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Comment Re:Alternative to Beta (Score 1) 36

I look forward to actual nerd topics again, hardware, CPUs, GPUs, file systems, all that good old hardware porn we USED to get before all the "ZOMG yo, gotta see this slashvertisement for our new web 3.0 vertical synergy yo!" bullshit.

Look we ALL know what happened, okay? And don't blame Tim and soulskill, they are just poor schlubs trying to save their jobs which in this economy? Can't really blame 'em. Its really simple, DICE thought they could make DOUBLE the money by selling slashvertisements AND selling ads, but all the slashvertisements were for crap nobody cared about and the ads were just sad so the old guard started laying low, quality went down, then they got more and more lax with the AC trolls to try to make the thread counts look like /. before they bought it and it went straight down the shitter.

I've already told the altslash guys I'll be happy to clean up the spammers, deal with the crap, if that is what it takes to get a site where geeks can talk about geek stuff without having the "yo be sure to like my vertical empowerment on FB yo!" bullshit? old hairy will be happy to bust ass for free.

Comment Re:Soulskilll and Timothy (Score 1) 197

Exactly. I mean why would I give a shit about the stories, i get the same from a dozen more sites and often with a hell of a lot more depth. One doesn't come here for the stories, one comes here for the insiders and the arguments!

I mean where else could we have had a 200 post argument over file systems? Where a guy like me could say "I'm having trouble wrapping my head around a part of string theory" and have a guy from CERN actually break it down for me? Before Dice bought it and started filling the thing with Slashvertisements we'd have epic arguments and even if you didn't agree with somebody you LEARNED from the experience.

Beta is just another Digg/Fark/Gawker, where you read the article then get the hell off so that fugly Disqus comment system doesn't trash your eyeballs...well if I wanted that, why would I come here instead of Digg/Fark/Gawker? What benefit does it offer me over those? none that I can see because if anything beta is even worse than those as it takes the broken modding system and bolts it into a Disqus framework...eeew.

Comment Re:For the first time (Score 2) 156

Look up "Dice Holding Slashdot writedown" and you'll find your answer. Dice thought they could load the place with Slashvertisements, make money off the articles AND the ads, and instead put the site into a nosedive so bad its now totally unprofitable, so much so they took a massive writedown on it.

So what does that have to do with the beta fucking? Simple Dice Holdings believes that Slashdot as a NAME could be worth something but not as a site so they are just gonna take a Gawker style layout (hell they might as well even have "powered by Disqus" at the top of the comment section, its such a ripoff) and simply bolt on the Slashdot name, simple as that.

Will the Slashcott work? No, even though I will be participating on GP the fact is they don't want the USERS, they want the BRAND. Like most retarded corps they don't know what has value, they think that just having the name Slashdot is the value when in reality nobody gave a shit what it was called, they came for all the insider comments and those will all be going to Alt (or whatever they call it) but again this doesn't matter to Dice as they think they can make another Fark with the Slashdot name.

Will it work? Possibly, they can get in the 20 somethings that vaguely remember the /. name and actually like the "ZOMFG look at my Vlog bro!" layout but I seriously doubt it'll get them what they originally wanted, which was a way to get paid for Slashvertisements while getting paid for ads too. most likely it will linger and falter before finally going the way of geocities, just another place from "back in the day" that was bought and trashed by a corp that didn't know WTF made the place what it was.

Comment Re:AltSlashdot is coming (Score 1) 23

Exactly. Sure I may have came up with the UID while reading LOTR and pissed that somebody had taken my gamertag but I ended up with the tag growing on me, so much so that I quit using my gamertag. Not that I could use my gamertag anymore anyway as it never failed that every time i posted I'd get "You sound like Hairyfeet from /.". What finally sold me on it was when twitter (old crazy twitter, i do miss him) made up "Hairyfeets" and "Hairytoes" sockpuppets, because only a few were deemed worthy of twitter puppets.

So I really don't care about what number I get but it would be nice to keep my UID, not that most who've read my posts couldn't spot my manner of speech a mile away.

Comment Re:Dice has written off Slashdot (Score 1) 156

Simple they want to make "the brand" into another Gawker and if they have to run of everybody who has been here before? So be it. Look at how few of the sub 7 digit UIDs are left, look at how they let the Anon Cowards spam and troll with zero moderation, they don't give a fuck because they plan to turn the brand into something else and they know that means burning the users they have now.

So put me down for the Slashcott and I'll be happy to contribute to any AltDot that somebody wants to fork the code and set up. If I wanted Gawker I'd go to fucking Gawker so they can take beta and shove it.

Comment Re: Confessions Of an Ex-SLASHDOT BETA user (Score 1) 252 cased you missed the memo they have already said THERE IS NO ESCAPE as they will be pulling the plug on Classic, so you will get nothing but "ZOMFG Ponies Web 3.0 look at my Vlog Yo!" within less than a month.

As for TFA? Its NK so I doubt there are enough PCs out there to even worry about this one way or another, because if its one thing we have learned about these "cult of personality" countries its when they do finally collapse its like a time capsule.

Comment Re:Your task: explain how Net Neutrality stops thi (Score 2) 298 never actually worked helpdesk, have you? Or even dealt with them for any length of time? Let old Hairy clue you in, helpdesk guys usually don't know a damned thing that isn't written on a little sheet sitting in front of them and "pulling stuff out of their ass" is pretty much SOP. Hell when I used to have to deal with the Hughesnet helpdesk for several rural customers I HAD TO TEACH THEM because they didn't know the basics of how their equipment worked! I don't know how many times I got "I didn't know you could do that, we are recording so would you please walk me through it step by step so I'll have it when a customer has that problem?" from the Hughes guys and this was tier one! Tier 3 had one answer and that was "reboot" LOL.

So while i don't know if Verizon is fucking Netflix and it wouldn't surprise me if they were you REALLY can't go by the word of a helpdesk guy because they know less than nothing in most places.

Comment Re:Not much longer? (Score 1) 187

Sigh, then I'll try to explain it very simply since you seem to have trouble following, mmmkay? Steve Jobs touted HTML V5 with H.26X (which he and Ballmer got together to push over webM, Dirac, Theora, or anything else you could have without patent trolling) as a suitable replacement for flash and IT SUCKS ASSHOLES, okay? It does NOT do the same jobs that Flash did, especially web animation and gaming (or pretty much any interactive content more complex than what JavaScript was doing half a decade ago) it sucks MORE CPU and RAM for the same content compared to Flash with VP6 (probably why Google bought On2) and more bandwidth as well, in every single metric it is WORSE than what we had before!

What has HTML V5 given us? It has given us a billion proprietary apps to allow the same content that before could have been accessed by any browser with Flash, it has given us a "standard" that is being pretty much controlled by Cupertino and Redmond who are pushing for DRM and other nasty shit that won't work on any platform but theirs, and it has given us websites that run like absolute shit on anything but the latest and greatest CPUs...sorry but that is NOT progress, that is a step back to the 90s and the likes of RMV and WMA and it sucks.

Comment Re:Not much longer? (Score 1) 187

Don't forget that because of the VistaBomb that XP was sold on laptops and netbooks as late as 2009 and needless to say many of those folks don't want to shell out $100+ just to fix MSFT's fuckup. Frankly I think everybody that bought a system with XP after the Vistabomb should be given a free copy of Win 7 Starter or Home as a Mea Culpa but I can't say as i blame 'em as for basic net surfing those netbooks and laptops still work just fine and shelling out $100 just because MSFT couldn't make Vista not suck isn't very nice.

Comment Re:Not much longer? (Score 1) 187

Have you ever compare the two? Calling HTML V5 a "replacement" is like saying "Hey this Pentium D is a replacement for your i3 as they are both dual cores, right?". HTML V5 is a PIG, full stop. Its such a pig they have to resort to tricks like hardware acceleration to try to cover up how big a pig it actually is, try turning HA off and see what the difference is. You can watch DVD quality, even most 720p content on pretty much any PC made in the last decade using Flash and VP6 (which is probably what made Google buy On2) but in HTML V5 and H.26x? Its a slideshow on anything less than a C2D without a graphics card taking up the slack.

So I appeal to all the web devs out there...web devs, don't buy Steve Jobs bullshit, quit dreaming about "iPad money" and stand up for the web! Refuse to code in HTML V5 and demand a replacement for Flash that 1.- Works with equal to or lesser than the resopurces Flash would take for the same content, 2.- Supports the same content Flash does INCLUDING web games and animation and 3.- Can do it all without needing HA is a crutch so that ALL can use it without having to replace their gear. What we have now obviously doesn't work (well for anybody but Apple who are making mad bank on the crappstore) and is requiring more and more to put out their own "apps" to deliver the same content they did before in a simple Flash because guess what? HTML V5 simply don't do shit compared to what flash does so if you want the same features? Gotta go with a proprietary app. Its a mess but if we don't get the web devs to stop supporting this trainwreck its gonna make the late 90s and all those proprietary players look like good times, because you are gonna end up needing dozens of "apps" just to surf the damned web with a fricking tablet!

Comment Re:Devil's avocado (Score 3, Insightful) 187

The real bitch and a half is because everybody in the press (including many here sadly) were busy kissing Steve Jobs' ass we have NO alternative, none at all.

HTML V5 is a proprietary as hell clusterfuck, which of course was the point as Jobs didn't want anything like Flash games competing with his crappstore (and he was damned smart for doing that, as games make more money than anything else by something like 8 to 1) with H.26x being a boat anchor performance wise compared to Flash. Seriously try out any video in Flash+ VP6 and compare it to HTML V5 H.26x and disable hardware acceleration (which is a bandaid designed to cover up how big a pig H.26x is) and look at the numbers yourself. I can tell you that I can run SD DVD quality video all day long on a 2003 Sempron or 2011 middle of the road smartphone in flash but H.26x? Anything less than a Pentium D or a dual core smartphone its a slideshow. And this isn't even getting into the fact that the shit Jobs feared like games and animation is beyond pathetic in H.26x precisely because Jobs didn't want anything that could compete, why isn't anybody bitching about this?

Is Flash buggy? Sure is, do we have an alternative, something capable of giving us everything Flash did while having better security and performance? NO WE DO NOT and the simple fact that several years after Jobs first pulled that shit we STILL don't have an actual functional replacement should PISS PEOPLE OFF and rightly so! At least with Flash it ran nearly everywhere on everything, that is until St Steve killed the thing by saying "Thou shalt not be on iPad" and what did it get us? A fucking mess, with some sites working on some phones but not others, too God damned many proprietary "apps" to bring you content simply because without flash there isn't any other way to do the things Flash did, its a giant fucking mess...but Apple is making bank which was the whole damned point. Sigh, can we start over and this time NOT let a corp with a giant conflict of interest call the shots, please?

BTW how many of you are planning to split when they force us onto that shitstain that is /. beta? I don't know about you but if I wanting another tweeting twits for shits I'd be on Reddit. The thing is a mess, it looks like shit, hard to follow flow, comments even more broken, obviously designed for pads (which I bet my last buck is less than 3% of the daily readership of this site) it is the windows 8 of the web!

Comment Re:Cost is importand (Score 0) 125

If they "don't make it" then I'm fricking sorry but they are too damned stupid to be doing IT, full stop. I have run Win 7 HP on a 2003 Sempron with 1Gb of RAM, that is a lot older than 6 years (6 years would be 2008, which would be in C2D and Athlon X2 territory, both VERY capable CPUs) and ya know what? Ran just fine. On a 6 year old PC, which the average PC at that time were dual cores with 2Gb of RAM and 80-160Gb HDDs? Frankly Windows 7 should fly. Hell its the exact same specs as the main box I use at the shop, a 1.86Ghz C2D with 3Gb of RAM and it runs great, the only thing it didn't run OOTB was Aero but its not like a school box really needs Aero-Flip and transparent tiles does it?

As for TFA? Unless Google is willing to spend billions becoming a national ISP? Then ChromeOS is as good as fucked, and media centric Chromeboxes like TFA will be DOA. I mean did everybody forget about how the ISPs are going to "all you can squeeze" bandwidth caps? Google missed the boat, the future is ISPs giving THEIR services unlimited pipes and screwing the holy hell out of everybody else. These are obviously HTPCs but with everything in the cloud? Yeah hope you like those overage charges friend, as you try to watch HD video with most capped lines and see how quickly you blow through your pittance.

I've seen the future of the HTPC and its some company growing a brain and doing what I've been doing for over a year, just grabbing a copy of OpenELEC and slapping it in a low cost media tank like an AMD Jaguar or one of those embedded Intel Celerons or Atoms and giving folks a nice XBMC that will play pretty much any format from anywhere, be it web, DVD, flash stick, you name it it will play it. With economies of scale there is no reason why you couldn't get it down to the $200 range, maybe even less with a good deal on the chips, and still make a decent profit while selling like hotcakes. It would be the perfect replacement for the DVD player, as it would be able to play anything from anywhere and about as hassle free as using a toaster.

Somebody will pull it off and make a damned nice niche for themselves but it sure as hell won't be running Chrome. Maybe Android but even then not Google's version, more likely their own like kindle so the company can control it, although I still think the smart money would be just to pick up an already finished product like OpenELEC and slap your own brand on it, hell the thing just screams "make me an embedded media OS".

Comment Re: why not? (Score 1) 303

What I don't get is why so many here get all pissy about it when it is just common damned sense!

I mean if I gave free PCs to 10 people and got a 1000 sales of brand new PCs for doing so why I'd be a fricking retard not to jump on that because I'd be making a shitload more profit than if I just sold those 10 PCs, right? So if MSFT having that little bullet point brings in a lot more business, especially knowing those are NOT costing them dick (because GoDaddy would never buy IIS for parked domains so its not a lost sale) well they'd be stupid NOT to jump on that!

So I don't see what the problem is, I really don't. Its simply smart business to try to turn a negative into a positive and from the looks of TFA handing out licenses for those parked domains is quite obviously paying for itself with positive publicity, something MSFT has had damned little of as of late, so its just good business. If this is the work of that cloud guy that just got named CEO? Good for him, lets hope he shows as much good sense and gives us a real successor to Windows 7 and puts Ballmer's Folly out to pasture where it belongs, right beside the Zune and Kin and Sidekick, Vista, that ad company he paid out the ass did Ballmer do ANYTHING besides Win 7 that didn't bomb or blow mountains of money? Don't say Xbox because we don't even know if they made a dime on it yet, nobody has crunched the numbers and added up the cost of the R&D and the 2.something billion the RROD cost them so for all we know its still in the red.

Comment Re:... meanwhile in USA ... (Score 2, Interesting) 196

Oh please Bush and Obama are amateurs compared to DOD. We are talking BILLIONS in price hikes, overruns,kick backs, look up what went on with the M114 or M60A2 to see how REAL pros do that corruption, sheeit they knew they were turkeys before they had even left the testing ground and STILL bought it, or the M247 Sergeant York where not a damned thing worked and it failed to even hit a stationary target yet STILL got sold, because the fix was in!

So you can wave your little donkey and elephant flags all you want, the guys making the REAL money don't change every election, they stay right there in DC making bank on gov side then the lobby side.

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