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Comment Re:who cares? (Score 1) 191

So you agree that MariaDB is a lost cause, as Monty makes you sign over ALL rights to him?

If you trust me in good faith and I rip you off? Then I'm an asshole. If I rip you off and then say "no really,I promise that this time I won't screw you...BTW sign over all your rights to me" and you fall for it AGAIN? Then YOU are the idiot and you deserve what you get.

Comment Re:Now.. (Score 1) 321

Actually there was NEVER a reason to use Win RT, it wouldn't run Windows X86 programs (the only reason to prefer Windows) and thanks to Apple starting the whole "thin is in" trend with iSliver batteries and more and more powerful SoCs frankly most of the ARM devices haven't been getting great battery life either. I have seen several of the new tablets that can't even get the 5 and a half hours my AMD Bobcat netbook gets, and its running a HDD instead of SSD.

I'd say the biggest problem facing MSFT is NOT WinRT, its the fact that the PHBs have placed metro on notebooks and desktops where it makes about as much sense as having handlebars on a pickup truck. At least Google and Apple know that different forms require different UIs, ChromeOS for Google and OSX for Apple. If they don't change course the numbers clearly show win Metro is a DO NOT WANT, in fact I've been making more wiping 8 for 7 than I did wiping Vista for XP, its THAT hated.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 2) 191

Or maybe, just maybe, nobody trusts old "three card Monty" not to sell their work out from under them again? last I checked old Monty still made you sign rights over to him, how much you wanna bet if some corp comes flashing a big check that you'll be saying the same bullshit about mariadb?

Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice? You are a moron and deserve what you get.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

Then you obviously don't buy any bundles. EA Humble Bundle? Clocked in at nearly 45GB. Deep Silver bundle? 40GB. Croteam was the smallest I saw of late and it clocked in at 30Gb. 1C company? 34GB. Steam Crysis set? 28Gb.

Those came out right close to a 30 day period, total? 177Gb and that is if I didn't watch a single video, play a single online game, or do anything else at all.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 5, Insightful) 400

The ability to spot a scam is VERY easy, here is how: If a bunch of really REALLY rich people are banging the drum of support, ask yourself THIS question....what is in it for them? From Gates "donations" of software and support for USA style copyrights in the third world to Al Gore and his crap and trade bankster buddies you can be damned sure there IS something in it for them, the rich rarely do anything that doesn't give them at least some ROI, that is why they are obscenely rich after all.

In the case of crap and trade what is in it for them is trivial to spot, the "rules" are being written by Goldman Sachs, right up there with Halliburton and Monsanto on the "rich evil muthafuckers" scale, so you KNOW its gonna have loopholes up the ass and wadda ya know? They ALSO own offshore crap and trade businesses to sell credits, isn't that amazing? Who would have thought? Oh and watch the video, you'll see that many corps will get grandfathered in, so your biggest donors...err...polluters? they'll get a pass, its YOU, the poor dumbass that can't buy a lobbyist, that will have his wallet raped.

If I told you I could sell you a magic rock that for a billion dollars from every country on the planet would stop AGW, would you believe me? So why are you willing to believe Rev Al Gore when he has NOT ONCE, not a single fucking time, said a God damned thing about closing trade to countries that have already said they won't let Al and pals rape THEIR economies, like ohhh...China and India? Oh right, Al and pals make crazy money off the Chinese and Indians, how silly of me.

DO NOT BE SCAMMED FOLKS the scammers are using a combination of appeals to emotion and "we have to DO something!" but their "something" merely empties YOUR wallets into THEIR pockets and does about as much as my magic rock, IE nothing. All crap and trade will do is kill any chance of businesses building shit here, since they can build in Asia crap and trade free with ZERO penalty, Al and pals will make money both on the cheap Indian and Chinese labor AND on taking what little is left in your wallet, and all you'll get is told "Oh well this isn't doing enough to "save the planet" so we need to raise prices by 30% for carbon indulgences....err credits, yeah that will save the Earth!". Bullshit, the only thing it will "save" is a seat for Al and pals in the billionaires club, you will get a magic rock and a big bill.

Comment Re:second hand e-smoke (Score 1) 314

Unless you are within french kissing range you ain't breathing shit, its absorbed by the breather and all they put out a good 90% of the time is air. if you drag on one really REALLY hard you might get enough to put a tiny puff of vapor in the air, much less than you'd get from striking a match.

For a smoker like me that is trying to quit, and who has had zero luck with both the gum and patch e-cigs at least give me personally a better than average chance of quitting as it solves what was one of my biggest problems, the "WTF do I do with my hands?" problem. You don't realize how strong a force of habit is until you've sat with a cig between your first and second fingers for 25+ years but with the e-cigs not only do I get the nicotine but more importantly I have the same feeling of having a cig between my fingers which i find relaxing.

Of course this is all ignoring the rotting elephant in the room, the fact that the states have been blowing the cig tax money like a drunken sailor at Vegas and are scared shitless that the gravy train is gonna end. Mark my words you will see a BIG jump in calls for "fat taxes" and "soda taxes" and anything else they can think of to replace all that smoker money if the feds and big tobacco don't get these things banned. E-cigs are the first thing in ages that shows real promise of ending smoking, you watch the government cock it all up so they can bleed your wallet dry. And don't give me that "healthcare" bullshit as you look at what the states are blowing the money on and its NOT to pay for smokers, who just FYI die sooner and actually SAVE the state and fed money (by not getting the benefits they paid in on, just as both my grandparents died before reaching age 70 after paying in from the age of 14) but instead have been blowing it on pretty much whatever the congress critters feel like.

Remember folks government ALWAYS gets bigger,NEVER smaller.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 5, Insightful) 400

Or it could be that the whole AGW platform has been hijacked by those pushing "cap and trade" who will make a mint thanks to the scam being written by the ones who came up with credit default swaps, you know, the ones that nearly wiped out the economy when their make believe numbers turned out to be bullshit?

I'm sorry but I don't give a shit WHICH side you are on, if crap and trade didn't cause a giant bullshit sign to appear over your head you frankly haven't been paying attention. Crap and trade is a classic reverse Robin Hood where all the poor and middle class will pay more while those like the Rev Al Gore farts around in his private Lear jet, rides in a fleet of SUVs, goes to his McMansion with indoor ACed basketball court, yet has the brass balls to say he is "carbon neutral" because he pays himself credits from his own company which would be like me moving money from my right to left pocket, calling it "wealth redistribution" and demanding and GETTING a tax break for it!

You wanna cut down on AGW? Fine by me, there are plenty of common sense ways to get started like putting out a "people's car/truck" that gets over 40MPG and is cheap enough the poor can afford to replace all those used gas guzzlers on the road, paint roofs and roads white to stop the heatsink effect, plenty of things we can start doing tomorrow to get the ball rolling...but you will never hear about any of those, why? Because it don't let a handful of rich douchebags like fatass Al Gore help themselves to your wallet and the government teat, THAT'S why.

A gesture that would go a looong way to getting the skeptics onboard would be to tell that fat hypocrite Gore to jam his Lear Jet up his ass, if you want a spokesman? Got the perfect guy, Ed Begely Jr. That man actually walks the walk, lives in a modest 3 bedroom, drives a small electric with a bike rack so he can bike short errands, he does everything in his power to cut down on waste and pollution. You look at Al Gore and pals and what you see is the classic "do as I say not as i do" bullshit of the rich and spoiled, and until Gore and his ideas get pushed off an iceberg a lot of us will simply call it what it is, a scam, and vote against anybody who supports him and his bankster buddies.

Comment Re:Another Fail (Score 1) 196

Or he can buy one of those AMD quad laptops and be able to do a million more things a bazillion times better than a so called "smart watch".

I do find it ironic how the tech corps are pushing "smart watches are the wave of the future!" when more and more people are treating watches like 8-tracks and not wearing a watch, preferring to check their smartphone. Hell even my elderly parents have quit wearing watches, they find the big screen of their Android phones easier to read and includes the weather. Folks are always messing with their phones anyway so why not?

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

I can back this up, I'm just one guy who doesn't do any BTing and I often have to pay as much for bandwidth over my cap during the big Steam sales than I do for the games themselves. Obviously some of the folks here haven't downloaded any recent games, Borderlands I? 37Gb for the game and DLC, Borderlands II? 42GB for the same. Heck even a game with very little DLC, as the Burnout Paradise i got with the recent Humble Bundle? Over 4Gb, now figure in the other 8 games that came with the bundle and you are easily looking at 25Gb+ right there and that is just for a single bundle!

Trust me friend that 150Gb might seem like a not but its not and just be glad you are getting even that, the local ISPs here have plans that are 36Gb,60Gb and the top is 76Gb! These ISPs act like its still 1998 and all folks are doing is checking their email, when IRL everything has gotten bigger EXCEPT their caps.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

I'll just add that a friend of mine actually tried to do just that and was killed by the duopoly!

Where his business was located there was something like 5 blocks to the nearest junction and neither the cable nor DSL would run to him so he bought a T3 and leased bandwidth to the neighbors who likewise had been screwed, even had set up a server to take some of the load off by hosting Windows Updates as well as FOSS software like Open Office, so what happened? The DSL company also sold dialup and when their sales went down they came up with an excuse to jack his T3 prices a couple hundred percent. they even told him "Yeah just try and sue us". he went to a lawyer who said "Oh sure you'll win, no doubt, after 10 years and a couple million in lawyer fees because they'll drag it out for the better part of a decade." Needless to say he couldn't afford that and closed up shop and moved away.

So you can't even attempt such a thing unless you are at least city government sized to be able to afford the several years their lawsuits will end up dragging through the courts. The duopoly have control, they know it, and they know you can't afford to spend a decade in court, meanwhile they have a law team on payroll. You will have zero chance of success unless your last name is Dell or Gates.

Comment Re:Start your own provider? (Score 1) 353

That's nice for you, here in central AR, in the middle of a college town no less, you can get the cable home line for $35 a month or get business for...$150 a month! That is nearly 5 times the price for just a doubling of the cap! Want more? Its $1.50 a GB as there are no more tiers after business!

The simple fact is the prices are so high because we were robbed of over 200 billion because that is what we gave the teleco/cableco duopolies in return for nationwide broadband and what did we get? A low rez Goatse while the board stuffed their pockets. We should give them 90 days to pay up WITH INTEREST and if they don't? WE the people control the last mile. They want a monopoly? Any place they run FTTH that isn't already being served with fiber they can have a 15 year monopoly, 25 year if they run it to places that haven't had any service.

But even the libertarians should support such a plan, because we have seen time and time again that monopolies and regulatory capture are cancers on the free market, ONLY by having actual competition will things get better. Until then get used to nastier and nastier caps as they wring max profit from the existing lines.

Comment Re:Fail (Score 0) 420

And what EXACTLY would they have run it on? Did you look at the specs of the N900? With the MSFT money came requirements to buy better chips thanks to the minimum of WP7/8, without those limits placed upon them the N900 shows the bean counters would have crippled any android offering with weak hardware. We have seen a similar trend with Sony, once upon a time Sony meant quality but now they are just trading on their former glory.

Nokia has been treading water for most of the decade friend, think Android would take a company barely above water and put them on a jetski? When all but Samsung using android are likewise treading water or flailing about? I'm sorry but that is just delusion, having a free OS doesn't magically undo 6 solid years of bad choices,it just don't work like that.

Comment Re:Fail (Score 1) 420

'Fraid not, neither my dad nor GF knew what OS was on the phone they bought last, both bought on feel and...drumroll...price. Know how much I gave for my Android phone? $20, $75 including buying my card (went prepaid) and taxes. Would I have taken an iPhone or WinPhone for the same price? Sure i would, but there weren't any cheap iPhones and Lumias, plenty of cheap android phones, a cool dozen under $150.

So geeks might know and care but I can tell you that as a retailer I can tell you most folks don't even know what OS they have on their desktop, much less their phone. iPhone users know they have an iPhone, they have no clue its also an OS (in fact I've had a few complain to me that Android apps won't run, they think a phone is a phone) and Samsung owners know they have a Samsung,

Very few know what OS they have and if Nokia would have come out with a sub $100 Lumia? the numbers would have been a LOT better. Look at any price breakdown on the net, something like 85% of Android sales are in the sub $185 markets.

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