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Comment Re:Nascar .. cha ching (Score 2) 359

I don't know but they have really gotten batshit on the pricing. when I was a teen i went to concerts almost weekly because you could easily afford to, now tickets in the nosebleed section often run close to a hundred bucks.

And is it just me or is anybody else having trouble with YouTube not buffering worth a shit? I go to speedtest and it consistently shows I'm hitting 20Mbps and all the other video sites load and play perfectly but for the past week or so YouTube has stuttered like its on dialup no matter what res I set the video to. I have asked those around me and they are all seeing the same thing, I get told "Oh thank God I thought there was something wrong with my PC" but I've tried 4 different PCs and the results are the same, stutter city. So I am just curious if others are seeing this or if its only in my area.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 1) 884

That's nice that you have nothing better to do than give out free support, my time is $35 an hour and I just can't afford to be wasting it dealing with shit I'm not getting paid for. And what failures? A $50 router will run longer than the PC its hooked to, I have customers with routers that have been going for nearly a decade, in fact the only reason they have a router now is I talked them into getting rid of the hubs they had previously.

Again if you got nothing better to do, that you can afford to give away free support? Good for you, I really mean that. I have a dozen system waiting for me when I go to work tomorrow, no less than 3 service calls and at least 5 messages on my phone wanting to set up a time for either dropping off a system or for setting up a service call, I don't have the damned time to waste setting up some PITA system that is gonna eat up time. if they want to pay for a support contract? Then I'll be happy to do it but between my work and my band on the weekends i just don't have enough hours in the day as it is and your "solution" is a giant PITA and not as good as COTS without a bunch of fiddling and hand holding. Not to mention that if they buy a tablet next week your "solution" is impossible for them to work on or get the device hooked up so there is another service call for you, shame you aren't getting a cent for all that work.

Comment Re:Hey buddy (Score 1) 272

To steal a line from Mel Brooks "Bullshit, bullshit aaaannnnddd bullshit". You think an Appleite is gonna give a rat's ass if Apple sues somebody? To them its all about fashion and being seen using expensive products, they don't give a shit about some product used by poor scum. And think grandma is ever even go HEAR about a MSFT lawsuit much less care?

You have MAYBE 4% of the population IF THAT that even reads tech sites, much less actually gives a wet fart about all this shit. I'm a PC retailer, think this lawsuit is gonna make me quit selling Windows 7? Not a chance because there isn't a product that can replace it, Linux is a pile of broken sick, Apple is as locked down as a cell phone so little guys like me can't make a fucking cent selling Apple crap, so that leaves only one game in town.

so if you don't focus on the root of the problem, that software patents are stupid and damaging to the system as a whole, then all you are doing is pissing up a rope. I mean did YOU see Apple's sales go down when they were trying to kill Android? Did YOU see MSFT's sales go down (as a result of, not because the X86 MHz war bubble has burst) when they called Linux a cancer? Nope, nobody cares beyond a handful of geeks. If people did care Apple wouldn't be the largest corp on the planet and MSFT wouldn't still own 90%+ of the PCs on this planet. So focus on the root or keep wasting your breath, because bitching about companies doing what the USPTO encourages with these bad patents is just a waste of time and energy and will change nothing.

Comment Re:Hey buddy (Score 1) 272

And whose fault is that? If I design a product and you decide YOU want to live like a hippie why the fuck should I have to do without? You can do what you want with YOUR products but if you want to use MY stuff you should have to pay something.

This is a BIG problem with FOSS, its communism at the barrel of a gun. If you decide you want to give away your life's work? Hey good for you, whatever makes you happy but you have NO RIGHT to stick a gun to my head and make me give MY stuff away because you like communism over capitalism, that is bullshit.

So charge a buck, have a fund raising drive, whatever but don't tell me I have to give MY stuff away because you want to give away YOUR stuff, its mine, I paid to build it, if you want to buy it fine but if you don't then don't fucking use it, simple as that.

Comment Re:Hey buddy (Score 1) 272

And this is different than Apple, Rambus, etc did and EXACTLY? Its not, when a system is broken you will have players manipulate that broken system to maximum advantage. You get rid of one and a dozen more will be standing behind them because the system ENCOURAGES this behavior. Watch this video on the stock market which clearly and plainly shows how bad laws have encouraged the shitty behavior we see now in the financial sector because you get punished for doing the right thing and rewarded for doing the wrong thing so naturally the companies are gonna do the wrong thing because it rewards them.

To use a /. car analogy if the government made it illegal for the insurance companies to investigate car claims so that there was zero risk or penalty for just setting your car on fire to get the insurance to pay out for a new car, do you HONESTLY think there wouldn't be burnt car hulks on every block? The USPTO by handing out vague software patents like candy have made it stupid NOT to be an asshole and patent every vague idea under the sun because as MSFT has shown its more profitable to do this than to make your own products. After all they don't have to pay for assembly, R&D, shipping, why go through all that shit when you can get paid just by filing a shitload of vague patents and sue everybody when some of those patents are approved?

You are bitching about the punk hitting you with a bat while ignoring the fact the cops are the ones handing the punk the bat and telling him to go have fun. if you want this stopped getting rid of the bully will never work because more will take his place, what you have to do is stop the cops passing out the bats and make them arrest the ones using the bats. In this case until we focus on the core problem, the USPTO is horribly broken and software patents need to be banned, then we are just wasting our time. if you wiped out MSFT tomorrow think it would be cotton candy and kittens for everybody ? Nope you'd have Apple and RIM and Google through Motorola and every other company who managed to get some vague patents lined up to take their place so lets focus on the task at hand which is getting rid of the core problem of software patents. Anything else is just sticking band aids on bullet wounds while ignoring the guy shooting you.

Comment Re:Not As New As You'd Think (Score 1) 113

Nice to see somebody knows the truth, once they saw other ways to get around the EU console tax it was buh bye OtherOS. And as for media bullshit? Content providers suck and treat you like criminals, end of story. Between them and the ISPs that are starting to gouge with caps and overage fees this is why streaming will never replace discs, not because it can't technically be done, but because the greedy will shit all over it and ruin it for everybody else.

Comment Re:Real target is not Android (Score 1, Interesting) 272

Won't work because as long as 90%+ of the PCs out there (which is what folks are gonna want to get those pics on to for editing and sharing) run Windows getting rid of support for MSFT file systems would be slitting your own throat.

Now as for WHY does MSFT and Apple own 90% and 10% respectively and every other OS not even owns above the margin for error? I will get hate but truth is truth, nobody has offered a compelling product with the ease of use of OSX and Windows. Even Win 8 and Vista, as shitty as they are/were is a better OS than Linux because of the devs breaking shit with itch scratching (Yeah just throw out KDE 3 and gnome 2 when shit FINALLY gets good and stable, oh and crap all over audio by replacing ALSA with Pulse, that's the ticket!) and its obvious that Google isn't any "nicer" than Apple and MSFT and by refusing to make ChromeOS anything more than a glorified thin client has made it clear they don't give a shit about the PC market.

So until you come out with a product that is truly better and easier to use than Windows you can give it up Chuck, any camera manufacturer that charged more or refused to support NTFS and FAT would get slaughtered by those like Nikon who will just write this off as a cost of doing business and keep right on selling their cameras.

Comment Re:Confusing press release without context (Score 2) 272

And maybe if the guys here actually read that they will see that YES Android and pretty much anything else having to do with computers infringes so the more relevant question SHOULD BE "Why are we letting such basic concepts be patented in the first place?"

And THAT is the problem in a nutshell, software patents has made the system so broken companies can make more money spamming the USPTO with vague concepts and then suing when a few of these stick than in actually building products.

These articles are like complaining "I'm tired of getting hit by punks with bats!" while ignoring there is a guy on the corner handing free bats out to the punks. Stop THAT guy and the punks won't have the bats to hit you upside the head with.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 1) 884

So you've never even tried the actual device as its marketed and sold, and think pfsense is a viable "solution" when you don't even know what the competition does or how?

Its obvious that your ass ain't never worked in retail because with an attitude like that you'd be having a going out of business sale before the year was up. You can NOT offer "solutions" if you don't even know how it compares to the competition and I can promise you pfsense is a bad joke compared to the ease of use of modern routers. I have seen customers who don't even know what a router is other than "I can hook up by wireless" that have managed to set the whole thing up with nothing but the CD. They know NOTHING about IP addressing, nothing about LAN or WAN, yet they have functioning networks and THAT is what you are competing against.

And do NOT give me that elitest "Well they better fucking learn, stupid noobs" bullshit because that is a classic "is ought" problem which again is a reason why Linux never goes anywhere, the devs think "They OUGHT to be able to do this because i can" while ignoring that reality IS the fact that people who don't even know what an OS is can do all the basic tasks they require because there is enough hand holding and dumbing down that those with zero education can use these things as easily as one uses a toaster.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 158

You can say Blender and Gimp is built by "artists" all day long, don't make the UI not suck. Again I don't blame them for that, UI design is fucking HARD which is why there are companies that make crazy money JUST focusing on UI design and advising companies on good UI design. That is why I had to LMAO at how bad Win 8 was because even with all that money it was obvious MSFT didn't call in any UI designers or specialized UI companies because the one thing they could ALL agree on was Win 8 has a terrible UI.

Look I'm a bass player, I write beautiful songs and cool cooking lines based on that instrument, but you seem to be saying because I'm an "artist" in that regard I'd be able to paint beautiful pictures...but that's a completely different skillset. Writing a great program is a HELL of a lot different than the skills required to take a blank canvas and create a UI that is intuitive and easily discoverable. I'm saying while its obvious the Blender and Gimp guys are good at the former, the latter? Not so much. Again no blame, nobody is great at everything but with their budgets they just can't afford to bring in the guys required to do what needs doing in that dept.

Comment Re:Hey buddy (Score 3, Insightful) 272

And this is different to what Apple, Motorola (now owned by Google who didn't stop the suits when they bought Motorola thus making them trolls by proxy in my book) and every other big tech company this decade has done?

If you want to fix this kind of shit you have to get to the root of the problem which is the patent system is broken and until you fix it this kind of shit will continue. This is like blaming companies who take advantage of the fact that offshoring not only incurs them no monetary penalty but they can often get tax breaks for doing so....the problem is the SYSTEM is broken and encouraging bad behavior therefor the SYSTEM needs to be fixed.

We need to push like hell for a law ending software patents, if you want protections for software copyrights and NOT patents are the logical choice and since you copyright specific works and NOT vague concepts like these shitty software "patents" you could nip this bullshit in the bud. I also personally think we need a law that says concepts required for interoperability (such as file systems and formats) should have to be published under RAND terms so that the user will always have a way to get their stuff on and off a device, but that may be just a personal beef, but no matter how you slice it these kinds of bullshit trolls and lawsuits didn't become a problem until software patents were hoisted on us and THAT is what must be fixed. You stop MSFT and they'll be a dozen more pulling the same shit waiting for their shot.

Oh and on a final note, lets get something clear: Linux and Android by extension DOES infringe on MSFT patents, how do I know? Have you seen how many patents have been filed on software since the shitty ruling that allowed software patents? EVERYBODY is infringing! Hell the whole history of computers has been standing on the shoulders of giants so frankly with as vague as these patents are you can't build shit to do with a computer that doesn't infringe! Hell I wouldn't be surprised if every possible way to build a file system or make an audio/video format isn't covered by some vague as hell "method to store files on things" style patent, the whole thing is so broken you are tap dancing in a minefield.

Is what MSFT doing shitty? yep, no doubt, but if we focus on that instead of the conditions that have ALLOWED them to behave shitty all we will be doing is playing whack a mole until the end of time. To use the famed /. car analogy if your front end is shot and eating tires you can change tire brands a billion times, the tires are still gonna keep getting eaten until you get off your ass and fix the front end. Until we fix the patents system this kind of shit is only gonna get worse.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 1) 205

Yeah because we don't already abuse Paco enough, lets go back to the "good old days" and we can work them filthy Mexicans to death!

While profits are a part of it the fact that field labor is a shitty back breaking job is also a BIG fucking part of it. You may have your little vegetable garden but I've worked on a 20 acre farm and you pretty much do NOTHING but that and sleep PERIOD. Ain't no leisure time, ain't no furthering your education or enjoying jack shit, its like the damned priesthood in that you pretty much have to do NOTHING but that. the only time my ass wasn't in the damned field was when my ass was sent in the truck to get stuff FOR the field or FROM the field to market, that was it. And if it comes down to chemicals or living like a fucking Quaker? I'll take the chemicals, thanks ever so.

The only other way i could see to do it would be to go full on communist and make serving in the fields like jury duty only without any ways to get out of it. ironically this is EXACTLY what they had to do in the USSR, look up "potato duty" and you'll find plenty of articles about soldiers ordered to work in the fields just because they couldn't find enough people to do that job, despite how nasty a Russian factory was people would rather take that job than deal with sun up to sun down back breaking labor.

so again we wipe out...ohh I'd say you'd probably need a good 70% wasted to build this utopia and have enough food to feed those left, otherwise you are gonna have cities full of starving folks because the farms will be raising enough for themselves but NOT enough for everybody. But you could wipe out big agra tomorrow and unless you advocate Paco abuse your ass still wouldn't have enough people willing to work in the fields, its just a shitty job.

Comment Re:Like 3D movies (Score 2) 94

Actually according to Wikipedia the first red/green anaglyph film was shown in 1922 for an audience in NYC. man I knew that shit was old but not THAT damned old.

And as much as I hate to admit it, but being in computer retail as long as i have I know this will end up being the case, know what you need to get VR the big thing again? Porn, that's what. people wanted burners "To back up my pictures" (bullshit, porn) and they got big hard drive "To store my pictures" (A TB of pictures? bullshit its for porn) and if they come out with VR porn I have no damned doubt I'll be selling VR units to people who'll say "So I can see my pictures in virtual reality" (Bullshit, I've seen your family and they don't even look good in 2D, its for porn).

If there is one thing I've learned its not only the Internet that was made for porn, everything from VCRs to big fat HDDs are all needed for porn. Porn, its what drives technology today for a better smuttier tomorrow.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 1) 205

Can we have some ponies and free money in your utopia as well? Nobody uses pesticides for shits and giggles ya know, without them the price of food would go WAY up because of crop losses and frankly the poor are already barely hanging on by a thread. As for chemicals in the water...can I have a pink unicorn? Because in case you ain't kept up with current events because we have so many people on meds you can't hardly find a drop of water anywhere short of the poles that doesn't have everything from birth control hormones to heart meds in it, hence why we need to put shit to try and clean out as much of the crap as possible.

I mean sure we'd all like to live in your little utopia, and if we slaughtered....ohh I'd say about 65% of the population on this planet it'd be doable for at least 300 years or so. So you gonna be digging the holes cause that's a shitload of bodies you are gonna have to pile up.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 0) 205

Well considering I'm practically a clone of my father (as he was of his and on through the line, I swear the first one of us that climbed down from the trees probably had my face) and he ended up in the hospital fighting for every breath while what I got wasn't more than the sniffles so that frankly is proof enough for me.

If you don't want it? Don't take it, not like they are sticking a gun to your head ya know.

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