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Comment Re:Monopoly (Score 4, Interesting) 113

Which frankly blows my damned mind, its like "do no evil" is some sort of RDF instead of just another slogan like "think different" and "where do you want to go today?".

I mean from the nasty stuff we are learning from Snowden to the locking down the backend (where is the public API for Google+? Last I checked it didn't exist) to their using spammer techniques with Chrome like tying it to unrelated third party software which I would say is not only evil (because Joe and Jane don't know how to reset the default browser) but seriously douchey time and time again we have seen Google act just as nasty as MSFT and Apple yet...crickets. Hell it doesn't matter what they do, even ripping off the old "Requires IE" bit not only will people refuse to see this as nasty you will often see them charge to DEFEND whatever douchey thing Google does! When I pointed out on one forum that Google was using the old toolbar spammer trick of tying Chrome to programs like CCleaner and Defraggler I even had one defender say "Well I downloaded Chrome and didn't get CCleaner" because he was so fucking desperate to defend an obviously scumbag behavior he was grasping at any straws he could find!

I don't know, maybe I'm weird but I don't believe in "flying the flag" of ANY company, especially not the megacorps. If they make a good product like Win 7 or Android 2.x? I'll be happy to give credit where credit is due. If on the other hand they put out a product I think is crap, like Win 8 or those proprietary as hell and NSA wet dream ChromeBooks? I'll be the first to start passing out the rotten tomatoes. I honestly do not understand this whole "corporations as ballclubs" mentality, first I thought maybe it was a form of buyer's remorse, you have invested all this money into something you really don't have a use for so you defend and try to justify it like the gal I saw struggling to use an iPad for a grocery list, but then you have the free products like Chrome and Google Search that are just as militantly defended...I don't know, maybe I'm one of the last sane guys in the nuthouse but jumping through flaming hoops to defend some supermegacorp that would happily shove them under a bus if it made the stock bounce 8% is just insanity to me.

Comment Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 1) 321

Which is why I never understood why the FOSS advocates cheered android...what is the difference, really? It doesn't support the four freedoms, the drivers are pretty much all proprietary, and it takes an act of God and skills beyond the majority to unlock many of the phones. I looked into unlocking my LG and it was over a page long with half a dozen points where it said "If you get this wrong or it fails YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE" which was enough to make even an old techie like me reconsider, a regular user would have turned back at the page and a half of insanely complex moves. Hell most folks can't even re-partition their PCs, and they are supposed to re-partition their phone by CLI? Not likely.

So I honestly don't get it, and this is coming from somebody that loves his Android phone but frankly Android has more in common with TiVo than it does with Linux. I may have my arguments with the FOSSie faction but I give credit where credit is due and the big difference between Linux and the other 2 is how trivial it is to change anything from the kernel on up. Don't like the DE? Change it to one of a half dozen or even go headless if you want, don't like the video subsystem? Rip out X11 and replace it with wayland or Mir, same goes for Pulse with ALSA and even the OS can be swapped out while keeping your data and settings. With Android honestly you have to jump through just as many hoops to unlock it as you do your average iPhone and it involves the same risks in a lot of cases, and even if you do there is a good chance that the community won't have drivers for your model, so what is the diff?

Comment Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 0) 321

Exactly Linux users claiming android is as ridiculous as them claiming Chinese MP3s, in the case of Android its all about Dalvik and the kernel means exactly jack and squat. If you ripped out the Linux kernel for BSD, Windows, symbian, hell anything it really wouldn't matter as far as applications go as its all about the VM.

As for TFA? It again proves what I've been saying for years and that is FOSS isn't magic, the ONLY real advantage is it gives you the CHANCE, not the guarantee mind you, just the chance, to keep a piece of software no longer supported by the devs alive. Its not gonna help with security as one look at the obfuscated c contest entries will prove you can hide malware in plain sight and if you are good (such as the coders paid the big bux by certain three letter agencies) only the most studied of programming experts would be able to spot the malware, it doesn't magically lower costs as Dell found out when they had to keep a dev team just to have their own fork of Ubuntu to keep Canonical and upstream from crapping on their drivers, the only real advantage is the chance that maybe, just maybe, you can get enough like minded people together to keep old projects alive.

Now as for JWM? It really doesn't have a niche, which is why its most likely dying. The server guys run headless or use the most simplistic of GUIs to get their work done and hardware has progressed so rapidly that frankly even a dumpster dived P4 can run something like E17 or XFCE so having something less feature rich than XFCE but uses more resources than headless just doesn't have a niche. Last project I heard of that used JWM as a main DE was DSL and that has been dead for awhile now. I just checked and Puppy also uses it so maybe an appeal to their forums would be a good place to start? although looking at the Puppy Remixes it seems like JWM isn't even popular among Puppy users, with XFCE and E17 being much more popular to build a remix around than JWM. Still that does give one at least a starting point on where to drum up support.

Comment Re:Must we call him a genius? (Score 2) 163

Because unlike an athlete, like say a sprinter or boxer, where every second past maturity counts against them, somebody who has a brilliant mind can do great things for decades if they don't burn themselves out first? Look at Sagan, Hawking, hell Einstein did some of his best work in his later years.

Again sayings exist for a reason, and "the candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as quickly" has endured so long because it is truth,again I've met a few of these "wunderkind" in my time and they nearly always end up a burnout or a basket case before they are 30. Ironically you mentioned sprinting when in reality a better description of life would be a marathon and if you use all your energy you would be screwed?

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512 others pointed out I said it "will give you a warning" NOT "HDDs make noise you can hear" in point of fact you can get an SMS, or email, when a drive exceeds a limit that YOU set.

Try HDDLife Pro, last I check they have free trials so it won't cost you anything to try it and it will give you warnings if your drive starts having ANY SMART faults, not just low enough to trip a SMART warning, and will also warn you if the drive starts climbing past its normal operating levels. I use it with my SMB customers, works great.

Oh one final thing...I've dealt with over 20 failed SSDs and not a single one, not one mind you, threw any SMART errors before failure. Instead you would literally find it worked one day, dead the next. With the HDDs I've probably had who knows how many over the years with various customers die and in the past decade I have yet to come across a failing HDD that was impossible to get the data off of, if no other way you could always throw together a clean box and change the platters. i have yet to hear of anybody recovering data off an SSD without paying a top notch recovery company to the tune of a couple of thousand dollars.

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512

Are you stoned? WHAT money saved? The cost per Gb makes SSD much worse than HDDs, the controller failures (see "coding horror hot/crazy scale" for several PAGES going over 2 years listing failure after failure) makes them more expensive and if you data is worth ANYTHING you will have to use full disc encryption (thus negating a lot of that SSD speed) or just give up your warranty because while its pretty easy to zero out a HDD that is dying when an SSD controller fails there is NO WAY IN HELL to wipe the drive so I hope you don't mind some refurb factory in Taipei getting access to your SSD's data.

So I'm sorry but there is NO "savings" for using SSDs, like Ferrari its speed above all, above reliability (which will get worse as the shrinks and levels of MLC make corruption much easier), above capacity, in fact you honestly won't save any on power with a modern OS that isn't RAM starved as Win 7 and above can simply cache most used files in RAM and park the drive.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

And you are frankly full of shit, Nokia hadn't been a "premium" brand since the late 90s, in fact only in parts of Europe were they even known, the USA saw Nokia as the company that along with Motorola made shitty dumbphones sold at Fred's and other dollar stores. There is your "premium" brand for ya chief, sold right next to the generic soda.

As for Nokia making any money with Android? I'd point out the #2 maker of Android HTC is expecting another year of losses because guess what? In a race to the bottom only the leanest of companies will make consistent profits...hey that is what i said would be the case, didn't I? Like it or not Nokia was top heavy, had too high of an operating cost, too little experience in the Android smartphone market, no experience with writing low level drivers for Android, and their factories cost more per unit than HTC,LG, and Huawei and all of those are showing inconsistent profits, again if they are lucky a few dollars per unit because surprise! That is what a race to the bottom is, it is great for consumers because they price gets as close to cost as can be while still making devices profitable but Nokia's costs made their ability to compete in that shark tank non-existent. Even their ability to compete with dumbphones has been falling like a stone thanks to the Mediatek SoC that lets Chinese companies and those subcontracting (like Motorola) to sell dumbphones for sub $10 USD retail. I'm sorry but Nokia didn't have the chops to play in the Android market, they would have been eaten alive, as HTC,Huawei and others are right now.

Comment Re:Must we call him a genius? (Score 1) 163

The candle that burns twice as bright burns twice as fast, truth is truth.

Ironically by doing everything in moderation I'd say I'm doing better now creatively than i was 20 years ago, at least as far as my music is concerned. Part of that has to be finding a damned good guitarist/singer/songwriter to work with and a nice tight drummer and sticking with the 3 piece format which makes me have to really bust my ass to make the band sound full with so few instruments, but I'd also say knowing when to step away and clear my head REALLY helps.

I have seen many push themselves like this kid, both in IT and in music and ya know what? It never ends well, they either burn out of fizzle out. I drive my GF nuts with all my sayings but truth is truth and "everything in moderation" is something frankly all should try to live by IMHO. I would love to see a follow up when this kid is 30, I bet he'll have had a burn out or a breakdown.

Comment Re:technocracy - the end of a monetary system? (Score 2) 625

I take it you didn't see the infamous "Let him die!" cheers during Ron Paul's speech? Even Paul had a look of horror on his face at the blatant fucking GREED that was on front and center display. Whether anybody wants to accept it or not the top 10% of the capital holders are made up in a large part with sociopaths whom if you told "Millions of men,women, and children will die if you do not stop" would say "fuck them peasant scum, charge 'em for the mass graves to dump their sorry corpses in".

This is why I really wouldn't be surprised to see the world go through another dark age, as those at the top frankly would pull an Andrew Ryan and burn the forest to the ground rather than share it with the poor.

Comment Re:AI and robotics and jobs (Score 2) 625

The problem is that capitalism, like every other "ism" before it MUST die, and most likely that death will be bloody and vicious as those that have benefited the most from it (such as how 0.01% got 80% of the money made during the recovery) WILL fight until the bitter end to keep their status as elites.

The problem with capitalism is the entire premise is built around trading labor for capital...but what happens when your labor is worthless? That same 0.01% have the ability to buy all the robots and automated factories so they don't have to worry about it, the other 95% that aren't at the top of the caste system will be left to starve. So either the government gives everyone a decent living wage just for drawing breath or eventually those living in grinding poverty will get tired of killing themselves day after day only to find they are truly worthless in a computerized society and rise up violently.

In a way its like how Roddenberry saw Star trek, once you reach a certain point on the technological ladder the old systems just no longer work, with Star Trek it was first contact and warp drive, with us it appears to be the rise of computers, but in either case one only has to have eyes to see that unlike times passed machines are not just making us more productive, they are replacing us in the jobs completely.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

Look up "market devaluation" and you will see why Nokia had no choice but to bring in Elop and hope a Hail Mary with WinPhone would save them. The simplified version is that losing half their value in the 6 years before Elop came in made their ability to borrow money VERY difficult and due to the way the tax codes are set up these big corps pretty much live on borrowed money. there are a few exceptions of course (Apple) but most require the ability to get loans easily and at a low enough rate to stay afloat, Nokia could no longer do that and so was bleeding out.

So they really had no choice, its not like Google would cut them a billion dollar check to make Android phones and their market devaluation left them with severe liquidity problems that just rearranging the deck chairs wasn't gonna solve. the huge cash infusion gave Wall Street confidence and helped slow down the stock freefall and also helped reopen their lines of credit. If they would have went with Android we'd be talking about how the evil MSFT is trying to buy Nokia's patents at their bankruptcy, that is all.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 2) 189

Interesting? For a Wiki link? Really mods? if you want a link friend how about one showing what was REALLY going on with MeeGo which had one internal team screwing it (Symbian team) and one of the largest hardware makers ON THE PLANET actively fucking it for fear that the ARM version would outsell the X86 (Intel, which considering the cripple compiler and bribery of OEMs, is anybody surprised?) so MeeGo was DOA before it ever walked out the door.

So before you put your faith in the Wiki how about looking up what was going on behind the scenes? Start with OSNews, many of their posters are from that part of the world and include many software engineers that actually worked there. They paint a picture of an OS with serious flaws, including requiring to be restarted twice a day or MeeGo would crash thanks to a nasty memory corruption bug they were having hell locking down, and if that weren't enough they had Symbian team cockblocking and headhunting, they had Intel demanding and getting changes which sent the OS back practically to square one several times, and you had PHBs changing the entire UI on a whim causing the entire UI to be tossed at 75% complete.

I'm sorry friend but MeeGo, just like Nokia itself, was fucked. It had NO CHANCE of competing with iPhone 2 and Android 2.x (which is still so popular its used by many of the lower tier OEMs like Huawei) and it sure as hell couldn't compete with Android 4 and iPhone 5. All you'd have had is another Touchpad, which with Nokia profits dropping like a stone would have outright slaughtered the company.

Comment Re: Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

Normally we don't agree but you are spot on, its like how all those UNIX stations in the late 80s had everything from the kernel on up written around the particular hardware that was on the system. In a way the current smartphones remind me a LOT of the 80s, back in the days where you could only run the OS that came with a unit because it was written at such a low level around the hardware that anything else would have run like a slug upon it.

Honestly the whole thing is moot anyway, as I said in the earlier post that so few seem to be able to grasp you just can't take a top heavy company like Nokia and throw them into a sharktank that is a race to the bottom and expect them to do anything besides be a snack for the leaner and meaner companies, its just not gonna happen. You look at the costs of the factories, the cost of the employees, the huge amount of management they employed? They were WAY too top heavy to compete with the likes of LG and Huawei, and the only one making bank in the amounts required to keep Nokia in the black was Samsung and that 800 pound gorilla would have treated Nokia like Samsonite luggage.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

No I'm saying having Ferrari make Yugo mini-cars would end up with a bankrupt Ferrari?

Why people has so much trouble following a simple concept is beyond me, but for those that seem to have trouble grasping the concept (which from the replies seems to be the majority) I'll spell it a race to the bottom only the tightest ships will survive those that can pinch the most pennies, lower the material costs down to the absolute minimum, shave every penny and pinch it until it screams...remember Dell? Remember why they became the #1 PC maker? Because they were only making $8 a sale that's why!

What everyone seems to have trouble grasping is that Nokia had too many upfront costs, too much overhead to compete in a sharktank like a race to the bottom, they would have died just as many OEMs died in the PC Price Wars, inability to shave costs equals dead company. They have a factory in Europe, one of the most worker friendly places on the planet, no fucking way that factory can compete with a place in China whipping off phones while paying workers less than $5 USD a day, they had a large R&D that frankly wasn't delivering the D part of that, again not gonna be able to compete with the likes of LG and Huawei who have their businesses striped down as a ricer racer, its just not possible.

But of course I'll be marked down for daring to point out the reality of the market, because I refuse to guzzle the koolaid and pretend that RMS farts rainbows and anything that the Linux kernel touches is magically a hit, News Flash...its not. Out of the dozen companies making Android phones? Only ONE is making consistent profits, the rest? They are making money alright, but their profits are less than what Nokia was making on dumbphones in 2011, they just aren't making the kind of bank Nokia would require to survive, the ONLY company making the kind of green a top heavy company like Nokia would require to keep the stock from continuing its free fall? Samsung. Again better companies have tried to beat Samsung, companies that have a hell of a lot more experience, advertising budgets, and brand recognition than Nokia, and they have failed. Nokia would have been curbstomped.

Frankly its amazing how few here can even understand markets, whether its the FOSS blinders or magical thinking? Fuck if I know, you act like that because a company is making profits that means Nokia could make enough to thrive...wrong,for the same reason that Compaq and Maxtor ended up being bought out during the price wars by companies that ran leaner and meaner. if you have an expensive to run company a race to the bottom is corporate suicide. The only way Nokia would have made bank in Android is to close up shop and move to Asia so they could compete with LG and Huawei, but that would have cost billions they just did not have.

Like it or not Nokia was fucked and the Android fairy wouldn't have stopped the freefall, it would have accelerated it. The best thing would have been to buy WebOS back in 08, they didn't do that. By the time the board got its head out of its ass they were too far behind, too bloated, too toxic, they were fucked.

Comment Re:Must we call him a genius? (Score 2, Insightful) 163

We'll be calling him burnout or a shrink in 5 years sadly. No music, no recreation at all? Yeah I've met a few of those types over the years and...well it never ends well. It is like they bottle everything, using the pressure to gain forward momentum, problem with that? No vessel can contain infinite pressure so sooner or later they blow and when they do its ugly.

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