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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

Look up "Ulrich Drepper is an asshole" to see EXACTLY what is wrong with FOSS and the GPL model, because GPL doesn't have a "free for private use, pay for commercial use" clause so that those that get tired of the bullshit can fork and make their time/money back you end up with a billion Ulrich Dreppers. Look up the chat logs, its sad how much control the little dipshit had, people would ask for what should have been obvious, things like "We could use an ARM branch" and his "response" would be just a heap of insults, he would literally write shit like "You're an idiot, you don't know anything, piss off'. It finally got bad enough Debian paid to fork just to get away from the prick.

For Linux to work as on OS you need cooperation, you need everyone working together to fix instead of reinventing the wheel, instead you get the maladjusted like Drepper being pricks just because they can. And the worst part is without the redistribute clause, which is a boat anchor on the GPL? The printer story would STILL be fixed, he could have the code, modify the code, and share his changes without sharing the entire OS.

Comment Re:You just learned to (not that tough)... apk (Score 1) 173

While practice might help you still have to be born with some serious eye/hand coordination to hit such a small target on the move. I played baseball for nearly 5 years and no matter how much I practice the poor pitcher would be squealing like a girl before the game was over, every damned time, straight for the pitcher's crotch LOL!

As for how I started playing bass? I got a guitar and kept putting bigger strings on it because "it isn't deep enough" until a friend said "What you need isn't a guitar" and handed me his brother's P-Bass. it was love at first sight, I hit that low e on that Fender half stack and the room started vibrating in time with the note and feeding back into the bass and that was it....I was hooked. But I had to play plenty of shitty gigs to get the exp and hone my chops, I was in a house band for 2 years which is like being a human jukebox, if ANYBODY in the band knows a requested song they will try it and you have to figure it out then and there, even if you have never heard of the song. This is hard but it teaches you to have "go to" patterns that will work in any key that sound good so you can cover up the fact you are really hunting for the next note LOL. A couple of years playing country behind chicken wire like the Blues Brothers (that was a hell job) that taught me how to improvise, it all comes down to just getting out there and doing it, doesn't matter if you think you are terrible to start, you lock in with that kick drum and most folks will be happy.

And I'm sorry but there ARE two kings of bass, and that is Geddy Lee of Rush and Billy Sheenan. Those two can create melodies that we ordinary men will never be able to replicate. check out "La Villa Strangiato" sometime and see what I mean. I saw the Rush documentory and there was all these famous players, guy that play 6 days a week and have made crazy money for dozens of years and they ALL said the same thing "Thought I was hot shit....until I tried to play la Villa Strangiato" and the bitch is...he's NOT showing off. Its one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard, its just fucking HARD. Geddy himself said he had to build the song in sections and then learn how to play it live because it was damned near beyond HIS skills, but he said "there just wasn't anything else that would work, it HAD to be that way for the song".

As far as JP goes, its not the leads that are easy, those can be insanely hard, for example Hellion/Electric Eye, but the rhythm is some of the simplest there is, its all about the "chug" and getting everyone locked in tight. This is one of the hardest things to do when you are playing bass, is its always tempting to "add" more than is needed, when sometimes you have to accept that less is more sometimes. Because when the bass and drums are locked together in perfect time you can hit the audience like a cannon blast, the kick drum just magnifies your power for a hell of a punch.

Have you ever thought about using your programming skills in the music industry? There are several products I can think of off the top of my head that a good programmer could make that would sell like hotcakes and really help a lot of the DIY crowd. For example imagine a program that scanned a track or song and pointed out which frequencies were too loud and where it was too soft so that you don't need to be an expert on EQs to get a good even mix? and any bass player will tell you we need a digital automated compressor but nobody makes one. every bass has notes that will be more loud than other notes because the wood and strings vibrate the body just right with those notes to make them spike, so a digital compressor that would track the notes and make sure it all comes out even without the "pumping" that the current compressors do (you I'm sure have heard how when some play slap/pop the bass just pops in and drops out just as quick? That is the compressor pumping) would be a slice of heaven but nobody makes one, at least not at any price that a normal person can afford. I've heard there are "smart compressors" in the studios but the prices start at like $5k, that is just nuts with ARM chips so cheap.

So who knows, you could become the next Jim Dunlop or Ernie Ball, there are a ton of problems that could be solved with software in the music industry that just aren't getting solved...Peace.

Comment Re:Big deal... (Score 1) 848

But we are ALREADY seeing that thanks to electric companies gouging. I don't know a single person with a regular bulb anymore and the landlord is going to all 90 of his apts and handing out CFLs because the local electric company is gouging. Not saying gouging is in any way good but the way prices are going up across the board means more and more are using less, just like how when our gas hit $3.50 a gallon all recreational travel dies right then and there because people won't pay those prices to travel.

But if you try to do ANYTHING with carbon all you are gonna do is pull a reverse robin hood and that is because the same leeches that wrote the rules on credit default swaps have written the rules for cap and trade and any variation thereof, and because Goldman Sachs is too connected (notice the head of the fed has been a member of GS almost since the day it was born, no matter if a D or R was in the white house) any attempts to do shit about carbon ends up with GS bleeding your wallet to feed their endless profits.

To cause real change with regards to AGW you are gonna have to have real leadership and all we've had in the USA is one shill after another. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains" and as long as those in the financial sector are allowed to write the "solution" to AGW all we will see is bullshit and cash grabs as Wall Street can't even think past a couple of quarters anymore.

Comment Re:That's funny.... (Score 1) 533

Well where I live everybody reuses those plastic bags they get from the stores as trash bags for their kitchen trash cans. Since they are a lot thinner than a regular kitchen garbage bag if you were to ban then all you would do is INCREASE the amount of plastic going into the landfills. IIRC there were parts of the UK that saw similar effects.

As for the study? Too little data, correlation, yada yada yada. But I do think a smarter study would be to measure the amount of plastic used per household before and after a ban, because if all you are doing is raising the costs to regular folks and giving more customers to the kitchen garbage bag companies you really aren't doing shit to help the environment, you are just passing the buck.

Comment Re:Big deal... (Score 1) 848

This is why its better to fight cap and trade and do nothing at all than go along with it as it won't remove a single drop of pollution, it'll just give the parasites more money while shifting the pollution to Asia.

sadly things will have to get a LOT worse before we can get rid of the parasites trying to cash in in one way or another with AGW because as long as those at the top look at AGW as a reverse robin hood cash grab you can give up on any policy that would do anything about AGW, there is too much profit to be made from scams like crap and trade than in actually having policies that work.

Comment Re:LOL, that's just it though... apk (Score 1) 173

How in the hell did you catch such a tiny ball with that little stick? hell I was called "crotch killer" when i played baseball because i kept hitting the pitcher in the balls, i sure as hell couldn't whip a ball that small and get it close enough to that little stick for anybody to catch squat LOL!

And your nephew is right and wrong at the same time. yes you DO build up calluses but if you play 4 string for a long time you get a thinner flatter callus and then when you play a 5 string, especially one with the really fat strings like I like, its gonna tear those calluses clean off which is why I'm typing sans fingertips. On most basses the top string is between 102-105mm, whereas on my 5 string its 130mm. That much wider string means much thicker windings which requires a different style of callus. after a couple weeks of playing the 5 exclusively I'll get fat round hard calluses instead of the thin slicks I had playing my acoustic 4 string.

But honestly when the music is cooking you don't even feel it. when my last band won "best band in state" the crowd was going apeshit as I was tearing into the last 5 songs and when the set was over Isaac (the singer) leaned over and said "Jesus Christ man, don't that hurt?" and I looked down and that pearl white pickguard was streaked red with blood. i have been ripping into those strings so hard it literally ripped the calluses clean off my first two fingers on my right hand. But the roar of the crowd and the rush from the music had me so high i honestly didn't even feel a sting, the rush was just too great for pain to even enter into it. The next day i used half a bottle of superglue to make a scab for the missing skin and was right back on stage that night like nothing ever happened.

But you should pick up an instrument and give it a whirl, its never too late to pick up. if you were able to whip a ball around like that playing a keyboard wouldn't be hard at all, tons of tutorials online and you can get a cheap board for a little of nothing. Or get your nephew to show you some of the basics like the box pattern on the bass, nice thing about bass is there are a ton of easy songs you can play when you are starting out, AC/DC and Judas priest bass lines are some of the simplest lines ever written but they are catchy as hell, then you can always work your way up later to the harder stuff like Rush.

Just remember NOBODY is perfect, there will ALWAYS be somebody better, hell I've been playing for nearly 30 years now and there are still some Rush songs my stubby fingers will never be able to play, YYZ or La Villa Strangiato (which is pretty much the hardest song ever recorded, i know plenty of guitarists and drummers that have also tried and failed that one) just a couple of examples. but just because there are others better doesn't mean i can't get a crowd to bouncing and THAT is ultimately what matters. When you have the crowd jumping and the music is pumping its unlike anything words can describe, its like an electric current joining you to your band and to the audience. i have actually had to watch videos of myself because we had a killer crowd and what i was playing was frankly beyond me, it was the energy from the crowd that made me better than i was.

BTW I don't know if I gave you this link or not but if not might want to forward this link to your nephew and if you want to play guitar or bass check it out yourself. these guitars and basses are cheap but good, they of course won't compare to say a $1000 Fender or even my $700 Squire but they have good tone and since they copy fender and Gibson you can customize the hell out of 'em dirt cheap. In my last band we would get cheap instruments like this to give away during raffles but these sounded good enough the guitarist ended up with half a dozen and I had one of the jazz basses for ages until i got hooked on 5 string and swapped it for a second 5 for a spare.

But I'm telling ya man you gotta try it at least once, hell if I could walk out onstage not 2 weeks after starting bass to play a 2 hour show (thank God it was mostly AC and blues or I would have been screwed!) then anybody can do it. Keyboard is easy, beginning bass is easy, hell even guitar if you go for rhythm instead of lead is easy, and trust me when you finish that first song and the crowd is roaring you will have the biggest shit eating grin you could ever imagine, nothing comes close. Nearly every town has a place with open mike nights, pick up 2 or 3 rocking blues tunes (blues is not only the basis for rock but is also one of the easiest patterns to learn, a good 70%+ of songs use a I-IV-V pattern) and just go up there and have a fricking ball. If my 45 year old ass can do it you can too. I'll likewise never be able to just sling myself across a stage like I did when I was 20 but the nice thing about music is nobody gives a shit as long as they are having a good time. look at John Lee Hooker, the man played on stage until he was in his 90s.

Anyway give it a shot, if you can program there is no reason you couldn't pick up something like keyboard or bass, its all about patterns no different than how programming has its own syntax that once you learn it is easy to follow. Its a blast man, worth every second.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

The problem is they wouldn't be able to use Linux and still keep the doors open, look at how Canonical has been reduced to begging and trying to latch onto every fad in the hopes of making a cent. If they would have had a "free for personal use, pay for commercial use" model frankly Linux would have been fixed half a decade ago and that would have even covered RMS' printer story scenario, since he could fix the code, modify the code, and share the modifications online, just not give away the whole OS.

I used to think that Canonical could have done that and had dropped the ball but now I know I was wrong, there is simply too much that needs fixing for the GPL model to work. GPL only works for the "blessed three" use cases, sell hardware, sell support/services, or holding out a tin cup. None of these will provide the good 100 million plus required to fix all the broken buggy shit like the wiFi, sound, graphics, and of course writing an ABI and forking away the kernel so I honestly think Linux is ultimately doom to failure on any job that doesn't fit the blessed three. Servers? You can sell support/services and you can sell hardware. Phones and tablets/? You are selling the hardware. see what I mean? this is why you see no AAA games that are FOSS, because despite companies giving the community powerful game engines for over a decade games don't fall under the blessed three so it will just never happen.

Ultimately if we are ever gonna get a "third way" it'll have to be based on BSD where you can actually sell the OS to make your R&D back. People point to Google but its no accident that ChromeOS ONLY works online, because Google is a datamining company and by forcing users to be online all the time they make more money by datamining the users who are NOT their customers and selling that data to their customers the advertisers. So what we need is someone who will put the users FIRST, copy what Jobs did with NeXT and take BSD and make a user friendly OS out of it.

But sadly I doubt that will ever happen and as long as Linux development is "welcome to bizarro world" you can give up on Linux ever doing squat on the desktop.

Comment Re:Big deal... (Score 1) 848

Because I pointed out the need for a "people's car" that ran on diesel so you can have better gas mileage now and the ability to use bio-diesel down the road?

But it doesn't matter how you feel about AGW because we ALL have to fight the current "solution" proposed because its a scam. If I told you I'd come clean your house for a fee and then just threw everything, garbage and all, into the closet, would you pay me? Because that is EXACTLY what cap and trade is! Gore is against ANY tariffs on China (because he and his rich friends make money there you stupid peasant you) while pretending that the fact China has already said they will NOT join any cap and trade treaties means nothing....what do YOU think is gonna happen when the cost of making anything in the USA suddenly jumps to 30 times the cost of making it in China? it doesn't take Kojack to solve this mystery, every single factory that can move WILL move. After all they will suffer ZERO penalty if they leave and suffer a crap and trade penalty if they stay, frankly they'd be retarded to stay in the USA!

Am I against climate change? Sure for the simple fact that we live in a fishbowl and dumping pollutants is stupid any way you slice it. but the whole crap and trade is a classic example of "Lets do something!" even if that something doesn't work or solve anything. If you truly want to do something about AGW you have to make polluting unprofitable for companies, so that they will take cleaner routes because its cheaper than paying the fines....simple yes? But crap and trade does NOTHING to stop any pollution, all it does is move it from one place to the other, just like me putting everything in the closet. its still there, its still not clean, its just out of sight.

But sadly that just doesn't work when you are talking about a fishbowl, that pollution isn't gonna magically stay in China, look at how we can detect their smog in CA for example. We have to have a comprehensive program to actually LOWER the amount of pollution, not shift it around, but as long as people can be suckered by crap and trade the leeches will never give it up.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

Can't use it, the drivers are built for a VERY limited amount of hardware, more like a Hackentosh than a windows replacement, and its still almost completely focused around online which means your laptop is a brick if you lose your net connection. There are plenty of places here with no free WiFi so the users HAVE to be able to have 100% functionality when out of a hotspot and Chromium doesn't allow that.

Sorry i don't have the complete list written down but so far I've given my challenge to Ubuntu, mint, Fedora (I know but some guy kept insisting Fedora could pass), PCLOS, Knoppix, close to a dozen all told and so far NONE of passed the challenge. And its not like I'm asking for miracles here, just that the system have the same hardware working after patching that it did before patching and so far no dice, the QA and testing must be really piss poor.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

Again you see what I mean? No real discussion allowed because St Torvalds says its verbotten so he MUST be right, they won't even entertain the idea that he could POSSIBLY be wrong on ANYTHING.

But one important thing you missed about servers Crosshair is they don't have to deal with a LOT of shit that is 100% REQUIRED to have a functional desktop. I know several Linux server admins...think they have sound on a server? a full DE? WiFi? Multimedia support? Hell most are running headless and just using CLI to run the show. That is about as opposite as you can possibly get from a desktop yet the FOSSie faction thinks this is somehow "proof" that Torvalds is right? That would be like saying "gas trucks use too much fuel, we should be using more diesel" and some numbnuts chimes in with "My moped gets 60MPG!"...WTF does THAT have to do with anything? Its two completely different use cases, has little to nothing in common other than both have wheels and a motor yet that would be considered "proof" that gas is better than diesel?

at the end of the day that is why I've blocked all Linux articles because common sense and logic need not apply, you go to any Linux article and its a total circle jerk and ignores reality completely. I've been selling systems since the days of the 486, have used and serviced just about every OS out there, from System 7- OS/2 and LINUX IS BROKEN when it comes to the desktop. It can't update without breaking shit, drivers that work in foo don't work in foo+1, hardware is a game of roulette, its a bad joke and blaming us retailers for their shitty numbers is just passing the buck.

Comment Re:Big deal... (Score 0) 848

I'd say the problem is that BOTH sides have turned what SHOULD be a scientific debate into a political one because the leeches on BOTH sides have nice scams set up to benefit by bleeding money from the economy. You have oil and gas subsidies on one side and on the other the crap and trade scam which allows parasites like Al Gore to give money to his own company (which then gives it back as tax free capital gains) so he can claim his Lear jet and fleet of SUVs are "carbon neutral". Yeah and I grow wings out my ass and fly south for the winter.

The bitch is if it weren't for the parasites on BOTH sides we could actually make this country better off while cutting down on pollution, for example a "people's car/truck" that runs on diesel and gets a minimum of 45MPG for the car and 35MPG for the truck is VERY doable and then you could use clash for clunkers or other incentives to get the poor folks out of the gas guzzlers. Since our current MPG in this country is a lousy 14MPG thanks to all the poor driving older hogs because they can't afford anything else you could cut our gas usage in half without crippling our economy and in fact creating more work to be built around this new vehicle.

But as long as we allow BOTH sides to be run by parasites with agendas that are NOT in the best interests of this country nothing will ever be done. the "solutions" both side have proposed will work about as well as throwing all your garbage into your closet, sure it'll look better to anybody who just glances in but that didn't make the garbage go away,just moved it.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 218

What pisses ME off is it has become a religious thing to the FOSSie faction, you even dare speak the word "ABI" and they instantly shut down, no discussion allowed, St Torvalds has said its verbotten so no thought shall be given and you are a dirty shill for daring to break the silence with your filthy ABI idea.

Do they think ALL those other OS designers were making ABIs just to be douchebags? that Torvalds is REALLY smarter than ALL OF THEM combined? As you said better than i ever could everybody uses ABIs for a REASON, so you don't end up with a house of cards when you change something.....which is exactly what happens in Linux. Change ALSA for Pulse? KDE 3 for KDE 4? Enjoy your broken mess.

I mean for fuck's sake Crosshair I'm a little shop owner in the middle of nowhere Arkansas...you think ANY exotic hardware is coming through here? Hell no, we are talking about the same damned hardware you have seen a billion times before, intel, realtek,via, nvidia, amd, sigmatel....this shit is as common as the damned dirt and they STILL break the damned drivers on update? WTF?

I mean if me, with the most boring hardware on the planet is seeing all this breakage...what is grandma and little Johnny gonna see? Think they would EVER buy from me again if I sold them a laptop that went black screen of death the first time they let it update? Or if their desktop lost sound and their WiFi card just from updating? They can dress it up any way they want but when you are breaking hardware as bog standard as the stuff in my shop then you are a hobbyist OS, you don't deserve to be considered a contender when you can't even keep the boring stuff working.

With an ABI they wouldn't have this problem but as long as Torvalds is in charge it'll never be, and so Linux will never be shit on the desktop.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

Thank you...is that really so damned much to ask for? i'm not asking to run in the RAM of a watch, drive 6 monitors, all I want it to do is be just as functional when the patches are over as when they began...is that REALLY too damned much to ask for? Because the way some of them are acting here I just beat their mothers for DARING to ask that the damned thing keeps working after patching!

After 3 years of using Linux the only conclusion I could take away from it is...Linux IS Windows 98. its buggy, patches break as much as they fix, things that worked today may not work tomorrow, all that shit was what I dealt with with Windows 98...it ain't 1998 anymore guys, things HAVE gotten better. I can take XP/XP X64, Vista, or Win 7 and go from RTM to current and gasp! all the drivers work! The software I installed still runs!

Nobody is asking for miracles here guys, just that the devs can get their shit together and stop breaking as much as they fix, give us the ability to go from RTM to EOL and not end up having to wipe the system and start over...is that REALLY so damned much to ask for in 2013?

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 218

And this is what piss me off about the FOSSies, they act like anybody that isn't slurping the GNUkoolaid HAS to be some dirty shill.

You know how many damned years I been trying the Hairyfeet challenge just trying to find ONE, just one, that would pass? Going on 6 years. How many years did I use Linux as my personal OS? 3 and a half, trying over a dozen in that time as one would break shit and I'd move to another, just a glutton for punishment. Know how much Windows licenses eats into my bottom line? Sometimes as bad as 35% of a sale will be the cost of Windows licenses...now does anybody REALLY think I wouldn't fucking jump at the chance to keep that money for myself?

But after years of seeing what frankly should be the simplest things to do in Linux land, since they all have the source, things like updating the OS, updating the software, adding some new USB device...fucking bog standard shit that ANY USER should be reasonably expected to do....breakage. Mickey Mouse amateur hour breakage. Think that made me cheer, knowing after wasting hours I ended up with a broken mess? That builds are still gonna be having serious license costs? No it did NOT make me happy, I WANTED Linux to work, but it don't, not on the desktop, not with the same Plain Jane bog standard hardware...I mean for the love of God, we ain't talking exotic hardware here, Via and Realtek sound, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia IGPs and cards, SiS and Realtek networking, broadcom and Intel wireless....for fuck's sake, this hardware is in like 80%+ of the PCs out there! Is nobody doing any testing? How in the hell could updates get out the door that break hardware that is so damned bog standard?

So I'm sick of it, I'm sick of FOSSies telling us retailers its OUR FAULT that nobody sells their OS on systems when they are breaking shit and being a fricking joke. Seriously how are we supposed to sell Linux desktops and laptops when you can't even keep the most common drivers going? Hell you don't even provide a system restore or roll back drivers button so that users that get in trouble can roll back the system quickly and easily....that shit has been in Windows since fricking 2000! And you are gonna blame US that nobody wants your OS when its a mess? Sorry but its your fault for putting up with that broken mess and then expecting grandma and Sally secretary deal with pages of CLI, googling for fixes, and forum hunts. No, sorry, unacceptable.

Comment Re:Fits (since WE "rock the party" & body) (Score 1) 173

Well I just came back from trying out a new drummer, he's tight, kicking, and oh yeah his little brother owns a kick ass studio....SCORE!

With any luck I can get my tunes recorded, get back on the road, and just breathe the sweet air of freedom. Freedom from dumbasses infecting their PCs, freedom from FOSSies who think they are hot shit but come off like a 14 year old fangirl, just get back on stage, let the music and the crowd work its way deep into my blood, and let the music flow through me and wash all my problems away. Nothing like it, better than any drug, just bliss in a bottle.

So I don't blame ya a bit for getting back into music as I'm sitting here typing with 2 fingers because i took the tips off the rest tearing into my beautiful red 5 string and loving the hell out of it. While I have multiple basses now, from fender to Washburn, this baby is my "go to" and if you haven't seen it here is one like it. Squire only had that series for 2 years, 95-97 and the rumor was they yanked it because these Pro Tones were outselling the regular Fenders. The tone is just juicy, that swamp ash is heavy as hell but gives it a nice dark tone and the low B will shake your guts out, too awesome.

Anyway don't sweat the morons, just point out when they are spreading FUD and bullshit so those that don't know better have the facts and then walk away. Hell it doesn't matter how many facts you rub their noses in the FOSSie won't listen anyway, they'll just keep spouting the same bullshit with zero evidence to back it up, so why waste time dealing with morons? Life is too short, just enjoy it and suffer no fools.

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