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Comment Re: Full of BS (Score 1) 292

Again that is a completely different use case than what killed OCZ which is the consumer market. Lets face it, with VMs you just don't buy the hardware that you used to so its the consumer market where the money is and OCZ burned that bridge a long time ago. Buggy firmware, shitty CS, they made every mistake you can make and THAT is why their sales are crap.

Comment Re:THE DEATH OF PC GAMING (Score 4, Interesting) 272

Sigh...correlation does NOT equal causation folks. PC sales are NOT down because of tablets, its because PCs have become insanely overpowered and therefor you don't need to replace every couple of years like during the bubble that was the MHz war.

Take myself as an example, LOVE hardcore PC shooters, practically the games that built the PC gaming business. I used to build a new PC every 2 years like clockwork and gave it a major upgrade at the 1 year mark, now? My AMD Hexacore is pushing the 5 year mark with nothing more than a GPU upgrade. I mean why should i buy a new one, when the one I got plays every game I want to play at over 30 FPS without fail? Its got 8GB of RAM, 3TB of space, I might add a caching SSD for my BDay but other than that there really isn't much more I can do that will really affect gameplay.

And THAT is why PC sales are down, its because even the low end gamers have insane amounts of cycles to spare. Hell my youngest has an AMD triple we unlocked to a quad and an HD7750 and he plays every game he wants to play at over 30FPS and his system cost less than $400! Even the low end systems are just so insanely overpowered its not even funny and with the XBone and PS4 going with a netbook chip? Really doubt we are gonna be needing octocore PCs to game any time soon.

As for TFA...how about making games that don't suck? How about that? Make smaller games that target a market instead of some crazy costing AAA title that you have to make as generic as possible to have "broad appeal" which is pretty much a codeword for "boring generic crap". Look at Payday the Heist, they listened to those that bought the first one, gave them what they asked for, they made a profit before the game even came out just on preorders. Make something special? Folks WILL buy. Make generic "Call Of Honor: Halo of Killzone Edition" and watch the numbers suck. It really IS as simple as that.

Comment Re:Full of BS (Score 1) 292

To me the real bitch is when they bricked there was ZERO way to wipe the drives and their CS would give no guarantees as to what the fuck would happen to the drive once it was sent back so my gamer customers ended up just throwing them in the trash rather than risk some Chinese refurb worker having their bank details. Needless to say I washed my hands of OCZ gear and never looked back.

Comment Re:Full of BS (Score 0, Troll) 292

Uhhh...how EXACTLY does gaming SSDs and enterprise products have ANYTHING in common? Other than who made them nothing is comparable, after all Dell still makes good servers but that don't change the fact the Dell units in Worst Buy are garbage.

What you and the other enterprise guys fail to realize is...you're a dinosaur. I'm sorry but you are, consumers simply buy waaaay more product than you do and with VMs you'll be buying less every year. What killed OZC wasn't their enterprise kit, it was the fact their consumer lines were shit, end of story.

Comment Re:China and Russia continue to modernize.... (Score 1) 214

If you are talking about the one they bought from the Russians and refurb'd? I wouldn't exactly call that building, more like what Brazil did and patching the hell out of an older hull so it can get a couple more decades.

This is why I've been saying for years we need to quit cranking out the carriers, we have 10, next biggest country? TWO. Sorry but that isn't a threat, that's a joke. Not to mention those new sea skimmer missiles could be used as a Macross Missile Massacre and they wouldn't even need a carrier to take out a carrier task force anymore.

Comment Re:They Just Can't Catch a Break (Score 3, Insightful) 178

This is something I've argued for years, every MSFT victory? Was preceded by "and then the other guy did something REALLY dumb", from the owner of CP/M blowing off IBM to go flying to BeOS choosing to start out on an ultra nice AT&T "Hobbit" CPU it has ALWAYS been "and then the other guy did something REALLY dumb. What happens when the other guy doesn't politely shoot themselves in the face? Zune, Kin,Sidekick, WinRT, one bad move after another.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 2) 292

If you make a boat engine, call it a boat engine, advertise it as a boat engine, but then tell people AFTER THEY BUY that the ONLY way you'll support it is if they have installed it in a hovercraft? Well enjoy your bankruptcy, you can join OCZ on the fail pile.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 292

And now you see why OCZ is going out of business. Never heard of the customer is always right? Or how about the simple fact that over 90% of the PCs ON THE PLANET use Windows, so not having a tool that will work with Windows or at the very least a boot image ready for a flash stick is fucking stupid?

Let me explain a little bit about retail Chuck, you treat one customer right? He tells four people thus increasing your positive word of mouth, you fuck them over? They will tell TEN people what a POS your products are and kill your business, see TFA for a perfect example.

Comment Re:Full of BS (Score 3, Informative) 292

Hell it don't take Steve Jobs to know OCZ is shit, just talk to any system builder. i have several gamer customers and they ALL ended up getting burned by OCZ at least once. I'd tell them "Look at the reviews, they are burning folks" but all they cared about was their rank on the boards...well they all ended up with paperweights. OCZ is a classic example of "treat customers like shit and watch them dry up".

Comment Re:14 nanometers should be enough for anyone. (Score 1) 96

Exactly and if a run of the new chips cost more to make, counting lower yields and the retooling, than they can get in a downturn? Then it simply makes no sense to go 14nm right now.

This is why when AMD said they were gonna wait a year to release new chips while the pundits screamed "they are giving up!" I pointed out it was a DAMN smart move, the current process is mature and allows them to sell nearly 100% of the yields. With the current process they can get octo-hexa-quad-triple-dual, all by simply turning off bad cores and they can crank them out cheaply enough you can get a hexa for $100 and an octo for $130. This lets them offer more bang for the buck while covering the market and minimizing waste...where is the downside? Its not like folks are lining up at midnight to get the latest chips as many have more power now than they can use, so by sticking with a proven reliable mature process they can make the most profit with the least expense...it just makes good business sense.

Comment Re: Of course... (Score 4, Insightful) 419

No it isn't, not really. Right now FOSS is suffering from three MAJOR problems, which seriously hamper progress. If these problems were to be soled things would be a LOT farther along.

1.- The "Taco Bell" problem. This is where limited resources are squandered on the illusion of choice and ego stroking and its a serious issue. How many distros on distrowatch fit this description? "Its (insert Ubuntu/Debian) with (insert KDE/Gnome or derivative) along with (insert LO/FF/Gimp/Chromium) and just enough changes to make things incompatible"? Probably a good 90% at least. If this ego stroking illusion of choice were removed and that effort instead put to use fixing issues with one of the big three? It would go a LONG way to fixing the second problem.

2.- The "busted shitter" problem. You ask someone to paint you a picture or write you a song for free? You'll have plenty to choose from,many of which might even be good. Ask them to fix your stinking shitter for free? Better get used to pissing in the sink. All the "easy and fun work" in Linux is pretty much done,while all the nasty work, regression testing, documentation (how many place holder help files are in your average distro?) bug fixing, drier testing, application compatibility testing, all the nasty work that really adds polish to an OS and make it shine? Too much of it simply isn't getting done. For proof go look at any distro's forums after a major release and how many "update broke my driers" posts you see. More importantly look at how many of these are involving the "bog standard" hardware, the Realtek and Via sound, Realtek and SiS networking, the major wireless chips, things that should frankly NEVER be allowed to break because of the number of people using those chips...yet they are crapped on constantly. It doesn't matter how well your OS looks, the second it starts crapping on bog standard hardware it looks Mickey Mouse.

3.- The "FOSSie faction" which is frankly what TFA is talking about. Right now there is a war going on in the FOSS camp, on the one hand you hae the pragmatists that want Linux to be able to compete and hold its head up high when compared to OSX and Windows, then you have the "FOSSies" which I use that term because like Moonies its ALL about the dogma, who frankly don't care if Linux is a broken POS as long as its "purity of essence" with regards to GPL remains 100% intact. Try to bring up the lack of a hardware ABI and you'll find out soon enough its not a technical issue, not a design issue, its a RELIGIOUS issue. You'll quickly hear things like "it would allow companies to put out non GPL drivers" (Newsflash, they already do and ya know what? They are often the ONLY drivers that work worth a shit, see Nvidia) and "spirit of the GPL" and other such nonsense. At the end of the day you can have a useless "GPL pure" distro, see GNUsence, or you can compromise and actually make something work.

At the end of the day his calling them the TEA party is an apt description, as like the frankly ever more militant RMS there is NO talking to them, NO compromise, its their way or the highway PERIOD. This frankly is trashing Linux as Joe and Sally Average don't give a shit about your "GPL Spirit" all they know is their wireless was trashed and video wonked on the last update. Its sad really, to have so much good work, killer DEs, better than Windows now honestly, plenty of killer software, but the whole driver and subsystem situation really isn't any better than a decade ago and sadly its not the code, as Shuttleworth is finding out its the politics.

Comment Re:Mod question... (Score 1) 223

Even better idea....hae a second box for downloading! If you want to go ultra cheap C2D towers are a dime a dozen and if space is an issue? Throw together a mini based around one of those $70 AMD Bobcat boards. If you don't mind spending a little money they have prebuilt Bobcat systems small enough that they can mount to the back of the monitor and those 1.6GHz dual cores sip power. Finally add a KVM switch and tada! No more having laggy gameplay.

As for TFA it all comes down to one thing....greed. Greed on behalf of the content providers and greed on the cable company. I too USED to have both cable net and cable T, even had their VoIP, but the constant price hikes caused me to drop the phone and T. If they want my business they can offer a decent price but until then they can keep it, we get over a dozen channels OTA here including all those my fiance cares to watch, so no way and I gonna get gouged just for TV.

Comment Re:14 nanometers should be enough for anyone. (Score 4, Informative) 96

Actually if the rumors some of the other sites are saying is true the 14nm delay isn't because of low yield...its because nobody is buying. Oh sure the yields aren't great but like AMD it looks like Intel has realized there really ain't a point in constantly putting out faster and better chips when they can't move the ones they got.

What both need to realize, and what will be biting ARM right in the ass in less than 18 months by my calculations is thus....The software just hasn't kept up with the hardware and X86 by switching from MHz wars to core wars went from "good enough" to "insanely overpowered" and when you can't even stress the one you have, what is the point of buying a new one? Intel and AMD are finding this carries over to other areas as well, take laptops for example. Used to you could set your watch by my customers replacing their laptops, every 2 years for the business guys and every 3 max for the home users, because the combo of heat cycling and software requirements would make them break or painfully slow, now? Well most of the time the laptop is twiddling its thumbs so its not getting hot enough to kill it and even a 5+ year laptop these days is a C2D or Turion X2 with 3+ GB of RAM and 300GB+ HDDs, more than Joe and Sally Average need frankly.

Oh and for the guys praising ARM and thinking that train is gonna keep on rolling? You got 18-24 months by my calculations and then? Hope you enjoy the same boat Intel and AMD are in now. The reason why is simple...ARM doesn't scale well and there is only so many cores and so much MHz you can push in a thin and light before you end up with battery life measured in minutes so just like how Intel and AMD hit the heat wall? So too will ARM hit the battery wall. When you combine this with the incredible race to the bottom going on right now, we are talking about dual core tablets in the $70 range at Chinamart and quads starting at $100? it won't be long before everybody and their dog has a phone and tablet that is faster than they know what to do with and then like X86 they won't replace until the unit dies.

so I wouldn't be surprised if intel just sits on 14nm until they get it down so well they can sell it as cheap or cheaper than current chips, after all AMD has already said it'll be a year before they release a new chip and why should they? Thanks to having a mature process they can sell hexacores for $100 and octocores for $130 and their yields on the APUs is so good the OEMs are selling quad laptops for $399, why spend all that money for a new chip when sales are already depressed? The same goes for Intel, they have chips at just about every price point, mature process means high yields and more profits per wafer, and with the global economy a crawl and PCs becoming like appliances why come out with a new chip? Stick with what you've got, they are several orders of magnitude faster than Joe and Sally know what to do with anyway.

Comment Re:You'll pry Windows 95 from my cold dead hands! (Score 2, Insightful) 398

Well lets see...both are single task designed OSes, both have a look like something from the early 90s and oh yeah...both suck.

So I'd say its a pretty apt mistake to make. BTW I have a question to all those Win 8 apologists...why do you not praise the "innovation" of sticking teeny tiny desktops on cellphones? Because all MSFT did was flip the same tired old shit they did for a decade, instead of stuffing a desktop GUI on a cellphone they jammed a cellphone GUI, complete with appstore crapstore and swipe gestures, onto a desktop where it makes NO fucking sense. Hell for that matter why aren't you replacing the steering wheel in your car with bike handlebars? After all by MSFT logic since bikes are growing and are the most popular UI worldwide for transportation that MUST make them superior and therefor perfect to use anywhere for anything.

I think I'll just leave this here and note how many times he says things like "stop" and "I don't want that" as the OS actively fights against the user who isn't doing the "tweeting twits and social shit" MSFT clearly designed the OS for. A GOOD UI should HELP the user and get out of the way, a BAD UI is a hindrance...which would you say Win 8.x is?

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