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Comment Re:They're infringing my Second-Amendment drone ri (Score 2) 268

Which is what I think is funny about this whole "drone vs model" crap, they are talking about planes even the largest of which frankly isn't gonna be able to carry enough payload to do even a tenth the damage of a Rider truck with fertilizer. If there is anything we should have learned from OKC its that low tech does a hell of a lot more damage while being easy for even the dumbest terrorist to construct. And I'm sure that if you counted up every vehicle used for combat out there? Drones wouldn't even be in the top 50, probably not even in the top 100 when it comes to terrorists, its technicals and bomb trucks.

This is just another case of "Hollywood scenario planning" where the government treats the high tech shit they see on NCIS and 24 and treat it as a legitimate threat because they can't/won't admit the truth.....which is that what makes terrorists effective is the fact they can take pretty much anything and make it a weapon. If you want to see what terrorists weapons are like you should look at the crazy IEDs the military has disarmed in Iraq, everything from copies of late WWII German wooden mines made out of footlockers and packing crates to paint cans filled with homemade explosives and metal scraps and rigged to a beeper, what makes terrorism so hard to stop isn't them using high tech shit, its just the opposite, they often go so low tech that you'd have to ban pretty much all agriculture and household cleaning products to stop 'em.

Comment Re:Revolutionary American weapons... (Score 1) 133

Neither did the Flapjack, which is what we were talking about, nor did the ice carrier, the bat bomb (although it did burn down a test facility) and many of the other batshit crazy every side was working on back then, don't mean they aren't cool to check out. Also check out Blacktail's Disasters! series (he has tank and warplane) to see some designs that were stupid, badly thought out, or just plain batshit.

But just because it saw combat (and I don't think the AR-234 ever had a confirmed kill) doesn't make it good, see the Ferdinand, baka bomb, or the Buffalo for failed designs that got real soldiers killed and we aren't talking about the other side. Doesn't mean they aren't interesting to check out (or fly if you have IL2:1946).

Comment Re:Revolutionary American weapons... (Score 1) 133

Noo no and nope. After Coral Sea there was a serious chance that we would have no carriers (in 1941 a study was done that predicted no new full carriers before 1946) so that is why they went for the Flapjack. it turned out that Cruiser conversions worked a LOT better than expected and that combined with the faster production of the Essex made the flapjack no longer needed.

Again go look at the video, strange weapons or weird weapons of WWII is what its called, the have video and pics of all the planes. As far as the ME163 I was NOT talking about the Baka Bomb, they also had their own version of the ME163 called the J8M which was based on ME163 but was lengthened to give them a longer flight time. And as far as the USSR fighter they have footage of the test flights and it worked pretty damned well, but the death of the test pilot combined with the tide of war switching in the east thanks to increased output (as Stalin is quoted as saying "quantity has a quality all its own") meant there was simply no need to iron out the bugs. it also has drawings and computer generated footage of the flying wing (called the arrow it looked like an arrowhead) and the pulsejet plane that the USSR was testing.

Anyway look it up sometime if you are interested in WWII as its pretty interesting.

Comment Re:Revolutionary American weapons... (Score 1) 133

That's the one and considering it was doing 138 mph on the engines that were basicaly throw aways? it was a pretty awesome design. I would have loved to have seen what it would do with a couple of merlins but it was designed at a time when it looked like the closest the Navy would get to a carrier was slapping some planks on a merchantman and by the time it was done they were ass deep in carriers.

There is a series on YouTube, "Strange Weapons of WWII" that has one for the Allies, one for Japan, one for the Nazies, and one for the USSR that has a LOT more detail than the flimsy Wiki article if you are interested. The Russians had a rocket fighter, the Japanese a much better version of the ME163 and a backwards wing fighter, and of course the nazis were always coming up with weird weapons, and on the Allies it has Churchill and the Ice Carrier as well as the flapjack, including the first tests of the wing using remote control models. Its a pretty good series if you like weird weapons.

Comment Re:Mark of times (Score 1) 178

Nothing wrong with GOTY as it usually just means it is all the expansion packs prerolled into the game and GOTY sounds better than "For all that passed on it here is the game and all the expansions at one low price!" when it comes to marketing. The same goes for HD remasters when they are REALLY a remastering of an old game NOT when its just last year's game with a few new textures.

As far as the others? I honestly can't tell by the title WTF they are and I would say THAT is the problem, if somebody who has been playing PC games since the early 90s can't tell WTF it is you are selling? Then you should work on your labeling.

Comment Re:Revolutionary American weapons... (Score 2) 133

Not quite steampunk but I'm shocked they didn't have the "flying pancake" of WWII as that was impressive, a plane that could lift off almost straight up with just a gentle breeze yet could flip and turn like a dogfighter and was predicted to go crazy fast for a prop fighter. What killed it was the fact that it was designed at a time when the US thought it wouldn't have much in the way of carriers and by the time it was ready we had a ton of carriers and jets were on the way so nobody saw a use in a plane that could take off from anywhere.

Comment Re: For a sense of scale (Score 1) 142

But not enough to make the several billion required to go down to 12nm, much less 5nm economically viable. For everybody else the chips blew past good enough to insanely overpowered.

Hell even a multitasker like me is finding it harder and harder to come up with a reason to buy a new unit. My netbook is from 2009 and uses one of the weakest chips you can use (the AMD E350) yet it does 1080p over HDMI, gets 4 hours plus on a 5 year old battery, so why buy a new one when the previous chips let me do whatever I want?

Comment Re:Not the Big Bang (Score 1) 127

Can someone explain to me in plain English how the laws of physics are supposed to have worked some of the time but not all the time? because I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how the speed of light is supposed to be the ultimate speed limit yet for their big bang theory to work you have the time immediately following the bang having this FTL expansion?

Comment Re:For a sense of scale (Score 4, Insightful) 142

And this little tidbit I'm sure has CPU OEMs scared....they passed "good enough" on their designs and went so far into "insanely overpowered" that consumers really have no reason to buy before the previous unit dies.

Take what I'm typing on as an example, its an HP Pro 3000 which since it came with Vista (which I of course upgraded to Win 7, putting 32bit Vista on a PC with 4GB? WTH HP?) I would date it around 07-08. It has a Pentium Dual at 2.7Ghz, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB HDD....how many home users are actually gonna be able to max this out? I pound the shit out of this machine, downloading drivers and burning discs and yanking data off of memory cards, often at the same time, and it just purrs, so why buy a new one? Now we are seeing the same thing with ARM, my dad recently picked up a tablet I recommended which has 4 cores, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage, final cost? $140 shipped, the odds that he will be able to max it out? pretty much zero. this thing has enough power it can easily drive his widescreen TV over HDMI, surf, chat, and gets great battery life...what motivation does he have to buy a new one?

Lets face it X86 systems have become like washers and dryers, no need to get a new before the old one dies. Hell this is even true for gamers, my gaming PC at home is fricking 5 years old now which is ancient history in the PC world yet with a hexacore, 8GB of RAM, and 3TB of HDD space the only thing I've had to do since buying it is upgrade my GPU. That's it, that is all I've had to do and I'm playing Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3 and anything else i want to play with plenty of bling and decent framerates. We are seeing X86 play out on fast forward with ARM now going up to octocore because MHz bumps are getting harder to do without blowing the power budget, there is just no reason to buy before the current one dies which I'm sure is scarier than trying to hit 14nm to Intel and TSMC.

Comment Re:He didn't sacrifice a goat to the SJWs. (Score 4, Insightful) 281

MtGOX stood for Magic the Gathering Online eXchange...see what I mean about due diligence? You are trusting millions of dollars in virtual property to a guy whose ONLY previous experience of note was running a trading club for a card game...really? NO experience in financial markets, NO experience in Internet Security or crypto, and THIS is whom you are gonna trust with a truckload of untraceable cash?

I'm sorry if this hurts somebody's feelings or is too rough of a wake up call but there is stupid, fucking stupid, and pants on head "WTF ARE YOU DOING DUMBASS???" levels of stupid and this whole thing? Firmly in the latter. It would be like saying that because I have run a little PC shop for years that qualifies me to be the head of the IMF...hell I've handled money, made change, not THAT much different...right?

Comment Re:He didn't sacrifice a goat to the SJWs. (Score 4, Insightful) 281

Why is this flamebait? Bitcoins were practically MADE for shady deals and businesses and these people threw their "property" into the hands of a guy who anybody with even a teeny tiny bit of due diligence would have been able to find out he knows less about financial exchanges and Internet security than my southern ass knows about snowblowers so they lost their e-gambling money...and? Why should he give a fuck? I'm sure HE made out like a bandit, HE got paid, should why should he care about those that threw their e-money on the table and lost?

Frankly this whole thing reminds me of those "only in FLA" stories where somebody goes bitching to the cops that their coke was cut with baby powder. If you use Bitcoins you are dealing with a currency that has ZERO safety nets, hell the reason why it became popular was places like Silk Road where you could buy anything and everything from drugs and CP to hitmen, and you trusted your BC to some yahoo that ran a fricking Magic:The Gathering trading club...really? And we are supposed to feel bad you got buttfucked after doing something so incredibly fucking stupid?

I'm sorry but I can't feel any more sorry for these geniuses than I can the stupid bitch that sent her life savings to a Nigerian prince...you threw it away on a scam, learn from your stupidity and move on. this guy isn't gonna care anymore than the 419 guys care about who they scammed, so why go on about it?

Comment Re:Massive conspiracy (Score 1) 465

Bullshit as in 2009 a combination of onsite,offsite, and cloud backups was as common as dirt and in an org that size by any logic you want to use can and should be SOP, any less they are looking for an excuse to destroy data.

I mean for fucks sake if I can have a customer's place burn to the fricking ground, we are talking nothing but a pile of stinking slag where the main computer was, and have him up and running in a couple of hours with NO loss of important data? There is no way an IT dept of that size and budget could lose THAT much data by any means except on purpose. They never hear of fucking backup tape folks? Offsite backups? Give me a break, the bullshit-o-meter has asploded from the stench of the bull they are shoveling.

Comment Re: Massive conspiracy (Score 3, Insightful) 465

Criminal negligence, I don't see how anybody could argue anything else. hell I'm a little itty bitty shop owner in BF AR and when MY backup solution I give my customers, a combination of offsite, onsite, and cloud, is more robust than their IT dept came up with? I don't see how anybody could say its any less than criminal negligence.

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