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Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 5, Insightful) 413

Insightful, really mods? Got news for ya pal and its that NOBODY IS BUYING WIN 8! In fact I can get a refurb Win 7 machine sold in a few hours, i had a Win 8 machine sit SEVEN MONTHS before it sold, how did I sell it? Put Win 7 on it!

MSFT is screwed on two fronts, 1.- After the MHz Wars switched to the Core War PCs quickly became waaaaaay overpowered compared to the jobs that folks had to do, so that 5 year old C2D laptop, or Phenom I X3 desktop? it has more cycles to spare than Joe Average knows what to do with. 2.- When it does come time to get something new a lot of people are either having the machine they have fixed or are buying a Win 7 system because Win 8 is a DO NOT WANT, its Vista all over again with people using downgrade rights (I've had to deal with downgrades so often that I now charge extra if I have to call for a key) or buying OEM or getting a refurb unit, whatever it takes the vast majority will do because they hate Windows 8!

Dude its not even just the little guys like me, its gotten so bad for the OEMs that Lenovo and Acer are selling their PCs "pre hacked" with a third party shell already bolted on so the machine looks and acts like....Windows 7! That is fricking bad when the #1 OEM on the planet has to hack the shell just to get anybody to buy a PC with Windows 8 on it, I mean how piss poor do you have to be for sales to have the OEMs go out and buy a third party shell and bolt that shit on there just to move some units?

So try looking at those figures again before you say MSFT has the customers locked in, because between Android, ChromeOS, OSX, iOS, and Win 7 frankly there is a lot of choices for those that think Win 8 is a turd and judging by the adoption rates a hell of a lot more are ignoring or actively avoiding Win 8 than are buying.

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 0) 918

The problem AIN'T the 40% Billy, its the other 60% that are either Jihadists or collaborators, THAT is the problem.

You want to compare it to the west fine, be careful what you wish for. In the west the militants like WBC and Aryan Brotherhood are treated like...drumroll...EXTREMISTS! They are marginalized, looked down upon, and are monitored by the authorities and get busted when they step a hair out of line. Compare that to the ME where the ones screaming for heads are not only NOT marginalized but they are often REWARDED for their behavior, have the MSM blowing propaganda out for them, and are protected by many including a large number of your so called 40%.

And just because you know some Arab guy who was nice to you in public means just about as much as me saying "I know a nice old black guy down the hall, he would never do a flash mob so its not a problem" but it IS a problem Billy, it IS a problem. I'm sorry I can no longer find the link but there was a nice little table that showed how many terrorists attacks a country had and compared it to how many Muslims they had, know what it showed? A perfect hockeystick going up, with 12% seeming to be the tipping point before the violence shot off like a rocket. It may not be politically correct to say it but fuck it, truth is truth, and in countries that are 100% Muslim or as close as you can get what do you see? Barbarity, the chopping off of limbs for crimes, killing rape victims as well as gays and women and children treated like property.

I'm sorry but there is NO way you can spin that into something nice, just as there is NO way you can argue that going into a Muslim country will be anything but constant war. You are talking about a people that venerate a mother whose child straps a bomb to themselves and kills innocent people, You are talking about a people that had a show for 5 year olds that starred a Mickey Mouse ripoff who carried an AK47 and cheered kids that said "I'm gonna kill Christians and Jews for Allah!" and who was written out of the show by having Jewish soldiers stomp him to death, I'm sorry Billy but there is no way in hell you are gonna sell that backward ass barbaric culture as anything but what it is, vicious and extreme.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 4, Insightful) 413

Or maybe, just maybe, the dirty little secret MSFT doesn't want you to know is really the fact that Windows 8.1 is just Windows 8 with a switch flipped that will let you go to the desktop and some more "apps apps apps, have we mentioned we have an appstore with apps?" in your face metro bullshit. Like making a "Start Goatse" as I call it where you click the start button trying to escape and it hauls your ass right back to metro...have they mentioned they have touch and apps?

Or maybe the engineers at MSFT are doing this on purpose, its been widely known that ballmer is fricking HATED by many at the company and doing what they can to make sure "Ballmer's Folly" flops as bad as Win 8? Really wouldn't be out of the question. At the end it won't matter though as i can tell you little shops like mine have stopped carrying Win 8x anything as I have watched people gladly pay for a more expensive refurb with Win 7 than be forced to take Windows 8, its a giant DO NOT WANT as far as consumers are concerned and after I was stuck fixing that mess a few times i can say honestly? Don't blame 'em.

It takes a HELL of a lot more than simply slapping Start8 to kill the abomination that is "Oh hai I'm a cellphone LULZ" Metro, specifically it took a half a dozen deep level registry hacks AND hunting down a generic synaptics touchpad driver to kill those $%#^%# swipe gestures bullshit, and even then it looks like a poor man's Win 7 copy. I'm predicting it'll bomb and suck and be the punchline of jokes, just like Win 8. They can polish their asses off but all they are gonna have is a shiny turd NOT a diamond!

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 918

Can't happen because as long as we support Israel and refuse to live under Sharia we'll be "The Great Satan" and your "help" will be rewarded with jihad. Like it or not the countries of the ME have been stuck in a time warp since their "great prophet" showed up and while the other religions of the world have, for the most part at least, grown the fuck up and become more civilized with Islam they still party like its 1499 and refuse to change.

When you couple that to the almost constant propaganda against Jews that frankly would make Hitler go "Dude that is a little extreme" you can give the fuck up on the idea that ANY intervention won't result in more jihad against us. Look at Iraq, we are still digging up killing fields from Saddam, the guy was a real monster that even slaughtered family members when they didn't do to suit him, yet what do we see? the ONE time that Shia and Sunni are in agreement is when it comes to killing American soldiers.

The war between Sunni and Shia has been going on for over 400 years now, its the height of arrogance to think we can walk into the middle of a holy war, kill a bad guy like Assad and then say "love me!" and have them do anything but call a truce long enough to attack you.

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score 1) 918

Because its easier to take a tank of those chemical weapons, sneak them across the border and then set them off in our subways like what happened in Japan with the Sarin gas?

Lets cut through the bull folks, while I'm sure there are still a few neocons that dream of empire most seem to have decided that the clusterfuck that is Iraq (that frankly should have been broken up, it was the creation of the brits by taking three small countries that hated each other and sticking them together under a brit puppet that created the thing) should NOT be repeated. But the problem with NBC weapons is that our border, which nobody in congress or even the POTUS have the balls to do anything about as it would piss off the Latin vote, is a leaking sieve that makes it just too damned easy to get a canister of some nasty agent across the border. With bullets you can only fire so many rounds before SWAT guns you down, with a gas if you let it loose at the right time you could have 10 times the body count of a crazed gunman because in the panic most wouldn't know WTF is going on and wouldn't know what they needed to do, it would be a slaughter.

So as much as I didn't believe in Iraq (oil grab and payback for Desert Storm) and Afghanistan (mineral rights and a pipeline for big oil) the one place where I can say "Yeah we need to make sure that shit ends quickly" is when it comes to NBC weapons. When you have a dictator like Assad fall it quickly becomes a free for all and shit ends up on the black market and if he is sitting on a couple of warehouses full of NBC weapons its a recipe for a nightmare as every nutball with dreams of jihad will be snatching that shit as fast as they can.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 2) 355

Nope its causing something even worse for MSFT, they are sticking with Win 7 thus creating another XP for them that just won't go away and instead of buying new systems they have the ones they have fixed and use the money they save for new Google and Apple gear.

This not only fucks MSFT by giving them another XP headache but its causing all their OEMs to get on the phone to Google because people go into a store and 3 minutes of fighting that damned "LOL Hai I'm a smartphone, did you see our appstorez? LOL" Windows 8 is all they need to know and they just walk away, NO SALE. And corporate has said Win 8 is a DO NOT WANT so they can't even hope for the old "folks will get used to it at the office" trick and for the final insult Lenovo and Acer are shipping their systems with a third party shell and hacks to make Win 8 look and act like Win 7 which will fragment the audience even more.

Linux isn't what MSFT should fear, its flatline on the desktop and will stay that way, no what MSFT should fear is all these triple and quad desktops sold these past 6 years and all these dual core laptops that is more than "good enough". Nobody is switching away but they sure as fuck isn't buying anything new from MSFT either and that is a slow death for a software house.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 5, Insightful) 355

Bullshit because all that would do is make one company with bad management into a bunch of companies with bad management, it wouldn't solve a damned thing. Frankly the whole TFA is full of shit, if it were true why not break up Apple? Why not Google? After all they too have products that don't really go together as far as an overarching strategy yet they are doing just fine aren't they?

No what has caused MSFT to go off the rails and what any CEO with a brain, hell what ANY person with a brain should do in that situation is simple....LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! How so many large companies can totally screw up in something so damned simple is beyond me, but that is exactly what happened with MSFT. Ballmer had his head so far up Wall Street and Cupertino's collective asses all he could do was go "ZOMFG apps apps apps MOBILE!" while he not ONCE, not a single time, actually bothered to sit down with the grunts in the field and go "What does the folks want to buy?"

You look at the moves MSFT has made in the past few years and one thing becomes crystal clear...every new feature, and starting with Win 8 every new OS, its all been designed to give MICROSOFT more advantages, not a damned thing for the user. Its like the entire system is designed by Dilbert's PHB! I mean how hard is it to picture Ballmer and his lackeys sitting at the big table going "Well what do we need...well selling a new OS every 5 years is great for the user and the ecosystem but we have to make those quarterly earnings projections, so we'll just ship them out the door ASAP. What do you mean they'll be half baked? That's good, that means it'll screw up quicker and they'll have to buy new hardware which means new license sales! Okay wall street is jerking off to ARM so we'll make WOA, of course i know all the software won't run, that's the point dumbass, we'll have the appstore market all to ourselves! Oh yeah they say tablets and smartphones are hot so we'll make Windows not run worth a shit without touch, that will make people shell out Apple prices for these tablets, oh who gives a fuck if most PCs won't run it, did you see the Financial Times? Its all about corporate control and apps so the fact that most PCs and software won't run well just means we corner the market again!"

So it does NOT need breaking up, what it needs is NOT a CEO but instead a LEADER, one that will get his head out of the Financial Times and stop coming up with more ideas to make the products better for MSFT and instead be making damned sure they know what the CUSTOMERS want, because all they did under Ballmer was toss away good will and burn bridges to try to out Apple Apple while ignoring that if their customers would have wanted an Apple they'd have bought one!

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 1) 608

Uhhh...that has nothing to do with being a female as much as it has to do with classism and the "good old boy" network which frankly I've been railing against for years. Try being a long haired guy in the deep south and you'd find the same thing, worse pay and shittier treatment because "you're not one of us". It all comes down to classism really and the fact that many people don't really want to be around those that are not "like" them, with like being anything from gender to color to something as arbitrary as hair length or even style of music. I have always thought that shit was insanity and if a company treats you less than someone else strictly because you are "X" with X being any of the above? Then I agree they should be called to the carpet and you should be redressed.

That said frankly most women I've met have taken one look at my job and said "Are you freaking kidding me?" and wouldn't take it on a bet, and I'm just a PC shop guy, talking to programmer friends frankly they have it even worse most of the time. I mean who wants to spend their days trapped in a cubical barely bigger than a urinal staring at a screen all damned day? I know I sure as hell don't which is why I quit working corporate, I don't make as much working shop but I have my own music, nobody says squat if my GF shows up with a little basket and we have our lunch together, hell I've never even had anybody say boo about my smoking, all they care about is that I can do the job in the time allotted, that's it.

So it really doesn't surprise me that there isn't very many female programmers because the whole corporate programmer thing really does kinda suck. As long as little Sally can choose to become a programmer if she WANTS to become one, and get equal pay for equal work? That is as far as I think it should go, quotas are a cancer that not only breeds racist attitudes but frankly demeans even those that weren't hired because of a quota. I see this a LOT in the south because government jobs will often require a contractor to have a "diversity" of X of whatever so even if that person is frankly qualified for the job there is always this lingering resentment and the thought that they didn't REALLY earn that job, they are just a token.

As long as you can be a programmer if you choose to that should be the end of it and to say there has to be "X" number of women in a field I truly believe is demeaning to women and treat them as just a man without a penis. Frankly the whole thing is completely insane to me, it would be like saying you have to have "X" number of black hockey players while ignoring that most black folks find winter sports in general to be boring. what's next, saying its racist that other countries like soccer instead of American Football? That Football is sexist because most women have no desire to be linebackers? The whole thing is just batshit to me, we are all different, different races, different genders, different cultures, why do we all have to be identical? Can't we just accept that we are different and that is fine and move on?

Comment Re:Huh? What? (Score 1) 506

Yes I do find it easier because my mouse is always in easy reach of my right hand and the few milliseconds you save is probably blown by the 4 or 5 seconds to remember which of the bazillion combos you need for a particular task. It has been tested and documented that keyboard commanders are actually SLOWER than mouse users in pretty much any environment where a mouse is usable at all, a primitive CLI like DOS or Bash is the ONLY place where a keyboard commander gains ANY advantage and frankly if your PC is so shit that the only way it will run worth a piss is to not have any shells at all? Frankly you have bigger problems than remembering keyboard shortcuts as an 8 year old dumpster dived PC has more than enough power to run a modern shell.

If remembering a few keyboard shortcuts, even though the figures show you are being slowed down makes you happy? Then please use them, I'm all for personal choice. Where I have to throw the "bullshit on the field" flag is when keyboard commanders act like they are somehow faster or better because they know some arcane rarely used throwback to DOS when in reality the data shows all they are doing is slowing themselves down. Anybody who thinks about it for even a second will see why, we humans are VERY eye hand dominant and can pop GUI icons without even actual thought required whereas the simple act of recalling a keyboard shortcut adds seconds that simply aren't required to just pop an icon with a mouse.

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 5, Insightful) 608

Here is what I don't get and why these "why are there not enough women in X" articles piss me off....why do we have to treat women like a man with an inverted penis, instead of what they are, a completely different creature that SOMETIMES have interests that overlap ours, sometimes not?

Does a woman's brain look the same as ours on a CAT scan? Nope, different areas are used more and different areas used less, in fact any scan tech worth his salt can spot a female vs male scan in seconds. There are plenty of fields where a woman will just slaughter a man, for example a female pilot will whup the dog shit out of a male pilot because she can take more Gs and in a fight the one that can push the plane the hardest without having a black or red out wins. Women are better at language, women are better at diffusing tense situations which is why they make better cops and hostage negotiators...the list goes on and on.

So why in the hell do we have to treat little Sally like she is just Jimmy without a penis? Why? ALL we should do is make sure that if little Sally WANTS to try out for a job she can without discrimination that is it, THAT IS ALL we should do. Instead we try to set quotas and if there isn't "X" number of this or that gender (this only seems to apply to women and certain minorities, nobody complains there is not enough white people playing basketball or males becoming nurses) everyone acts shocked! Shocked I tell you! That little Sally doesn't want to do the same shit little Jimmy does...did you ever stop to think maybe little Sally finds computers boring as hell? Did you think about that? Because I fix the computers that women use every day and I have found the VAST majority, I'd say at least a good 7 if not 8 out of 10 just want to do their job and get as far from the PC as they can when the work day is done. You see many females actually LIKE face to face interaction, I know, its weird, and they find just staring at a screen for hours dull and repetitive. Ironic considering the one time they like spending hours on the thing is FB and those damned FB games, or as I call them "hamster pushes the button and gets a treat" but hey I'm not a woman and if it makes 'em happy? More power to 'em.

So as long as we make sure little Sally can do the job if she wants, which with the rise of startups and appstores frankly I don't see as much of a problem since anybody can start their own software house now, then we should just stay the hell out of it. I think if we did so you'd find that certain jobs women are drawn to, certain jobs men are drawn to because surprise! They truly are different creatures with different wants, needs, and goals.

Comment Re:Catch-up because (Score 1) 406

Sure it can, don't like my ideas? there is your pink slip, don't let the door hit ya on the way out. First thing you'd have to do is clear out all of Ballmer's little yes men and lickspittles, wouldn't be hard to do, not with the board scared pissless of Apple and me telling them we are gonna be the big dog again.

The problem with MSFT is Ballmer has been laser locked on Cupertino and Wall Street instead of putting boots on the ground to make damned sure he knew the pulse of his customers, any retailer can tell you that when you don't know WTF your customers want you are dead meat. Instead he just tried to "me too" his way out of the problem and wasted nearly a decade being the half ass ersatz instead of making good products, again a killer.

The ONE thing they should have taken from Jobs is "you don't have to beat the other guy to win". Jobs knew this, he didn't try to beat MSFT at their own game, instead he made up a new game and MSFT ended up (foolishly) playing their game by their rules and got bitchslapped for it. Instead of killing themselves to make a shitty ARM device nobody wants they SHOULD have been on the horn with Intel and AMD and doing everything they could to integrate as tight as they could with the latest chips so that MSFT software would be beyond reproach when it came to X86, what did they do instead? They were so focused on ARM that AMD had to actually DROP an innovative feature, the "per core PowerNow" that would drop ONLY cores that weren't in use thus minimizing power usage because Vista would just ignore what the chip was telling it and pile on work on the sleeping core, slowing down the system and causing it to waste instead of save power, inexcusable.

Now you have both Intel and AMD coming out with ULV chips and who are they talking up? Android. MSFT should have had their products running so fucking good on X86 that even thinking of running anything else would have gotten you laughed at, but they let PHBs and marketing drones run the company and all you got was bling and bloat. First thing I would do is clear house and then lay out EXACTLY what needed to be done and then get to it, too much time wasted to be wasting more on red tape, cut the bull and get back to making MSFT the best products you can buy for computers and go from there.

Comment Re:Huh? What? (Score 1) 506

I think they are talking about using a fucking up 3 finger keyboard shortcut to do what any Gecko or Chromium based browser does with a right click. Why on earth you'd want to go through a 3 finger keyboard shortcut when its just right click>reopen closed tab and unlike the 3 finger bullshit you can undo as many levels as you want, all the way back to when you opened the browser.

I'll probably get hate for saying this but "keyboard commanders" seem to think its some great accomplishment when they trip over some funky fucked up keyboard shortcut and when they point it out a good 90% of the time I have to reply with "Uhhh...you know there is a button that will do that, right? See just click here, no need to twist your fingers into pretzels when there is a GUI button right there" but then they get all pissy, like we should all be amazed at the fact they can twist their fingers into pretzels to do what the rest of us can do with a single click of the mouse in the right place.;

Comment Re:Vista (Score 1) 357

See my post above AC, after using every hack and trick on the net Vista STILL thrashed a new HDD to death, and its "senior moments" caused countless failed burns and network transfer failures. Honestly I hadn't seen THAT much bullshit with a MSFT OS since WinME and when you compared it to the rock solid stable XP X64? No comparison, Vista was a flaming pile of shit. It got to the point when somebody with Vista walked into my shop I automatically said "my condolences" because I KNEW that their problems were all traced back to Vista and sure enough, put on XP and tada! The system ran fine.

As for how to fix Win 8? Use Start8 and combine it with "disable charms registry" and if its a laptop grab the generic synaptics touchpad driver (any other touchpad and you are fucked, just disable it and use a wireless mouse) because the generic driver has an option to disable ALL swipe gestures, otherwise even after start8 and the reg hack if you move your touchpad too quickly you'll have your work interrupted by that damned "charms" bar. Yeah about as charming as a punch to the scrotum.

Comment Re:Catch-up because (Score 1) 406

I didn't touch on enterprise because frankly that one is beyond simple to fix. First we could through the maze of bullshit that is Windows licenses, we make that shit simple with language a third grader could read. Second all the extra tier shit is gone, you got SMB, corporate, and datacenter, that's it. And the differences will be spelled out simply so anybody can take 2 minutes and decide what is right for your business. Your business grows and need to go up a tier? We'll take your old keys for 100% credit on the next tier, so ALL you pay is the difference.

That is just the start, MSFT has fucked up so much I could go on all damned day but just those changes would have IT guys across the country cheering my name at the top of their lungs and would go a long way towards fixing the mess.

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