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Comment Re:Oh, look! Just what the economy needs! (Score 1) 600

Well I can say its already affecting common folk, I know a LOT of guys whose employers won't give them a 40 week check no matter what just because they don't want or can't afford Obamacare.

No matter which side of this you are on (personally I think a combo of single payer and a revamp of the entire medical and insurance industry is called for, prices have been shooting up too high for most to afford) passing Obamacare without any real controls on prices was just stupid, it left waaaay too many at the bottom with no way to get ahead, too many employers that now will never allow a 40 hour week worker, the whole thing is just a mess.

Comment Re:The GPU is likely idle so why not use it? (Score 1) 211

Because its gonna use more power and generate more heat than the CPU alone would do? Unless you are using something LV like one of the AMD APUs but with those the memory bandwidth is gonna be a bottleneck and with the low end discretes frankly you aren't gonna get enough of a boost to be worth the trouble, probably nothing lower than an HD7750 (around $80) would be useful in this situation.

Comment Re:If you need it you are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 211

This is why I've been telling folks "Don't judge LO yet, they got a LOT of legacy cruft they are gonna have to remove so for a project THAT big give them around 2-3 years to get it all cleaned up" and I have to say they are making pretty good progress so far.

But you are right as far as CPUs go, I have an engineer doing huge Solidworks model presentations on a Phenom I triple and use a Bobcat dual core netbook as an HTPC running 1080P so if your spreadsheet manages to drag down even a 5 year old chip? You are doin it wrong.

Comment Re:If you need it you are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 211

Dude VB into a DB (or whatever LO does into a DB, what language does BASE have?) is as old as the hills and most that I have seen has been a dozen times better than jamming everything into a spreadsheet.

Besides lets cut the bullshit and speak some truth, the whole reason spreadsheets got so abused and bloated was the bastard admins from hell wouldn't let anybody have an IDE or any tools EXCEPT for that copy of MS Office (or LO in this case) and as usual when you have a job to do and the admin is cockblocking you find a way around him and that was abusing the hell out of Excel and Access, or in this case Calc and BASE.

But I have found if the admin is reasonable and not an asshole and lets them have decent tools if they need them the spreadsheets from hell just doesn't happen, I would just ask guys what they were doing and if they had a legitimate plan to create something they required i was fine with letting them have an IDE like Netbeans or whatever they needed. I was always "the right tool for the job" kinda guy and I found if you just listened to the grunts and gave them the right tools when they needed them all those half assed spreadsheets and DB frontends just didn't happen, at least on my watch.

Comment Re:If you need it you are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 211

Oh Lord, preach brother preach! Do you know how many damned "Excel sheets from hell" I ran into when I was working corporate? That and "Access DB from the deep" were usually the 2 most abused tools I have EVER seen in all my days!

Now don't get me wrong, both spreadsheets and small DBs like Access can be great...if you know their limitations, hell I use an old VB into Access DB setup to catalog my DVDs, but what some of those guys were doing should have been a criminal offense. You'd have so much programming jammed into a spreadsheet it was unreal, or an entire office all depending on a single Access DB that had grown into this bloated monster.

So I have to agree, if your spreadsheet has become such a bloated mess that you actually need to offload to the GPU just to speed up all the data crunching that thing is doing? You might want to look into using something else instead of trying to get a spreadsheet to do it all.

I do have to say though that since taking over the guys at ODF seem to be doing a pretty damned good job modernizing LO, they keep this up and in another year and a half it'll probably be a drop in replacement for MS Office so great job guys.

Comment Re:I like XP (Score 1) 251

Alright you got the cash, old hairy has got the advice...get a RAMDrive. I got a dev customer running SSDs with a 32Gb RAMDrive and I swear the fricking times are just AMAZING, with those bad boys feeding into a fire breathing Core i7 its just a screamin' demon when it comes to...well pretty much any damned thing he wants to run. SSDs are fast but nothing will touch a 32GB or 64GB DDR 3 RAMDrive when it comes to squeezing every drop of performance that the chips will do.

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

Oh bullshit, but what should I expect from an anon coward, I swear there needs to be a way to just wipe all ac posts from your sight forever without affecting downmodded LEGIT posts.

But just FYI you can easily buy a pound of dope straight from the border, you got the cash you could probably buy your own sex slave while you were at it, do you REALLY think your gun laws would affect any criminal in the slightest?

If you have a border with ZERO security your stupid laws mean exactly dick, hell the whole reason we had the treasonous false flag known as fast and Furious is they found out the cartels weren't buying american guns, they were buying ex-Soviet stuff because they could get full auto and RPGs and grenades and shit. So do you HONESTLY believe that a stupid ass law would keep ANY criminal from just going up to the dealer and getting a gun to go with his 8-ball?

Comment Re:All the xbox employees now report to Ballmer (Score 2) 100

Well consider that Ballmer has been like a stuck record, all "appstores appstores appstores, social social social" I have no doubt that the Xbone will be all about pushing the appstore and social crap so most likely it'll suck like everything Ballmer has "personally" gotten involved in.Zune,Sidekick, Zune Market, WinPhone, his "leadership" seems to be "make it suck so I can pretend I can become the new Apple".

So it honestly doesn't surprise me that Ballmer let him go and took over, it is pretty obvious that his ego overrides any common sense. I have been trying to think of another company to compare it to but I really can't, the closest i can come up with is how badly the Pepsi guy ran Apple, but even he saw there was problems and tried to correct them, Ballmer seems to be just going full retard ahead. I mean can anybody else think of a tech company where every single metric was shit and instead of trying to change course just gave the finger to their customers repeatedly? I sure as hell can't.

Comment Re:no use for Dot Matrix (Score 1) 100

Uhhh..wasn't he the douchebag that told their prospective CUSTOMERS to "deal with it" when the complaints about always online DRM surfaced and told them if they didn't like it to buy a 360, a fricking ancient piece of tech that if it follows typical MSFT strategy will be completely abandoned not 6 months after the Xbone comes out?

Hell if that doesn't earn your ass a pink slip at MSFT WTF would? of course MSFT seems to be bound and determined to completely destroy their business so who am I to complain, i only hope somebody forces Ballmer out before he completely fucking slaughters the company. I wonder if in 5 years we'll be talking about "The Ballmer effect" to describe companies that refuse to listen to their customers and commit suicide?

Comment Re:Washington Post (Score 1) 314

Not gonna happen, too many major corps making mad money on the net to allow it to get turned off. Sadly we have a country run by whores and corps like Google can just whip out their checkbook and having them dropping to their knees faster than you can say campaign contributions.

Comment Re:The poem was already a perversion of the idea.. (Score 1) 160

Uhhh when they wrote that they not only had slaves, which were required because frankly there wasn't enough backs to do all the work, but they had hundreds upon hundreds of miles of open country, minus the Indians they slaughtered of course.

Today for every one you have climbing the fence to look for a job (which honestly I've had more than a dozen Americans ask to cut my mom's grass because they can't find any work, its fricking bad in the flyover states folks) you have probably a dozen criminals coming here to ply their "trade" because they know with all these "safe havens" its easy to set up camp here, you have whole busloads filled with those needing ultra expensive medical treatment (its gotten so bad in some places they are basically knocking them out and slipping them on a plane or bus, look up "guy goes into coma, wakes up in Poland" for just one example) and we have H1-Bs killing any chance of Americans learning those skills because they pay less for a master's than we do for a new econo-car.

We can't even feed our own (look up "face of hunger in USA" to see how many of our citizens go to bed hungry each night) or pay our own bills, we just can't support the damned planet folks, we just can't. Meanwhile while they open the floodgates they have sent more than 42,000 FACTORIES overseas since 2001, you have nearly half the population getting handouts or aid, its just not sustainable folks, its gonna collapse and when it does its gonna be REALLY ugly, worse than NO after Katrina ugly.

Comment Re:I like XP (Score 1) 251

Well that would still let you get another 7970 when the price drops so you'll get the crazy bling for longer. Honestly the price of CF capable boards, especially the AMD ones are so damned cheap if you want to game you are probably better off with a CF board, they can usually hold more RAM and have better options for tweaking anyway.

Being a PC fixit shop guy in a poor state and having a couple of teens that game I just can't go batshit on the cards, as any card i get for myself I'll end up having to get the boys something equal to it so we can game together so if its one thing I've learned its how to stretch out that bang for the buck and get the most for the money. that is why me and the oldest are running Thuban Hexacores and the youngest an AMD quad, by going with the AMD chips I was able to build 3 pretty damned nice PCs for less than a grand, and that is why I'll end up getting the HD7750s to replace the HD4850s we are running now as 3 of those this fall will cost less than your single card.

But if it were me I'd still stick with the x7xx and x8xx simply because with CF you can buy one card now and in six months buy another when the price is cheaper. With the x9xx cards they really don't sell those in mass quantities so the price never drops nearly as far,whereas with x7xx and x8xx you can get some crazy cheap prices if you watch out.

As far as ever thought about a caching SSD? i have a gaming customer running a Sandisk caching SSD and he just raves about how fast game levels and textures load, with that caching SSD working as a buffer between your HDD and your RAM/VRAM you can seriously cut down the time it takes to feed that beast of yours, but of course with you running ultra HD I'm sure nothing is gonna top insane amounts of VRAM, still if you have already bought the monster card nothing wrong with having the option to CF it down the line. It'll let you squeeze more bang for the buck without having to keep buying the insane-o priced cards constantly.

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

Great, while you guys quibble with semantics you are all ignoring the simple fact that PIRATES DON'T BUY LICENSES, hence why they are called fricking PIRATES!

God that kind of shit drives me up a damned wall, its like those "Oh to stop criminals we'll pass more gun laws" they DON'T FOLLOW THE STUPID LAWS YOU HAVE NOW which is why they. are.criminals. so passing more laws? fucking STUPID.

I bet my last dollar if you looked at ALL of windows piracy? you MAY have .7%, and that's not a typo, less than 1%, are using any MSDNs or technet crap because why should they pay MSFT a damned dime when they can get a bootloader hacked copy of TPB for exactly NOTHING. I swear i'd love to just bitchslap the moron that thought it was about piracy with a print out of how every. damned.version. of Windows that has EVER been made, even the offbeat shit like Embedded and WinFLP is ALREADY ON TPB so why would you buy a fricking technet?

Comment Re:This is mostly outdated service (Score 1) 280

Yeah and my dick is 14 foot long and named Leeroy, just because you scream "Its teh PIRATZES" don't make it so. I can walk down to the shop and show you what the pirates use as I had one hand me a copy to play with, its a bootloader hacked Windows 7 and 8 that doesn't need ANY damned keys and somehow they have even managed to get it to autohide any Windows updates that have anything to do with WGA, damned if i know how but they did it.

so quit buying the bullshit, its the same bullshit EA and ubisoft pulled with their "Its teh PIRATEZ" garbage and the pirates laughed their fucking ass of because they DON'T BUY RETAIL and they sure as fuck aren't buying Technet either. The ONLY ones i have ever met buying Technet were the ones that needed to pre-test the new stuff before doing SMB rollouts, the kind of places where its too small for MSDN but too large to just go COTS and all this dumbshit move will do is give 'em one more reason to talk to google. wow MSFT, you just keep raising the bar when it comes to being dumbasses!

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