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Comment Re:Slow news day? (Score 4, Interesting) 138

Either way, I don't know why this is surprising except for one fact: That it didn't happen much, much sooner. That's what happens when there's no real world consequences for your behavior (or you think you can avoid them).

That's not surprising. It happened before and it will happen again.
EVE has a very rich history of large scale scams, reaching from investment scams like this one to long-planned infiltrations of alliances like the infamous heist by GHSC (who incidentally ripped assets to the tune of 200ish billion ISK off one of the major alliances again just recently).

The only "surprising" and novel bit about this story is that he apparently/supposedly didn't do it for the e-fame or e-gain, but for RMTing the scammed ISK because of real life troubles, which was the reason for his subsequent banning.

Comment Re:Good advert for Eve... (Score 4, Insightful) 138

The reason eve fails is BECAUSE it replicates the real world too well. When you "play" Eve, one gets the distinct feeling that one is actually not playing a game but doing work. The feeling of the drudgery of work.

Maybe CCP will learn from the financial crisis that a utopian hypercapitalist world is not only a fantasy world, it's not all that fun.

I have to disagree on that one. EVE is what you make out of it. You can do tedious and boring stuff like run an industrial enterprise (aka Spreadsheets Online), mine asteroids (mindnumbingly boring), do PVE (which is admittedly terrible in EVE) combat or you can go the PVP route (be it as a pirate, mercenary, grunt in one of the major power blocks or declaring war on carebear corps for "protection money") and blow up other people's pixels leading to tasty bitter tears for your drinking pleasure (complete loss of whatever you're flying when you get blown up can lead to amusing smack talk).

Or you could do something completely different and do the social engineering and scamming (completely accepted by the TOS as long as you stay within game mechanics) that keeps EVE in the mainstream news.

It's a sandbox, there should be something in it for you to have fun with as long as you can befriend the general gameplay, setting and the UI (which is constantly improving) surrounding it.


Submission + - Eight Videogame Places You're Not Supposed to Go ( 1

Ssquared22 writes: The eight far-off realms in this article exist for different reasons. They could be developer test areas, or forgotten pieces of landscape that somehow made their way into the final code. Whatever their reason for being, they all have one thing in common: They weren't meant to be explored by the likes of you and me. But through persistence, hacks or some combination of the two, you can take in these rare delights for yourself. Pack your bags.

Comment Re:hey Asus (Score 5, Insightful) 644

Why was this guy tagged as a troll? I mean, despite his borderline vitriol about Microsoft, his concerns about the legitimacy of the website seem pretty sensible to me, if one bothers reading the article and following the link to said website.

Hell yes. Seriously, the site looks like it was designed by a 5 year old downs victim and while I don't like the Microsoft and Asus sites, none of those two are made nearly as bad.

+1 to the questioning legitimacy crew.

Until MS/Asus confirm or deny a participation in this, I will treat is as non-existant.

Nothing to see here, move along.

PS: And if I had mod points atm, I wouldn't have bothered to post this but instead just modded up the grandparent.

Comment Re:parent not really a troll (Score 2, Insightful) 618

Also, if you're into the whole "Free as in speech, not free as in Beer" thing, Ati should be the hardware of choice, even though their proprietary drivers aren't as good as NV's.

And apart from ATI's support for OSS driver projects, NVidia has pulled off some highly questionable moves in the recent past, comparable on the moral scale to Microsoft business tactics, effectively making them a no-buy in my book as long as ATI puts out competetively priced and performing products.

Comment Not the chief of the *German* police union (Score 5, Insightful) 518

Crappy journalistic research.

It's "just" the chief of the Hessian section of the DPolG, not the Chief on the federal level.

And there's several police unions as well, with the DPolG only being second largest (about half as big as the GdP with a few micro unions not worth mentioning).

Apart from that, it was pretty clear that everyone's gonna scream BANZOR KILLARGAMES after the little fuckwit ganked his old school, so no big surprise there.

What is imo most surprising is how careful and diplomatic Christian Pfeiffer is with his statements. He usually was pretty rabid anti-"Killergame" the last couple years and I expected him to gloat and go "TOLD YA" to his critics, but he actually says stuff like games are not the deciding factor, not the original cause for stuff like that, just a small piece of a big puzzle with social issues being the real problem, etc.
I'm confused. It's like if Jack Thompson would go ahead and offer to become BFF with John Carmack.

Comment Re:Swap? (Score 1) 480

The best bet if your project is smaller than about 20GB is to buy a box full of ram and use a FAT32 formatted ramdrive. Orders of magnitude faster than even an SSD.

I kinda see a minor nuisance with data loss in case of a power failure unless you have some kind of battery backup or UPS. And it will have to be completely written from/to a non-volatile storage medium everytime you power up/down the workstation.

If you could just configure it to be some kind of an advanced cache that constantly reads and writes to the hard disk and just takes the hit from the I/O spikes off it, I could see it being awesome.

Comment Re:I didn't understand half of that (Score 1) 352

Sovereignty: Control level for a given solar system. Comes in levels 1-4 with levels 1-3 taking each a week to kick in and sov 4 being constellation sovereignty, which I won't try to explain for sake of the mental health of all of us. Sovereignty 3 is needed for Cynojammers and Jump Bridges (which, in a nutshell, allow for faster travel by bypassing the stargate network and getting friendly capital ships into cynojammed systems).

ISK reserves: ISK = Ingame money (InterStellar Kredits), which coincidentially has the same abbreviation as the Icelandic currency (where CCP is based).

cyno-jammers: Capital ships cannot use the ordinary stargates, but have their own jumpdrives that need to calibrate to what military experts call a Cynosural Field. Cyno-Jammers prevent creating cyno fields, effectively making a system immune to surprise visits by hostile capital ships.

capfleet towers: Where's that mentioned?

director level access: The other comment sums it up well, sudo. ;o)

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