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Comment Re:PC World - More Ads then the Internet! (Score 3, Insightful) 164

Preach Mrs AC, boy was that the damned truth! My ex gave me a subscription to the thing a few years back and the first thing I had to do when an issue came in was open it over a trash bin to catch all the damned inserts that would fall out, and it seemed like every article was spread halfway across the mag because what would take 2 paragraphs on a webpage would take 4 pages thanks to all the ads they had jammed into each and every page!

Needless to say when that year was up no matter how many emails they sent begging for me to renew I didn't, at least on the Web I can control the ads and refuse to go to pages where they take 2 paragraphs and spread it out to 4 pages, with PCW they just crammed the living hell out of the thing. I bet if one were to take one of their last issues, cut out all the ads and just print the actual stories? damned thing probably wouldn't be 14 pages long, the rest was just crap.

Comment Re:Suggested name of the planet (Score 4, Interesting) 139

Well duh! Its a 90s song dude, having a shit video was all the rage, that way you could be "post ironic" about your hipness. Bad pop music, musicians that stared at their feet, oh and while the synths could be new the guitars needed to be from the 60s and 70s, the more shitty and offbeat the brand the better. I was playing with a lot of college bands in those days and while I always had my P-Bass (Can't go wrong with a Fender P-Bass, they never let you down) they were all playing Danelectro and Harmony, Silvertone and Kraftsman, as long as it was quirky looking they'd play those pieces of shit all night long....well for 2-3 song blocks then they'd have to retune those junkers..

As for I the only one that reads these things and gets depressed? I see the photo and RTFA and find out its 62 light years away and think "I will NEVER get to see this incredible wonder with my own eyes, never feel its ground under my feet" and just get all bummed out. All one has to do is look up where we are in the Milky Way to see that while being out on the ass end of a spiral may be a safer place to be its sure as hell a looooong way from where all the exciting stuff is and if we can't find a way around that pesky speed of light thing? We will never EVER leave our own back yard.

I don't know about the rest of you but as somebody who grew up watching Star Trek and Battlestar I find that thought thoroughly depressing.

Comment Re:Uncomfortable Relationship (Score 1) 250

Uhh yeah you can, it just sounds awful funny ;-) I know it can be done because i had a friend that raised a runt pig with a litter of puppies, damned thing thought it was a dog i swear. he'd call the dogs and here would come the pig, they would howl and it'd make this really funky sound in its throat trying to sound like them, and when they'd bark it'd make this funny grunt/squeal "bark" right along with them.

But in this case its not about "teaching" squat, its about the feds honestly not giving a fuck about anything but intimidating for their corporate masters anymore. You'd think they would be more concerned about fixing their lax crappy security but nope, its ALL about being as big a douchebag as they can be and making "examples" of as many as they can to try to get a nice chilling effect going. Honestly I'm shocked they are even willing to hold the DEFCON in the USA anymore, i know if I was an overseas presenter I'd avoid the USA like an STD.

Comment Re:Uncomfortable Relationship (Score 2) 250

I'd say its more like inviting a legbreaker to a peace rally really,especially since they have been shown in the past to be happy to kill the messenger if anybody dares point out their security is shitty.

The weird thing is this seems to have happened all across the country with regard to LEOs, i know little old ladies that used to be as police friendly as can be that wouldn't piss on one if they were on fire now, its really become an "us VS them" mentality all over the place.

Comment Re:Fixed that for you (Score 3, Insightful) 387

Well if the rumors that have been "surfacing" (pun intended) lately are true I owe a big "Sorry about that dude" to Sinofsky as rumor has it he wanted Windows 8 to really be 7.1 and he wanted Metro to be the new mobile and he got cockblocked by Ballmer who probably wears an "I heart Apple" shirt to work.

At the end of the day its business 101, give folks what they want to buy or they'll take their business elsewhere. Instead what we have is TBB (Typical Ballmer behavior) where he goes "Ohh you don't like our walled gardens and cellphone UIs? well fuck you will make it twice as nasty!". See win 8.1 having a "start button" that takes you back to the fucking Metro UI the user wants to get the hell away from in the first place for an example. I just hope when win 8.1 shits itself and bombs that the board will fire his fat ass and the other rumor,that ballmer can NEVER be fired thanks to gates backing his Little buddy" aren't true, or else by 2020 when Win 7 reaches EOL it'll see MSFT reach EOL with it and like 'em or hate 'em they are pretty much the only game in town unless you want a dumb terminal (Google) or an overpriced iToy that you can't upgrade or fix shit on.

Comment Re:So they're breaking young boys hearts.. (Score 4, Interesting) 186

I don't know but as somebody who used to run a chatroom dedicated to fricking computer repair i can tell you that if the other chat rooms see/saw what i did what those cops are doing is bullshit and how it can't be entrapment? Fuck if I know. I know I ended up having to threaten harassment charges on a couple of cops to get them to finally STFU with that shit.

I mean here I am,running a chat with such "sexy" titles as "Can't install graphics driver" and "Need help bad I keep BSODing" and while me and a couple of the mods would be trying to walk some poor guy that has been bashing his head against the wall trying to get something fixed and suddenly here would come one of those fuckheads, just spewing filthy shit trying to get somebody to talk to them. By the end there i was getting seriously fucking PISSED, cursing the assholes after pointing out for the hundredth time "This isn't that kind of chat asshole, go peddle your "catch a predator" bullshit somewhere else porky".

So if the shit they are doing is the same as what i saw they can fuck right off, they push that shit even in places where it has no damned business and they will harass the hell out of guys to try to get them to talk, really sleazy shit too.

Comment Re:This is the slope before the cliff (Score 2) 385

Buy more RAM dude! Seriously you should buy more while the prices are cheap, because there is NEVER such a thing as "too much RAM". I don't how Linux handles large RAM but in Win 7 the 8GB in my desktop is frequently filled with cache so everything loads quicker, and on my netbook that 8GB means that once the desktop is loaded its ALL running in RAM so the drive stays parked giving me better battery life. Sadly I had a sick family member when DDR 2 was cheap so now it'd cost out the Ying Yang to fill my desktop with the 4GB modules its capable of running, it'd be cheaper to replace the board and switch to DDR 3 than to just get more RAM with the price of 4GB DDR-2 modules.

As far as GPUs? Look at the HD7750 and HD7770, they score close to the HD6850 in benches while using less than half the power and heat, the HD7750 will even run without needing external power. But even with new consoles thanks to MSFT and Sony choosing a netbook chip (The Jaguar is based on Bobcat, an ULV netbook APU) I have a feeling anybody with a quad or better,like me with my hexa, is only gonna need a GPU upgrade and NOT toss the whole system like last time. Personally that is fine with me, I figure the HD7770s will hit the $70-$80 price point this fall so I'll just toss the HD4850 in the parts bin and keep on truckin'.

Comment Re:Longer Life Cycle (Score 3, Insightful) 385

You don't have that for the same reason screens have settled on 720p and 1080p, the masses frankly see no need in going any higher and aren't gonna pay the early adopter penalty to get the economies of scale to get bigger and badder as the new standard. Hell my netbook is 1366x768 and I can see why, when I'm mobile its just fine,I'm not gonna go spend crazy money just to get a higher rez when all i want is to do the service call and go back to the shop.

But one correction, MSFT didn't "turn" the PC into anything, despite MSFT trying to shove their shit in our face like the "Deep Wang" bit in Transformers 3 Windows 8 is doing worse than Vista did and Win 8.1 looks to be the first double flop in history. Oh they WISH they had done that, so they could jack prices to Apple levels, but in reality every retailer and e-Tailer is saying "We have Win 7 here!" so all MSFT has done is killed a LOT of sales and honestly gave the pirates a hell of a boost, pirate win 7 slapped on win 8 systems is starting to become the norm, at least in my area.

And I don't see anybody "running to Android", what I see is people refusing to pay MSFT for an ad-laden cellphone OS so they are just sticking with what they have. Most every person i have met doesn't "like" their Android or iToy, they tolerate it. This is why plenty of laptops still selling, anything more than a quick Google on those phones and it quickly gets irritating for most folks but with even the low end laptops have dual cores there just isn't a reason to upgrade as often.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 2) 385

Exactly, you can slap an ULV Phenom or Athlon X4 together with some ECC RAM and a RAID and tada! Instant SMB server, does all the jobs we used to get the mini boxes for and its a hell of a lot cheaper and less power hungry.

What amazes me is there is soooo much money lying on the table for the PC OEMs to just pick up, but they aren't picking it up. What am I talking about? what's making me damned good money right now,HTPCs and home media applications. Folks are getting sick of the ARM based one trick ponies that they find some of their sites won't play on,the browser becomes out of date or the thing stops getting supported and it quickly becomes a hunk of useless plastic to them. Thanks to the blessing that is HDMI its beyond butt simple to plug a PC into a TV, they can have a full size wireless keyboard mouse or one of those Lenovo excellent one hand PC remotes and tada! A one stop shop that can stream, be a media tank for the whole house, hell slap a $70 card (I recommend the HD7750, nearly the same speed as the HD6850 at less than half the power and heat) and you'll be rocking your games in glorious 1080P in no time, with your choice of controller. Hell with Steam having Big Picture mode and a few tweaks to WMC and its the easiest to use system you've ever seen, I've got customers with little kids that can just grab the remote and be rocking their Plants Vs Zombies or watch their favorite Disney movies at the click of a button.

But most folks don't know how easy it is now,they think its like the bad old days with S-Video and the PITA setups and having to have some insanely huge fan blasting box sitting there just to have an HTPC when nothing can be farther from the truth. If all they want is the casual game and surfing they can get a slick mini that looks great under the set or if they want to game i can take something like this quad core which by itself frankly looks good next to the set (I've had several that looked at the case and decided to just keep it instead of having me go for the HTPC box) and just have me slap it into one of the mini cases or for some reason this one seems to be REAL popular, probably because it looks great on its side and gives them plenty of USB ports.

So if they want to sell more PCs and laptops frankly they need to be putting out some ads showing folks just how easy it is to integrate a PC or laptop into an entertainment center. Once folks see how easy it is to add a living room PC they tell their friends, who tell their friends, next thing you know your moving 10 HTPCs for every office or gamer box. Folks just love having everything at their fingertips and an HTPC with a couple of TB of space lets them have that, VERY cool and an easy sell IMHO.

Comment Re:XBMC (Score 1) 221

Sorry dude, here is your sign...I've tried both, plenty of sites that use RMTP just won't get caught by Streamtuner or it'll lose the hookup,never had that problem with Jaksta. so if you are happy with a half ass "solution"? Go ahead, I'd rather have something that works 100% of the time.

Comment Re:PCs are not going to die. (Score 5, Insightful) 385

Kinda doubt it, with the chips an idle fab is still gonna cost a pretty penny and I think he have reached pretty damned close to the limits on die shrinks, so they'll still crank out enough chips that I doubt prices will climb much beyond what we see now.

But as someone down in the trenches those pundits with their "Death of the PC,grandma is buying tablets" bullshit? hey morons, it was a BUBBLE and like all bubbles it had to burst, what we are seeing now at around 200-400 million units a year is the NORMAL STATE, its only the bubble that is over. this is as stupid as somebody saying "Well you can't flip houses for instant 40% profit anymore,houses must be dying". Its total horseshit.

For those that missed the memo the MHz wars created a bubble, with single core speeds so easy for your even less than average programmer able to take advantage of we went from a pre-bubble lifespan of 5-7 years for a PC to one where a PC would be damned lucky if it lasted even 3 because the chips were advancing so fast a PC that was just 2 years old would struggle to run the latest programs. When we switched to cores because taking advantage of SMP is anything BUT easy, with many programs simply not able to thread, and the number of cores jumping so fast? The programs quickly got blown away by the hardware.

I mean look at what my cheapest build was FIVE years ago...Phenom or Athlon X3 with 4GB of RAM and 500GB many folks will be able to slam that setup enough to need a new one? I have a customer that does extremely intricate Solidworks robot design on a Phenom I X3 and he is happy as a clam with the performance. even myself, who is the major multitasker and rarely have less than 4 things running at once and who built a new PC every year and a half like clockwork, what am I running? A 4 year old Phenom X6 with 8GB of RAM and 3TB of HDD space which no matter how much I throw at it has cycles to spare so other than the GPU upgrade I'll be getting in the fall why would I build a new one? On the mobile side I lucked into one of those AMD E350 netbooks, gets nearly 5 hours on its 3 year old battery and does 1080P over HDMI, why would I buy a bulky new full size?

So despite the "sky is falling ZOMFG!" articles that I'm half convinced is being encouraged by Ballmer trying to burn MSFT to the ground by forcing them to become Apple (like folks are gonna pay $1000+ for walled Windows gardens, not likely fat boy) PCs aren't going anywhere, now that the bubble is burst folks will just be going back to the 5-7 year cycle. if anything not only have I not met a single person that is "getting rid of the PC" (and since I'm supplementing my PC work with home theater I'd have plenty of opportunities) but its the opposite, even the kids have their own PCs, they have PCs up the ying yang...which is of course why they aren't buying as many, because that 6 year old Pentium D or first gen Athlon X2 still surfs the web just fine,runs Win 7 just fine,so why fix what I ain't broke?

Comment Re:... citation? (Score 1) 100

But users are run in limited (but not low,which is even more restricted) mode unless they agree to an elevated through a prompt so again I don't see this as a problem, and of the boxes at the shop I tried it on both an old Sempron XP box without DEP or ASLR, a Win 7 32bit Conroe Celeron with both ASLR and DEP on and off, and finally my 64bit home box with ASLR and DEP on...nothing. Their PoC didn't do squat, no crashes, no hangs, nothing.

So unless they can bring something better than a PoC that I can't get to do shit I'm gonna have to side with the VLC guys. I mean on ALL the systems i tried except for my 64bit home system they don't even have AV installed yet so if it was gonna do anything at all? i gave it the perfect platform.

Comment Re:... citation? (Score 2) 100

I figured the old XP box would cover that, its a socket 754 Sempron so there isn't any DEP or ALSR and again, nothing. I also tried it on a 32Bit Conroe Celeron and after reading your post switched off DEP and ASLR and again,nothing.

Again maybe it did something on some old version which I would consider valid...if it didn't have an updater, but it does and since it updates itself and is free I don't really consider what it did in some old version a valid test. after all if they have no Internet so it can't update the odds they are gonna run into a SWF malware file is pretty much non existent,it'd be like saying a PC that is airgapped is in danger of viruses. This is why i don't bother with tests for malware that require Windows to never be updated because the only ones I see running around with WU turned off are the pirates and if they are smart enough to pirate Windows they ought to be smart enough to update the damned thing without getting bit by WGA.

As for the AC that wet his panties over how I wrote Secunia? I thought it was Securina, as in Security? Certainly makes more damned sense than what its really called, WTF is a Secunia anyway? If they are just gonna pick a name out of a hat I vote for Petunia, there really ain't enough Petunias in the world.

Comment Re:Farts in their general direction. (Score 1) 445

All I would add to that is "And I shall not get my wallet raped by going over my bandwidth cap just to access data I can access on my system for free"

Hey dropbox guys, in case you missed the memo rather than make their CEOs go without their double triple "how much is left in the coffers?" bonuses all the ISP are going to BANDWIDTH CAPS, you know, the thing that makes your service into dookie? yeah those. Sorry you missed the meeting, say hello to the OnLive guys in the unemployment line.

Comment Re:XBMC (Score 0) 221

I use Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder myself. Some may balk at the $50 price tag but you get updates including and I've seen plenty of sites where everything else would balk but Jaksta worked just fine. You can also set it to auto-convert to the format you prefer, set it to ignore files under X size so you don't end up capturing the annoying music or beeps and boops some sites have when you click on things, and I've run it on everything from a Conroe Celeron to an AMD hexacore and it just purrs like a kitten. Oh and as a nice bonus you can use any browser you like, no need for browser integration or toolbars or crap. all in all highly recommend.

As for DRM? all those that bought apple products frankly ought to be ashamed, because its Apple that is gonna end up ramming through HTML DRM and making sure nobody but the big three has access to shit. Its just like how they rammed through H.26x under the "its open!" yeah my aunt Fanny, its run by the biggest trolls since SCO, its all about making sure nothing runs that corporate doesn't get a cut of.

The only positive is that i have switched my family off the consoles and proprietary boxes so if these companies want to be douchebags at least we have choices. Don't like Steam, which i personally love? GOG and many Humble Bundles, don't like all these streaming bullshit sites? Tools like jaksta let you get around a lot of their bullshit. this is why I don't like ARM boxes, too often they are "DRM in a box" one trick ponies and if corp drops support you are royally fucked, whereas that first gen Conroe box I'm using at the shop can still play the latest media under Windows 7 with nothing but an $8 HD2400 card slapped in.

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