wanted to post my experience compared to that of my cousin who went through school in The Netherlands.

Math at the schools I went to was catered to the lowest common denominator, the slowest person in the class, the person who would just not get it got the most attention and the rest of the class was stuck at that level until that person tagged along and finally got moving. Whereas in Europe and other places they place those students in various levels of math dependent on their skill level so that those that don't need the extra time are able to get to the higher level maths faster. This creates a gap between the math that is considered required at age 18 in the US and The Netherlands. My cousin was going for a degree in hotel management and food preparation (chef). He at the age of 18 had a better understanding of math, and had more knowledge of high level math (Linear Algebra, Calculus and others) than I did when I graduated High School, and the classes he were in were considered the slower less demanding classes since it was not as much of a requirement for the degree he was going to be pursuing.

This is the same with a lot of the classes though, history, english, and science classes. Especially for English, you don't get to think for yourself anymore, you have to follow exactly what the teacher told you. If the teacher says this is important for this reason, and you attempt to argue it differently in a paper you fail, everyone coming out of high school has been passed through a cookie cutter, there is no innovation left, there is no real thinking for oneself anymore.

It is sad, and the state the US educational system is currently in will not allow it to compete in the global market, it will not allow it to be innovate and provide new ideas, but what it will provide is people who are like sheep and are more than willing to follow the crowd and just do it because everyone does. These people will be easy to govern and control since they won't ask questions and least of all will they rebel and fight for their beliefs. In other words, the US education system as it currently stands is making zombies.

Comment Re:Near Space Balloon Launches (Score 1) 179

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