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Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 1) 205

Can we have some ponies and free money in your utopia as well? Nobody uses pesticides for shits and giggles ya know, without them the price of food would go WAY up because of crop losses and frankly the poor are already barely hanging on by a thread. As for chemicals in the water...can I have a pink unicorn? Because in case you ain't kept up with current events because we have so many people on meds you can't hardly find a drop of water anywhere short of the poles that doesn't have everything from birth control hormones to heart meds in it, hence why we need to put shit to try and clean out as much of the crap as possible.

I mean sure we'd all like to live in your little utopia, and if we slaughtered....ohh I'd say about 65% of the population on this planet it'd be doable for at least 300 years or so. So you gonna be digging the holes cause that's a shitload of bodies you are gonna have to pile up.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 0) 205

Well considering I'm practically a clone of my father (as he was of his and on through the line, I swear the first one of us that climbed down from the trees probably had my face) and he ended up in the hospital fighting for every breath while what I got wasn't more than the sniffles so that frankly is proof enough for me.

If you don't want it? Don't take it, not like they are sticking a gun to your head ya know.

Comment Re:Spying... (Score 1) 114

Sure it would...and it would also probably get you a couple years in the gulag as a "spy for the CIA" for your trouble.

Frankly anybody that goes to that country deserves what they get, sorry but they do. Its no different than the USSR under Stalin's cult of personality and your "rights" are there only at the whim of the regime.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 1) 205

Well I got it after the flu shot but frankly it was VERY mild and only lasted a few days, those i know that got it and didn't get the shot were sick as dogs for a couple weeks and felt weak for a couple more. All in all I'd rather have 3 days of low grade fever and just feeling slightly run down over puking in a bucket and feeling like I been hit by a truck for a month.

Maybe you're different, maybe you are lucky or never work around people, who knows but I have elderly parents that have weak immune systems so I'd get the shot for them if not for myself anyway as it lowers their risk.

Comment Re:i like to limit my DHCP scope (Score 1) 884

Dude are you trolling? Or have you just been an uber nerd so damned long you don't know any better? You know how easy the new routers are to set up? Its "Insert CD, clicky clicky next next next" and THAT IS IT. Hell many of them have basic Android and iPhone apps or websites that will hold your little hand and walk you through setting up the router without having to know more than how to push the button.

But this same attitude is why Linux goes nowhere, they go "Open just open up Bash and type" followed by a string of gibberish THEY understand which HAS TO BE TWEAKED for the situation but since THEY know how to tweak it because they've spent countless hours fiddling with the damned thing that means Sally and Grandpa can do it too...bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit and be no different than me handing you an electric bass which you had never touched in your life and saying "Play Freewill by Rush. What do you mean you can't? I can play it so should you" while ignoring I've played bass for 25+ years while you have never even tuned the instrument.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 158

Actually you ALMOST had it then it slipped through your fingers. See the difference is thanks to the bigger budgets the pros can hire focus groups and experts in UI design whereas with FOSS we have seen time and time again programmers make for lousy UI designers because the skills to make a good UI are different than the skills for making a good stable program and without the big budget they can't afford to bring in guys that know how to make easy to use UIs.

Comment Re:Scaling is the Key! (Score 1) 365

And that is the problem in a nutshell, the activist comes to cash in on the free publicity which helps their fundraisers and turns what could have been a discussion into a war, turns what was a local tragedy like the Martin case into "an event" where millions in property destroyed from the looting and riots,

The ability to turn anything into a cause has allowed the rise of "professional activism" which like any other profession cares more about its bottom line than it does actually getting anything done. there is a reason why many of the founders of Greepeace want nothing to do with the org and the founder of MADD actively campaigns against the org they built, and that is because they have been taken over by professional activists that care more about shit stirring for profit than in actual results.

I mean just look at how the current leaders of MADD have come out on TV and basically said there should be zero tolerance for alcohol. Think they never heard of prohibition? Think they don't know that banning a drug only creates black markets? of course they know that but the point of the statement was NOT to get alcohol banned, its to keep shit stirred because controversy equals more press which equals more money for lectures and books. Its all bullshit and kayfabe now and they don't give a shit if the NIMBY attitude or shit stirring causes REAL harm, as long as they can get paid.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score 1, Interesting) 205

I agree they should tell the truth and the WHOLE truth but the simple fact is the ones who got the flu that had the shot (myself included) frankly didn't get all that sick, yes some folks ended up in the hospital but those were the ones that were already weak as hell to begin with, whereas those I saw who got the flu WITHOUT the shot ended up puking like a buzzard and had a hell of a time getting over it.

So I gotta agree both with the AC and the CDC, they need to tell folks that the shot alone isn't a magic bullet but at the same time having some immunity is better than none, especially if you aren't weak to begin with and will be able to fight it off. lets face it folks, somebody that is already immuno-compromised isn't gonna build up much in the way of antibodies even if you gave them a flu shot every week and there are a LOT of older folks out there that take meds that weaken the immune system, either on purpose as with the arthritis drugs or as a side effect so that too needs to be taken into account.

But I can tell you that I was sure as hell glad I got my flu shot when the worst I got was a fever of 101 and slightly sick at the stomach while those around me were at death's door for a good week and a half, mine only lasted 3 days and all I needed was a Z-Pac for the sinus infection I ended up with (which I get sinus infections at the drop of a hat so that was expected) and I was right as rain in less than 7 days, those around me that didn't have the shot were sick for a couple of weeks and felt weak for a good week or two after that.

Comment Re:Retrieved Samples Without DPRK's AF Scrambling? (Score 1) 132

Sorry I can't remember the name, i think it was an animal name, cougar or panther or something. The only reason i mention it was because I saw a video where the enemy set off a hell of an IED under one and while it trashed the tires and caused serious (but fixable) damage every single soldier walked away with nothing worse than a bruise or two from bouncing around inside.

But if they can do the same thing with an M113? great, all for it, the M113 is like a Ford truck, nothing fancy but reliable as hell and gets the job done. You compare it to the AK but it always reminded me of the way my grandfather described the "ma Deuce" 50 cal, cheap, reliable, and always ready to go. he said in WWII they stuck those things everywhere and on everything just because they were so dependable and affordable, just as we've had a ton of variants of the M113 because its such a reliable base to build upon.

But again sadly Ike was right nobody cares about affordable or reliable because its all about milking the contracts. Frankly we haven't built anything past the F-Teen series that wasn't insanely over budget and underperforming, this is no accident because the MIC can milk the cost overruns and get paid even if the thing never goes into production. i believe it was you that pointed me to the excellent "Failed Tanks" series (great show BTW, watched every episode) and in every one of the failed American designs it was obvious before it even left the drawing board these things were gonna suck (like sticking an aircraft radar on the Sgt York) but it didn't matter to the MIC because they got paid anyway. What few products they DO deliver end up like the F-22 and F-35, insanely expensive techno turkeys that look great on paper but IRL spend more time in the shop than they do in the air and when you look at how much abuse the Russian designs can take (because in their rough climate they have no choice but to build rugged planes) and its really a bad joke. It reminds me of the AK VS the M16 in Vietnam, they changed powders which fouled and caused the guns to jam like crazy while the VC could drag an AK through the mud, shake it off and start firing.

Frankly we need to go back to the pre WWII way of doing things, where we set out a request and they don't get a check until they can provide us with a finished product. Because as it is they can build the biggest POS on the planet and actually make more money than if they build something cheap and reliable so we are sending the entirely wrong message, what we need is to make it clear we won't put up with these overbudget POS designs anymore, they either provide a working product or they don't get paid PERIOD.

Comment Re:I'll get right on that (Score 1) 245

Can we get the ACs banned please? is there a script or checkbox that will JUST block ACs while not blocking downmodded comments by actual users?

Because if you had bothered to read the actual post you were responding to I said quite clearly they sold him a booster for the shop and a mini-tower for his home because he was too far from the tower for the booster to help.

So if anybody knows how to filter out all the AC prattle without blocking those with UID (preferably something that works with Chrome if its browser based) I'd appreciate it, because I swear the ACs are getting as thick as Zombies in a Romero flick around here and are just as dumb.

Comment Re:Scaling is the Key! (Score 3, Insightful) 365

You joke but there is a reason why China is gonna have 25 new nuclear reactors up and running before we get a single one out of committee and that is because no matter what you propose the NIMBYs will try to cock block. Wind? "It'll spoil our view and kill the birds!" Hydro? "It'll run the flow and hurt the fishies!" No matter what tech you use the NIMBYs will come out and try to cock block you here.

So I doubt even being made in Ohio with Ohio coal will help, the NIMBYs will come try and cock block anything being built there. I swear listening to the NIMBYs you'd think the power fairy was gonna provide our needs, because they sure as fuck don't want a single thing built.

Comment Re:American Wage Slaves are an Even Better Value (Score 1) 1313

Why is this labeled troll? This is American business in a nutshell since the 80s. Screw the workers, downsize and make whomever is left work 4 jobs while looking to offshore them the second you get a chance while making sure the CEO gets paid better than a rock star. In 1960 the average CEO made 28 times what a line worker did, now its at over 800%! And rising!

And if anybody wants to know WHY America has gotten so fucked up in this case it can be traced back to the government. I'm not the type to blame government for much of anything (other than wasting money, they are great at that) but this video on the stock market by a libertarian of all people (I have never agreed on ANYTHING with a libertarian, I personally believe their idea of "paradise" would lead us right back to feudalism) really points out and backs up with facts where we went wrong and why. Take a look at the graphs starting at around the 3.30 mark, its a real eye opener.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 5, Insightful) 158

While that is true I think the Blender guys really don't get enough credit. Sure the UI is complex and some might say PITA but when you are dealing with 3D animation frankly its gonna be complex no matter how you slice it and Big Buck Bunny shows that Blender CAN make studio quality animation and at the end of the day its the product that people care about and Blender can obviously make compelling animation.

But you really can't compare something like Maya and Photoshop to a free tool like Blender or Gimp simply because of the difference in budget. I'm sure the Blender and Gimp devs would love to have every feature that their counterparts have but they don't have a fiftieth of the budget that the big boys so one really has to take that into consideration.All in all I think the Blender guys really deserve kudos, they have made a pretty nice tool that anybody can have for free that can make top notch animation if you are willing to put in the time.

Comment Re:Scaling is the Key! (Score 4, Insightful) 365

No matter how you slice it you're still left with an assload of carbon that has to go SOMEWHERE so what are you gonna do with it? Frankly that's always been the problem, what to do with all the waste that is left over. TFA I notice is awful light on the details about what EXACTLY if left after this chemical burning, is it a paste, a gel, powder, maybe i missed it but I couldn't find any clear answer on that.

But at the end of the day that is still hundreds of tons of waste you are gonna have to put somewhere, the big question is where because as we saw with Yucca flats pretty much any place you pick is gonna have NIMBYs coming out the woodwork so what are you gonna do with it? This is why I've always supported the new nuclear reactors with reprocessing, it lets you re-use as much as possible until the waste is much smaller and has a much lower half life but no matter how you slice it the stuff left over is gonna have to be put somewhere.

But like coal or hate it we are gonna end up having to use at least some of it because our power needs have gone nowhere but up and this at least sounds like the waste is in solid form instead of gas which will make handling and disposal easier, if not politically then at least physically.

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