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Comment Re:I never heard of FeedFliks (Score 1) 59

The problem is the media corps are such douchebags and continue to shoot themselves in the face by overcharging like mad for their content so that yet again the one that pays for content actually REQUIRES crap like just to try to find which of a half a dozen services have the content they want to watch that day while the rest of the world just goes to a streaming site based in idontgiveafuckistan and gets ALL the content in one convenient place.

When are they gonna learn that trying to squeeze that last Shekel and making the content a fractured mess makes piracy all the more appealing and their content that much less appealing? All it takes is a few moments like this for people to say "fuck this mess" and once they figure out how easy it is to find the content hosted in copyfree land? you lose them forever. I used to think that old joke about corps would rather have no money than less money was an exaggeration...not anymore, because it seems like every time we turn around you have dumb shit like needing just to find what SHOULD be the same on all the major legit sites...dumb, just fucking DUMB.

Comment Re:PC version moderately exciting (Score 2) 133

Dude how fricking OLD is your PC? Because my youngest games just fine and his hardware is nowhere near cutting edge.

Take one $45 Asrock motherboard, add one Athlon X3 (easily found in the $45 range online) and use ACC to unlock the fourth core and voila! A 3.3Ghz quad. Throw in 6GB (we lucked into a 2GB chip cheap after ordering the 4GB, hence the odd amount), a 1TB HDD (gotten for $40 off of Tiger on sale) an HD7790 for $87 and a cheap case and there ya go, a PC that will play most games at an acceptable framerate that won't break the bank. Just choose your OS (I prefer Win 7, but I hear some like 8.1) and go to town. As a nice bonus he has plenty of room to upgrade down the line as the board will take 16GB of RAM, an octocore CPU, it even has crossfire should he want to pick up another HD7790 down the line.

But if your PC was made in the last...ohhh...say 6 years? Unless its a Worst Buy Special or a craptop you really shouldn't have any problems throwing in a few parts and gaming just fine.

Comment Re:Government fails again (Score 1) 267

Patriotism ain't got shit to do with it, the second the money became electronic the people lost. the reason they lost is unlike in decades past being able to move billions in a nanosecond gave the banksters and their elite buddies the ability to truly destroy a nation's economy, simply move a large chunk out when things are shaky followed by a "we have no confidence in" statement and watch Rome burn. Like it or not the government (mainly Ronnie Raygun and his deregs, but Clinton killing Glass Steagal certainly helped) has allowed the banksters to grow to the point that when the financial market DOES collapse, which it will, the bubble has grown too big to be deflated slowly without massive political fallout so politicians will kick the can down the road until it blows up, it WILL make the great depression look like a flash crash.

BTW if you thought patriotism was a "thing" a few decades ago you haven't read "War is a racket" written by U.S. General Smedley Butler in the 1930s! here is an excerpt, see if it sounds familiar..

I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

Comment Re:Why not the death sentence while You're at it? (Score 1) 216

In and of itself, taking pleasure in the same sex is an inappropriate reaction to that stimulus; A symptom of mental illness.

See the problem Sparky? if you start ignoring obvious signs of a damaged brain and just start labeling anything the society considers inappropriate behavior as "a sign of mental illness" pretty soon anybody who isn't Wally or June is a candidate for the padded cell.

Either we humans have free will, in which case there will be times when someone chooses to do something considered evil, or nobody has free will in which case whether you spend the rest of your life in a padded cell is truly at the whim of the state who can decide tomorrow that anything that doesn't fit a certain mold is deviant and dangerous...sorry but I prefer a world that believes the former NOT the latter.

Comment Re:Why not the death sentence while You're at it? (Score 1) 216

I'm sorry but not only is that a slippery slope, as in the past gays were listed as "mentally ill" because they didn't match up with what the state considered normal but its also ignoring the fact that some just get off on causing pain, see Gacey, Hansen, Lake & Ng for examples. They aren't "mentally ill" as they knew EXACTLY what they were doing, they simply gained pleasure from the suffering and death of others. Some such as Hansen and Gacey even changed their patterns when they knew they were being watched by the police which blows your impulse argument out of the water, because if it were an impulse they wouldn't be able to change when they were at risk.

Comment Re:Piracy (Score 1) 85

Sorry, bullshit. Working in the shop I've met more "Joe Pirate" types than you have had hot meals and ya know what? they pirate several orders of magnitude more than they will EVER use. I know one guy has over 30 spindles of music, how much has he listened to? NONE, because the thousand or so songs he actually listens to are already loaded on his laptop but if he likes ONE song from an artist he feels compelled to get EVERY song by that artist, even if he will never listen to a single one except that one hit he already has on his laptop!

I've seen the same thing in games, both with guys that have every game for every console while playing MAYBE a dozen games out of the whole smash, and with the guys that collect genres like FPS or RPG where again they play maybe 1 out of every 50 that they download, and in movies where they will download every movie in a genre (say horror) or every top 10 movie while watching again MAYBE 1 out of every 50. I don't know whether its a compulsion like hoarding or just a need to collect something but I'd say if you magically made perfect DRM tomorrow there isn't a single pirate that has walked through my shop that would buy more than a handful of the stuff they listen/watch/play all the time and the rest? It would just go into a giant "don't care" black hole never to be seen or heard from again.

Hell even I am guilty of this as I'm addicted to Steam sales and Humble Bundles, I have nearly 200 titles in my Steam, and probably just as much if not more in DRM free formats like GOG and direct downloads from the many have I actually played? Maybe a quarter if that, how many have I played more than 10 minutes? Maybe half of those, all the way through? Maybe TEN. So if Humble Bundles and Steam sales didn't exist i would be just as happy as i am now if I would have only bought 10 games, looking at what I've been playing of late 4 RPGs and 6 shooters would be more than enough, so the only difference is those that made the other 390 games would not have a snowball's chance in hell of tempting me with squat as i would have never sampled their wares, that's all.

And at least in my case I can state the opposite is also true, i wouldn't have the entire Joss Whedon collection as well as the Marvel movies if it weren't for piracy, as there was no WB in my area so the first half season of Buffy on P2P got me hooked on Joss Whedon's writing so if it weren't for P2P I wouldn't now have the box sets for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, as well as the Avengers and the Marvel cinematic universe, all because i caught those first episodes of Buffy on P2P. Would I have bought them otherwise? Not a chance in hell, a horror series starring a soap actress and the guy from the Taster's Choice ads? Doesn't sound appealing from where I sit.

Comment Re:Different Perspective (Score 1) 85

Well to be fair they seriously screwed the pooch when it came to the PS3, which is why you'll never see backwards compatibility with the PS3. the chip they chose, the IBM cell, turned out to be a total dead end that never sold squat for anything else which kept the price of chips high AND they were hell to code for to boot. this is the same problem with the PS2 as the emotion engine is a custom chip that likewise wasn't used in squat but the PS2 and the funky way it was set up in both means you'd have to basically stuff an entire PS2 AND an entire PS3 into a PS4 to have BC. needless to say most folks aren't wiling to pay 3DO prices for a PS4 so no BC.

If it gives you any comfort the odds of either MSFT or Sony going back to custom chips now that they are on X86, where its both easier to code for and which has much higher economies of scale than PPC is insanely low so the PS5 and Xbone Plus 1 will be bc with Xbone and PS4. Although looking at the PS4 arch they MIGHT be able to do PS2 emulation completely in software so there is the possibility of a virtual console store like on the Wii.

Comment Re:So they are begginig the monopoly (Score 2) 100

They wouldn't need to bother Google, after all as we saw thanks to the AT&T whistleblower they have backbone access at the ISPs. This means they 1.- Know what OS you are running and 2.- Can perform a MITM on said OS. Lets say you use Linux? All they do is intercept the update mechanism for whatever flavor you are running and one of the dozens of packages you get during an update has a backdoor, with Windows or OSX it would work the same, intercept the update mechanism and force in a backdoor. Hell depending on what video player you are running they might not even do that as I'm sure they have a couple of Flash zero days lying around, simply wait until you request a video and replace it with a zero day infected vid.

Remember folks when they have access to the backbone ALL bets are off, with a MITM everything becomes MUCH easier.

Comment Re: Welcome to your new walled garden (Score 1) 225

Sorry but go back and read the case, the DoJ wasn't arguing monopoly when it came to the browser, they were arguing that because Windows had such a large share of the market (just like how Google owns the largest share of mobile devices) that MSFT having the ability to bundle a browser, a thing that until recently companies had charged for, that it was giving them a monopoly while product dumping.

So if you applied the exact same argument the DoJ used against with MSFT to Google and Apple? yeah they would be busted and looking at tens to hundreds of millions in fines. It just shows the difference that being a villain versus being a villain with good PR is, it lets you pull shit the other guy can't. I would point out that to this very day MSFT has to offer Windows without IE and WMP in the EU along with a stupid browser ballot yet neither Apple nor Google has to do the same on their devices.

Comment Re:Internet of Things isn't (Score 1) 76

But just as "on the Internet" and "on a mobile device" let the USPTO hand out obvious patents to their corp buddies so too will "Internet enabled appliance" allow the corps and trolls to put up yet more roadblocks with obvious ideas appended with the catchphrase.

Comment Re:Welcome to your new walled garden (Score 1) 225

That is like saying a Ford and a Chevy are the same thing since they both have motors. All the current Chromium based are just that, based on Chromium. they follow the Chromium tree, implement most if not all that Chromium does, etc. With QTWeb they are going back to the original Webkit source (which Chromium doesn't follow) and building from there, so if anything you could compare it to Safari.

Comment Re:What he's really saying is (Score 1) 422

And that is different from any other long term exactly? I've had to build NOS systems for customers whose ancient software wouldn't run on anything newer than an IDE drive loaded with with Win2K (XP would run it but it was buggy as 3 day old shit in the woods) and seen dedicated software that you couldn't even INSTALL on a modern OS because it had to be tied with some lousy old version of Flash or Java.

So nothing you have said makes dedicated a better choice over spreadsheets, on the contrary I've never seen an old sheet that wouldn't run on a new OS while I've seen plenty of dedicated where you'd need an old box lying around just to fire it up.

Comment Re: Welcome to your new walled garden (Score 2) 225

He is using the same argument the DoJ used against MSFT bundling IE, that since a good 90%+ use the defaults it gives the company a defacto monopoly. I personally thought the DOJ arguments were bullshit but you can't support one but not the other since its the exact same owns platform, company bundles browser into platform, company gets 90%+ of users using their bundled browser...seems like a pretty straightforward argument if you ask me, whether you personally agree with it or not.

Comment Re:Welcome to your new walled garden (Score 1) 225

Luckily this isn't the bad old days where it was just IE and netscape, today you DO have options! There is Comodo Dragon (what I use, better security features and no phone home to Google) Chromium, SWIron, and Opera which my oldest boy swears is the greatest thing ever (boy is he still pissed they quit using presto) and on the gecko side there is Firefox, PaleMoon (the other browser I use, I prefer the UI over IceDragon and it seems snappier), SeaMonkey, IceDragon, if you need really low resource there is always Kmeleon which runs really well even on a P3 running Win98SE and if you want to avoid BOTH the Chromium and Gecko engines you can go with QTWeb which is just what it says on the tin, a cross platform browser that uses Webkit and the QT framework...quite nice actually and of course Safari if you are into Apple. There is one other....what was it? Oh yeah the big blue E thing. ;-)

So if you don't like the direction Google is going? Don't use their products. After they started getting nasty with the TOS and trying to ram G+ down our throats I dropped Google like a bad habit, I set up a throwaway Gmail I never use just for my Android phone (so they can't tie my desktop and mobile together) and use my main Gmail for a spam dump, switched to Bing for my search and Yahoo for my mail so no one company has access too all my online data and ya know what? couldn't be happier. What DOES really piss me off about Google is how they have become a drive by spammer, you have no idea how many Chrome "infections" I've had to clean off of customers PCs because some "freeware" had Chrome tied into it. We used to get seriously pissed at how McCrappee and Horton used to dump their stupid scanners onto us with freeware so why isn't everyone mad at how Google is spamming Chrome? An unwanted install that takes over defaults...hmmm...if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck?

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