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Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

Well to me as a geek I prefer following logic whenever possible and it is simply logical that if you are forced by the state to pay X then you should be perfectly fine to accept that money back up to X, as you are just getting back what was taken from you.

What i have a problem with is those who have a "do as i say not as i do" attitude and who accept dole from that very system they railed against. after others have pointed out 2 out of the 3 founding women of libertarianism actually walked the walk and did their best to avoid the system altogether, one even quitting a job rather than be forced to pay in to social security. the one who didn't practice what she preached was ironically Rand herself as she took much more from the state for her cancer treatments than she paid in to protect her fortune.

Comment Re:two words (Score 2) 362

Yes because the pile of chemicals that make up artificial sweetners is so much better than the HFCS. This is why I prefer to drink the "throw back" drinks when I can get them or good old fashioned home brewed sweet tea if I can't, you don't seem to need nearly as much sugar as you do HFCS to get the same taste in a drink.

Comment Re:one word (Score 1) 362

That's not awesome, know what was awesome? Jolt Cola. Double the caffeine and double the sugar, the theme song for that drink should have been Kickstart My heart by Motley Crue as that shit would smack you upside the head in the morning and get your ass in gear. Man I miss Jolt.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the site was more about championing libertarianism, which Ron Paul has simply been one of the most visible faces in that fight.

But at the end of the day it honestly doesn't matter WHY they set up the site as Ron Paul has been one of the most outspoken opponents of governments and agencies taking things without paying "market rates" for them and he has said a billion times that individual property rights are what its all about so here when given a chance to walk the walk he shows what a hypocrite he is by using an agency to try to take by force something which does not belong to him rather than pay market value.

If that isn't "do as I say, not as I do" and a complete slap in the face to libertarian beliefs then WTF is folks? To me it looks like he only walks the walk when it benefits HIM and when it doesn't he's happy to do a 180.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

And this is why I'd take full blown communism over libertarianism, because at its root its a vicious belief system. I remember the stories my grandparents told me of what it was like before the new deal, my own father never had to worry about the draft because he had to work in the fields with a badly broken leg because his family couldn't afford to take him to a doctor or survive the winter without every child that could walk and follow basic instructions out in the field so his leg never healed correctly and bothers him to this very day. Great grandma talked of entire families riding the rails like nomads, just trying to find enough to eat and many children ended up blind of brain damaged simply because they couldn't get enough nutrients.

So i could never support a "fuck you, I got mine you get yours" philosophy because it at its roots ignores how much of those advantages are nothing but accidents of birth. You think if Mitt Romney had been born to a dirt poor family in Alabama he would be so rich now? What are the odds Ron Paul would have gotten where he is if he were born black? If both were born in one of the war torn African nations do you think they'd have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of? No too much ends up coming down to which womb you come out of and I can't in good conscience punish someone for something they had no choice about. Then again that is why I'll never be rich, even if I won the lotto I would have to help those around me that were suffering as there just isn't enough greed in me to ignore that.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

You also just described insurance which many libertarians see as a you consider insurance a Ponzi scheme as well? After all they aren't just paying out what you put in it, you can pay 30k in on a million dollar policy and if the event happens (death, building burns, whatever) and they pay up they certainly haven't just handed you your 30K back, they are taking money from those that have paid in but not collected anything and handing it to you.

Frankly I think libertarians love the words "Ponzi Scheme" the way the right wing loved the word communism back in the 50s, as they seem to see them everywhere.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

But due to the ever expanding lifespan many will end up living long enough to take more than they gave so if you truly believe its wrong to live off the government dole the SECOND you get back what you put in you should reject every other cent. Give it to charity, tear up the checks, do as you will be if you take a single penny more than you are the parasite, just as Ayn Rand sitting on her money while medicare paid for her cancer treatment was a parasite.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

Because it makes you full of shit as you are benefiting from the very thing you CLAIM you are against? If you are truly against it have some fucking balls and stand up and be counted, otherwise you are just another Internet blowhard who doesn't put their money where their mouths are.

This is why even though I don't believe the same as her I respect the hell out of Joan Baez, she figured up when she was protesting Vietnam how much of her taxes would go to pay for bullets and bombs and she has not paid that EVER. she goes to jail about twice a decade until somebody decides to pay her fine but not a single cent of her money has paid for a single bullet or bomb to be used on another human being.

So if you are gonna talk the talk you need to walk the walk, otherwise you can just sit in the hypocrite box and be seen for being full of shit. you don't even have to go to jail for your beliefs as she does, if you truly believe in libertarian ideals then you can give that money to a local charity as libertarians support local control. But if you cash those checks and put them in your pocket you need to STFU as you are just spouting bullshit, you are gaining more than you put in while bitching about what little they took out, based on the average lifespan today VS the amount they take.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 0) 611

Exactly, Randians think the Free market is a magical cure all (Even though we already tried that, it was called "the age of the robber barons" and was a LOT like feudalism) and rail about how SS and medicare/aid should be abolished (along with pretty much ALL aid to the poor and defenseless, they are very "dog eat dog") yet there was their queen taking Social Security and making up bullshit justifications on how it didn't make her a hypocrite (Protip: It did make her a hypocrite) .

But this is even more juicy as Ron Paul has railed against eminent domain for ages, and how the free markets should be respected above all...except when he doesn't get what he wants then he can pull eminent domain with no problem apparently, fuck the free markets.

So I think this is it as far as Ron Paul is concerned as all his bullshit has just been shown to be just that, bullshit that he believes when it benefits HIM but not when it'll cost him precious dollars. Its just a damned shame this didn't happen a decade ago before so many were duped into supporting his hypocrite ass with their time and money. Oh well a fool and their money and all that.

Comment Re:RHEL 7 isn't even out yet! (Score 2) 231

That they make their money off of ads and RHEL users probably have ABP? Lets face it the way Google datamines it can probably tell you to the cent how much each particular OS makes them and I bet RHEL doesn't even make a blip on the big board.

But why does anybody even care? I thought the whole point of FOSS is not being beholden to the corps for support, right? so why hasn't somebody just compiled Chromium from source and slapped it out there as a replacement, or does the phone home add ons Google sticks in somehow increase its value to the community?

Frankly this is one thing the community shouldn't give two shits about because browsers are plentiful, you have choices and pretty much all of them will render the majority of the web the same. If Google drops you from Chrome fuck 'em, you got FF and Chromium and QTWeb (pretty nice cross platform that even runs off a flash stick, its nice) and a ton of variants to Gecko and Chromium, so why worry? Why care? Give Google the finger and move on, not like its hard to move your bookmarks over and keep right on truckin.

Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 1) 611

This is why you just GOTTA love this, the irony is so moist and delicious. I mean here you have the guy the libertarians practically worship as a god...and he's trying to pull an eminent domain rather than pay the market value for something he wants!

To me this just shows the true stripes of many of those that claim to be libertarians as its all about greed. Most of the time they think they can get more wealth by getting governments out of the way but if it works in their favor? Fuck it they want more and more and MOAR!

Comment Re:i'd like to see that (Score 1) 393

Does WebM support games? animation? Nope, sorry you fail. Also again you name the browser i'll put the same video in flash and WebM and we'll take screencaps of CPU and RAM usage and I can tell you WebM will suck MORE juice than Flash at the same res.

So try again, the world isn't all C2Ds with GPU acceleration, there are a ton of low power devices and on those HTML V5 and WebM are made of suck and fail.

Comment Re:i'd like to see that (Score 1) 393

Well if you'll show me HTML V5 running on ANY of those under Linux I'll be happy to agree. But you are trying to claim that because Adobe doesn't support FOURTEEN YEAR OLD chips that this makes HTML in some way a better choice? How EXACTLY when I've found you name the browser, FF, Chrome, Safari,IE, Opera, doesn't matter which HTML V5 video is a slideshow on anything less than a dual core with GPU acceleration.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 467

Completely different sitch as there you had the designers specifically advising you NOT to incrementally update but to skip straight to the end. in a case like that if their advice bricks i figure it wouldn't be hard to sue, after all you are following explicit instructions by the maker of the hardware and by doing so the device was ruined.

But what I've found, especially when it comes to motherboard BIOS, is you check the readme and all you find is a list of changes from the last firmware release to this one with jack squat said about previous versions or whether they can be skipped. Since they aren't talking about anything but the release before current its pretty safe to assume that is what they focused on NOT going straight from RTM to the latest and greatest.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 467

There is an old saying that begins "fool me once" that is applicable here, if you keep buying from a vendor that repeatedly screws you then frankly you DESERVE to be screwed.

Now when I say "never" does that mean i wouldn't give the company a second chance if its reported they have worked to fix their bad rep? Of course not, companies can change hands, new management can clean up a place that behaved badly in the past, situations CAN change. But that doesn't mean you should just blindly go back without doing your homework. In the cases i cited Abit (now defunct because of bad rep) never showed any signs of changing while Biostar can be a great long as you remember you can ONLY use chips that were released BEFORE the board was as their CPU lists are full of shit. With Nvidia after we learned that they had a whole rev that was garbage and they KNEW it was garbage and shipped anyway? AMD would have to do as least as big a fuck up before i gave them a second look because that level of crooked is hard to get out of a company culture, finally Seagate frankly hasn't figured out how to make large drives worth a crap yet so until they do they'll be on my avoid list.

At the end of the day all you can do is avoid the companies that are screwing customers while watching to see if they clean up their act. But if you don't bother seeing if things are different and just blindly continue to buy then another saying that starts "a fool and their money" is applicable.

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