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Comment Re:technocracy - the end of a monetary system? (Score 2) 625

I take it you didn't see the infamous "Let him die!" cheers during Ron Paul's speech? Even Paul had a look of horror on his face at the blatant fucking GREED that was on front and center display. Whether anybody wants to accept it or not the top 10% of the capital holders are made up in a large part with sociopaths whom if you told "Millions of men,women, and children will die if you do not stop" would say "fuck them peasant scum, charge 'em for the mass graves to dump their sorry corpses in".

This is why I really wouldn't be surprised to see the world go through another dark age, as those at the top frankly would pull an Andrew Ryan and burn the forest to the ground rather than share it with the poor.

Comment Re:AI and robotics and jobs (Score 2) 625

The problem is that capitalism, like every other "ism" before it MUST die, and most likely that death will be bloody and vicious as those that have benefited the most from it (such as how 0.01% got 80% of the money made during the recovery) WILL fight until the bitter end to keep their status as elites.

The problem with capitalism is the entire premise is built around trading labor for capital...but what happens when your labor is worthless? That same 0.01% have the ability to buy all the robots and automated factories so they don't have to worry about it, the other 95% that aren't at the top of the caste system will be left to starve. So either the government gives everyone a decent living wage just for drawing breath or eventually those living in grinding poverty will get tired of killing themselves day after day only to find they are truly worthless in a computerized society and rise up violently.

In a way its like how Roddenberry saw Star trek, once you reach a certain point on the technological ladder the old systems just no longer work, with Star Trek it was first contact and warp drive, with us it appears to be the rise of computers, but in either case one only has to have eyes to see that unlike times passed machines are not just making us more productive, they are replacing us in the jobs completely.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

Look up "market devaluation" and you will see why Nokia had no choice but to bring in Elop and hope a Hail Mary with WinPhone would save them. The simplified version is that losing half their value in the 6 years before Elop came in made their ability to borrow money VERY difficult and due to the way the tax codes are set up these big corps pretty much live on borrowed money. there are a few exceptions of course (Apple) but most require the ability to get loans easily and at a low enough rate to stay afloat, Nokia could no longer do that and so was bleeding out.

So they really had no choice, its not like Google would cut them a billion dollar check to make Android phones and their market devaluation left them with severe liquidity problems that just rearranging the deck chairs wasn't gonna solve. the huge cash infusion gave Wall Street confidence and helped slow down the stock freefall and also helped reopen their lines of credit. If they would have went with Android we'd be talking about how the evil MSFT is trying to buy Nokia's patents at their bankruptcy, that is all.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 2) 189

Interesting? For a Wiki link? Really mods? if you want a link friend how about one showing what was REALLY going on with MeeGo which had one internal team screwing it (Symbian team) and one of the largest hardware makers ON THE PLANET actively fucking it for fear that the ARM version would outsell the X86 (Intel, which considering the cripple compiler and bribery of OEMs, is anybody surprised?) so MeeGo was DOA before it ever walked out the door.

So before you put your faith in the Wiki how about looking up what was going on behind the scenes? Start with OSNews, many of their posters are from that part of the world and include many software engineers that actually worked there. They paint a picture of an OS with serious flaws, including requiring to be restarted twice a day or MeeGo would crash thanks to a nasty memory corruption bug they were having hell locking down, and if that weren't enough they had Symbian team cockblocking and headhunting, they had Intel demanding and getting changes which sent the OS back practically to square one several times, and you had PHBs changing the entire UI on a whim causing the entire UI to be tossed at 75% complete.

I'm sorry friend but MeeGo, just like Nokia itself, was fucked. It had NO CHANCE of competing with iPhone 2 and Android 2.x (which is still so popular its used by many of the lower tier OEMs like Huawei) and it sure as hell couldn't compete with Android 4 and iPhone 5. All you'd have had is another Touchpad, which with Nokia profits dropping like a stone would have outright slaughtered the company.

Comment Re: Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

Normally we don't agree but you are spot on, its like how all those UNIX stations in the late 80s had everything from the kernel on up written around the particular hardware that was on the system. In a way the current smartphones remind me a LOT of the 80s, back in the days where you could only run the OS that came with a unit because it was written at such a low level around the hardware that anything else would have run like a slug upon it.

Honestly the whole thing is moot anyway, as I said in the earlier post that so few seem to be able to grasp you just can't take a top heavy company like Nokia and throw them into a sharktank that is a race to the bottom and expect them to do anything besides be a snack for the leaner and meaner companies, its just not gonna happen. You look at the costs of the factories, the cost of the employees, the huge amount of management they employed? They were WAY too top heavy to compete with the likes of LG and Huawei, and the only one making bank in the amounts required to keep Nokia in the black was Samsung and that 800 pound gorilla would have treated Nokia like Samsonite luggage.

Comment Re:Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1) 189

No I'm saying having Ferrari make Yugo mini-cars would end up with a bankrupt Ferrari?

Why people has so much trouble following a simple concept is beyond me, but for those that seem to have trouble grasping the concept (which from the replies seems to be the majority) I'll spell it a race to the bottom only the tightest ships will survive those that can pinch the most pennies, lower the material costs down to the absolute minimum, shave every penny and pinch it until it screams...remember Dell? Remember why they became the #1 PC maker? Because they were only making $8 a sale that's why!

What everyone seems to have trouble grasping is that Nokia had too many upfront costs, too much overhead to compete in a sharktank like a race to the bottom, they would have died just as many OEMs died in the PC Price Wars, inability to shave costs equals dead company. They have a factory in Europe, one of the most worker friendly places on the planet, no fucking way that factory can compete with a place in China whipping off phones while paying workers less than $5 USD a day, they had a large R&D that frankly wasn't delivering the D part of that, again not gonna be able to compete with the likes of LG and Huawei who have their businesses striped down as a ricer racer, its just not possible.

But of course I'll be marked down for daring to point out the reality of the market, because I refuse to guzzle the koolaid and pretend that RMS farts rainbows and anything that the Linux kernel touches is magically a hit, News Flash...its not. Out of the dozen companies making Android phones? Only ONE is making consistent profits, the rest? They are making money alright, but their profits are less than what Nokia was making on dumbphones in 2011, they just aren't making the kind of bank Nokia would require to survive, the ONLY company making the kind of green a top heavy company like Nokia would require to keep the stock from continuing its free fall? Samsung. Again better companies have tried to beat Samsung, companies that have a hell of a lot more experience, advertising budgets, and brand recognition than Nokia, and they have failed. Nokia would have been curbstomped.

Frankly its amazing how few here can even understand markets, whether its the FOSS blinders or magical thinking? Fuck if I know, you act like that because a company is making profits that means Nokia could make enough to thrive...wrong,for the same reason that Compaq and Maxtor ended up being bought out during the price wars by companies that ran leaner and meaner. if you have an expensive to run company a race to the bottom is corporate suicide. The only way Nokia would have made bank in Android is to close up shop and move to Asia so they could compete with LG and Huawei, but that would have cost billions they just did not have.

Like it or not Nokia was fucked and the Android fairy wouldn't have stopped the freefall, it would have accelerated it. The best thing would have been to buy WebOS back in 08, they didn't do that. By the time the board got its head out of its ass they were too far behind, too bloated, too toxic, they were fucked.

Comment Re:Must we call him a genius? (Score 2, Insightful) 163

We'll be calling him burnout or a shrink in 5 years sadly. No music, no recreation at all? Yeah I've met a few of those types over the years and...well it never ends well. It is like they bottle everything, using the pressure to gain forward momentum, problem with that? No vessel can contain infinite pressure so sooner or later they blow and when they do its ugly.

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512

I have gamer customers that "Must be teh bestest", one so bad his grandma uses a Skulltrail as that was the weakest hand me down he had, and I can honestly say...I have yet to see SMART work with an SSD, not even once, and we are talking dozens of dead SSDs.

They can call me names like Luddite all they want, I'll tell them the same as I tell win 8 apologists "You can take an innovative shit but its still gonna stink and you shouldn't play with it" because i can say with total honesty, and this is including the refurb drives that I used to get by the load off of Geeks (RIP, you are missed) that the ONLY HDDs I have seen in recent years that didn't give the user warning were the ones where the user killed it, for instance their kid knocking the laptop off the table. The rest? They had enough warnings shown to them to call me and have me replace the disk before data loss ever occurred. The reason why is obvious, the tech is mature, the bugs ironed out long ago.

Most people don't give a rat's ass about the drive, IT'S THE DATA and all it takes is having to tell one person that have their SSD go tits up before the next backup that their stuff was gone forever for you not to recommend SSDs.

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512

Yes and please post a reply to the guy below you saying the same so he knows as well. i have set up both hybrids and the Sandisk caching drive for Win 7 (if you have a desktop they are only $50 and a cheap way to get a boost WITHOUT having to reinstall or move the OS) and with both if the SSD portion fails? The original data is on the HDD and since it uses a technique similar to Windows Readyboost, which just FYI you can use instead of the sandisk caching software if you prefer, the data is never lost, it simply slows back down to HDD speed.

Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 1) 512

You DO realize that what you are pointing out makes SSDs an even WORSE idea, yes? because it ISN'T the cap that is killing these things like flies, its the controller failures which have ZERO predictability so makes the entire discussion of the cap pointless.

At least with the HDDs you DO get advanced warning nearly every time, Windows delayed write failures, temp spikes, noise, something. With the SSDs the controller can crap any second, doesn't matter if its brand new or a year old and in fact one of my customers had one go tits up after less than a month, because there is serious problems with the controllers that nobody has figured out how to fix.

Oh and one final advantage of HDDs over SSDs, if you have a drive under warranty that starts going wonky? You can in most cases zero out the drive before sending it back, with an SSD failure I've had several customers just eat the cost and toss the warranty because there was no way to remove the data on the drive and they had no idea where or whom would end up with the drive once they sent it back. With an SSD you either use full disc encryption (which frankly slows the hell out of most drives, thus negating the whole point of having SSD over HDD) or you risk your data being recovered by whatever third world company refurbs the things.

Comment Re:Vulnerable? (Score 1) 114

Didn't say you couldn't and in fact have had long essays here about how Linux doesn't magically give you security for being FOSS and how the many eyes myth is just that.

But one advantage Linux DOES have over the legal versions of Windows is the fact you can download prebuilt images designed around all kinds of jobs including secure web servers with full disc encryption already set up and configured, you just add your own password. This is one thing that has pissed me off about MSFT for years, you get a "one size fits all" approach whereas if you go to TPB you can find countless versions built for a specific task. One really nice one is the "Tiny" versions which make great VMs, installs for old hardware, and are great to build a secure Windows around as they strip out a LOT of the unneeded cruft.

Sadly you would probably get a call from the BSA if you tried using them in any kind of public manner so until MSFT comes out with a real tiny OS then a strip down Linux server with full disk encryption is probably the best bet.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 122

Well that and property taxes which are just as bad as it takes away your right to own a home (as you will pay for it forever, with an arbitrary price set by the state and if you miss more than a payment or two they sell YOUR property out from under you) and insures a caste system as the poor whites and minorities get shitty schools thanks to shitty property values while the elite get top notch schools thanks to the money extorted from all those that live in nice neighborhoods.

It doesn't change the fact I've been proven right a bazillion times, ALWAYS bigger, NEVER smaller. I mean look at the end of the Cold War, why we don't need that massive money sucking military right? we can scale down? Instead we get billion dollars stealth boondoggles, a fleet of ELEVEN fricking carriers when the next largest military? TWO and the ones that would ever be a credible enemy of the USA? ZERO, and of course "war on" everything from dope to terrorists to our own citizens through the NSA. Hey, gotta find a way to blow that cash, gotta bribe and porkbarrel and that ain't cheap, right?

Its ironic that many call me the "/. resident hippie" because i actually support treating the poor as human beings and am against reverse robin hood tactics but in the case of the government for every dollar spent on the poor you have something like 1000 spent on crap, countless wars, overblown military, political favors like roads to nowhere, and how long have the people tried voting for a smaller government only to get bold faced lied to? Remember folks ALWAYS bigger, NEVER smaller.

Comment Like a Nokia Android wouldn't have bombed? (Score 1, Insightful) 189

I am so sick of this "magical thinking" when it comes to Android. There is something like a dozen making Android phones, how many of those have been consistently profitable with Android? ONE, and that is Samsung. HTC and LG have made profits, not consistently mind you, and with LG their profits on a lot of phones can be measured in pennies.

Like it or not folks, and this is coming from somebody that uses an Android phone that I'm quite happy with, with Android you have a race to the bottom where the VAST majority of Android sales in the under $185 price range and this market, the ultra low end? is a market that Nokia could NEVER compete in, okay? They were already WAAAY behind on smartphones thanks to all the infighting and not one, not two, but THREE OS teams backstabbing and playing politics, the ONLY market they had a lead in was dumbphones and that market was dead at the end of 2010 with the mediatek SoC that allowed Chinese shops to make a nice dumbphone for just $3 USD. They also had beancounters insisting on "getting their money's worth" from the TI OMAP chip they had bought the rights for, but that thing was too far behind the curve to make a decent Android phone with and the high cost of the Nokia factories meant they would have to sell them at a price point the market would never go for.

So can we please please PLEASE stop the "Android is magic" bullshit already? When it comes to smartphones honestly the cost or lack thereof of the OS isn't even a real concern and thanks to anybody being able to build Android devices its a race to the bottom and in fact reminds me an awful lot of the "PC Price Wars" that drove many an OEM out of business, and finally Nokia was fucked with a capital F long before then, a toxic corporate culture, too much infighting and too much politics had turned the company into the biggest 8 track player builder in a landscape of CDs. Android isn't some fairy Godmother, it isn't "if you build it they will come" because if that were so there wouldn't be so many struggling Android manufacturers. It wouldn't have mattered by that point if they used windows, Linux, or WebOS, the company was too far behind and too badly fucked by PHBs to ever take on Samsung and the ONLY way for Nokia to survive as an Android maker would have been to curbstomp Samsung as their costs were too high. How many here honestly and truly believe that Nokia could have taken on Samsung at the top and not been bitchslapped?

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1, Insightful) 122

It is as I have said a billion times, government ALWAYS gets bigger, NEVER smaller. This is why I urged everyone to fight for the smokers as they are the canaries in the coal mine and once the revenue from bleeding them went down (as more and more quit or died out) they would try to screw other groups to make up for the cash they are used to blowing. See talks of fat taxes, sugar taxes, and this dumbass "IT tax".

So next time you hear about a tax against some group, even if it is one you might not personally like, be it smokers, drinkers, fat people, whomever, please use your voice and vote and slap that shit down because remember, ALWAYS bigger NEVER smaller.

Comment Re:Been waiting for this. (Score 1) 68

The sad part is the way forward for AMD is obvious but nobody there is listening. How did Intel beat AMD after years of having to bribe the OEMs to use the P4? By ditching netburst, going back to the proven P3 technology and focusing on ramping up performance of it instead of the P4.

How can AMD beat Intel again? By dropping the turkey that is the Bulldozer "half core" design and going back to a solid proven performer...the K8, which powered the Athlon64 and 64x2 to such great heights. Use THAT as the basis for a new chip and watch AMD kick serious ass again, hell just taking the stock K8 which was at 90nm and using today's 32nm process you could slap 4 K8s on a die easily and crank their clocks up a good 50% and STILL stay under 95w on the desktop!

Instead it looks like AMD is gonna keep beating the Bulldozer dead horse for awhile while spending the lion's share on Bobcat. This will probably help in mobile, being that Jaguar (which is just an amped up Bobcat) is running the PS4 and Xbox N, who knows maybe their idea of making the CPU and GPU into a single entity (HUPA I think its called) will work and allow them to combine the low power of Jag with the high performance of the Radeons and make a good chip but I just don't see it beating Haswell.

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