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Comment Re:What a damp blanket you must be: (Score 1) 158

But to play Devil's Advocate here...how many of you have actually WATCHED any of the first two Doctor's shows? I have watched a few and....its pretty sad actually, they treated it like a show for children and looks like they had a budget of something like 2 pounds, its pretty rough to watch some of them. Oh and lets not forget the first Doc had quite a few that were VERY un-PC, even saying nigger a few times on the show.

Now don't take this wrong, I LIKE Dr Who, I used to watch the Fourth Doctor on PBS every weekend, it was a blast, but if you look STRICTLY based on quality, quality of sets, writing, costumes, etc, there are really only a handful of the first two Dr Who Doctors that are really worth watching for anybody but the most hardcore of completionist. If you were to magically have them show on my monitor right now? I'd watch the Daleks, the Cybermen, especially Tenth Planet, but the rest? The rest were sadly hampered by the way the show was treated by the BBC...Remember folks it was originally supposed to be an EDUCATIONAL show, think "Magic School Bus" for the 60s, with the dr going back to historical points for educating the childrens.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 158

You are forgetting that the governments and corps are becoming one and the corps don't want you watching or listening to anything that they don't get a cut of and certainly not in a DRM free format. All it would take is the countries tightening that noose a little bit tighter (six strikes anyone?) for your amaing Internet to become nothing but a home shopping channel and propaganda outlet for the government. Now break out your CC and watch the latest approved DRMed video from Michael Bay, that is a good citizen.

Comment Re:Open Source the Tab Code (Score 2) 194

And this country would be....where exactly? The USA has a pretty damned long reach, ask Kim Dotcom about that. Also that person/persons would have to be prepared to NEVER set foot into any country which has ties and extradition to the USA which again is a pretty damned long list.

So I'm sorry but as long as USA "justice" is by the corp, of the corp, and for the corp you can give it up, all it takes is a big enough player to crush you like a bug.

Comment Re:None use intel or amd for graphics? (Score 1) 187

Uhhh...insightful? Really mods? never tried Powershell I take it? And as for outlook and the registry stop thinking that every OS has to be like Linux. When it comes to windows like Apple the best tools are third party so we actually have CHOICE. There is free, there is various for pay, and YOU get to choose what you want, not what you can get some devs to donate their time for.

As far as work after the fact? when it comes to the GPUs you can lay the blame FIRMLY on Linus Torvalds shoulders. Quick what do BSD,OSX,Solarius, Windows, and OS/2 have in common that Linux does NOT have? Why a stable ABI so that GPU makers don't HAVE to constantly crap out drivers to fix what Linus Torvalds breaks this week! I can take the disc that came with my 2008 AMD 4850, pop it in and guess what? the drivers WORK. in a pinch I can use XP drivers if I like, that equals THIRTEEN YEARS of drivers I can choose from...tell me can YOU take the driver that AMD or Nvidia released in 2008 and install it on the latest Linux with ZERO fuss or muss? Hell can you do so for even 2 year old drivers?

The reason you can't is simple...Linus Torvalds. If Windows would have kept the old crappy VXD driver model for aaaaaall these years, you'd laugh right? it would be a joke to use a driver model from the early 90s on 2013 hardware right? Well guess what, Torvalds has kept his driver model virtually unchanged since 1994! His model was written at a time where ALL Linux drivers could fit on a single floppy and now? Now its a bad joke. the ONLY reason you have any working drivers AT ALL is that companies like Nvidia shell out the ass for a dev team to do nothing but fix Torvalds messes!

And the sad part? the part that just sticks it in and breaks it off? it was NOT done for design reasons, NOT done because he thinks its better on memory, or CPU or anything else, nope it was done for POLITICAL reasons! If you want proof just bring up a stable ABI to a Linux dev and see how quickly the subject becomes NOT what the merits of this or that model is, NOT the advantages or disadvantages would be, nope you'll suddenly start hearing code words like "GPL purity" and "Spirit of FOSS" which translates to "We don't care if it stays a broken mess as long as it fits our political agenda!

And it is THIS, this right here, that have kept Linux below the margin of error for 20 years and which keeps Linux so far behind that win 8, the most hated MSFT OS since MS Bob, beat the entire Linux desktop install numbers the first fricking week! I'm sure valve will learn the hard way, as did MSI,ASUS,Walmart, Best Buy, all these companies learned that Linux LOOKS nice but keeping it running? Not so nice. Its a fucking shame too as so much work has been put in it and KDE 4 is frankly a better Windows than Windows 8, there is tons of software that likewise looks and runs great, but the first time Joe and Bob go to update their new steambox and get the "fun" of having sound crapped on, or video trashed, or wireless gone? They'll go right back to Windows. Its a fucking shame and maybe when Torvalds finally retires we can get somebody that will put the OS above politics, until then its just not going anywhere long term. As a system builder I personally hate it,MSFT treats us like shit,but Linux is a money loser, keeping it running is just too much bullshit.

Comment Re:The world's largest botnet (Score 1) 166

Not only is it a myth you can show with basic common sense WHY its a myth.

You have something like 40 MILLION lines of code making up even the thinnest Linux distro, right? Now programs on average with FOSS have two to four releases a year, some like FF even higher.

Now for "many eyes" to be true ALL of what I'm about to post HAS to be true or many eyes is false...1.- you have to have people with the education and experience in both code AND stenography AND obfuscation, for why you have to have that look at the obfuscated C contest to see how even when you know there is malware how well it can be hidden, 2.- those people HAVE to look at not ONLY the code but ALSO all that it interacts with, for why you have to have that look at payload malware where by itself it is harmless but when mixed with a second program turns nasty, and finally 3.- They have to be willing to check not ONLY this one version but EVERY release for both the program AND the subsystems!

The "many eyes" myth works on the fallacy that states because something COULD be done it HAS been done. Well there COULD be vampires in the world but I don't think I need to carry a stake, do you? if I wanted I could wallpaper this page with Linux malware links but I think an even better answer is to show how you can write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps which will work on pretty much ANY distro, how? By exploiting the weakest link, like any virus...the user. And for those that Linux users wouldn't fall for those? look up the "KDE Look Bug" to see thousands of Linux users that got pwned by a screensaver and theme.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 189

Exactly and all of those can be trivially automated with scripts so they can be just as accurate as any benchmark WITHOUT allowing the companies to rig the test!

At the end of the day if everybody has rigged the test then the test is worthless, that's it, no more argument on the subject, the test is worthless and meaningless if everybody cheats and as we have seen both on X86 and on ARM cheating is rampant, so what to do? There is only one thing you CAN do and that is to throw out the test and use real applications to measure real performance. this way they can't rig as there are dozens of tools that do the same job, from WinRAR to PKZip, from Handbrake to WinDVD, so by using real world applications not only do they give you actual results without cheats but they also give you more of an overview of what the device is really like on day to day usage. Seems like a win/win to everyone but the companies selling benchmark software to me.

Comment Re:more the better (Score 1, Flamebait) 130

Maybe if you found out WHY some hate intel you might understand, yes? How about the fact that they weren't busted for antitrust after a half dozen CEOs admitted taking bribes from Intel to take the power pig P4 and lock AMD out of the market, or how about the Intel Compiler which is rigged to this very day so that ANY CODE made on ICC will be crippled if run on anything but an Intel CPU?

Everybody here screams about MSFT and Apple but Intel makes both look like the care bears when it comes to dirty dealing, bribery, market rigging, falsifying benchmarks,you name it Intel has done it and have bought their way out of it. If anyone wants I'll be happy to wallpaper this page with citations from multiple sources backing every bit of this up.

So you can see why some of us would look at a "gift" like this from Intel with suspicion, Intel can play the EEE game with the best of them and wouldn't be the first time Intel product dumped to try to destroy what they thought was a threat, see Intel giving away their chipsets to slit Nvidia's throat in the chipset biz, which they did eventually run them out of. Again no investigation, no antitrust, nothing.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 189

Yes but until these companies stop cheating, just as Intel to this very day cheats with ICC then what choice do you have? If every scale is being rigged by the manufacturer then the only choice is to not use their scale, correct?

And in both cases since you have access to a CLI writing a script that calls real world applications shouldn't be very hard. as long as all the corps are rigging there really isn't a choice.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 3, Informative) 189

If you are trying to say AMD's compiler rigs? Sorry you are full of shit, the reviewer that first found the cripple code in ICC did rigorous testing of AMD's compiler and found it was merely GCC with some extra X64 flags added to better support 64 bit, that is it. Oh and you can download the source for the ACC and see for yourself, its based on GCC and is fully GPL V2 compliant.

Comment Re:BBC's most effective copyright strategy in effe (Score 1) 216

Yet another advantage we Americans had, there was an abundance of film cameras from the studios (remember that poverty row died out in the early 50s, flooding the market with cheap film cameras of movie quality) and of course with Hollywood being here and using so much film I have no doubt the price of film was cheaper here as well. Since film can't be reused and we had no rules limiting rebroadcast a lot more survived because it could be used to fill air time in the off hours, weekend mornings, late night, etc.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 4, Insightful) 189

Even easier...don't use benchmarks which are easily rigged, choose real world applications and cook up some tests using them!

The problem is ALL the benchmarks have been rigged by somebody for ages...X86? Any benchmark compiled using ICC is rigged against AMD and boosts Intel by 30% (look up "Intel Cripple Compiler" if you want to learn more, end result is benchmarks are completely useless on X86 unless compiled with GCC) and as we see here ARM? Rigged by everybody. This kind of crap has been going on since "Quack.exe" and is why you shouldn't trust ANY benchmarks. I'll always remember one of the reviews before the guy was told about ICC when he was testing netbooks "These new netbooks with AMD seem to be MUCH snappier...yet it loses to the low end Atom by nearly 30%, and I just don't know why"...the reason why is the benchmarks are all rigged!

So if you want to bench an ARM chip? Root the phone, install Bash, and run a script that runs real applications in real world scenarios. there are more than enough apps out there that cooking up their own informal benches should NOT be hard and until they do? Just remember to replace the word benchmark with bullshit every time you see one of these articles.

Comment Re:The world's largest botnet (Score 2, Informative) 166

Logical disconnect....because one instance, where the servers are admined by guys making high five figures on up and have had many many years of education and experience don't get pwned its the OS that deserves credit?

Bullshit. I don't care if the OS is Linux,Windows, or OS/2 Warp if you put well educated admins on them they will be safe, bad admins and they will be pwned. For what happens to Linux when it is faced with clueless users one merely has to look at Android, which passed its million infection mark over the summer, beating the time it took windows to reach that number by a good half a decade.

Moral of the story? FOSS isn't fairy dust and thinking because an OS is open magically makes it more secure is just that,magical thinking. The vast majority of infections on ANY platform are caused by PEBKAC and Linux has enjoyed many years of security by obscurity on the desktop and highly educated admins on the server. Takes those away? It gets pwned just like Windows and OSX.

Comment Re:BBC's most effective copyright strategy in effe (Score 5, Interesting) 216

Not only that but that old tape was VERY temperamental about how much climate and humidity it would tolerate so had to be kept in...well practically a vault with strict climate control which is why so many shows from the 40s-60s were lost both in the USA and the UK, the cost to keep early tape in playable condition was just insane.

Also you have the fact that as TVs switched to color most folks really didn't seem interested in watching some old B&W show, they all wanted color to enjoy on their new sets which made corps like the BBC figure that B&W shows would never be worth a nickel and when you figure in the insane costs of storing the film and the cost of the films themselves? not really surprising that they didn't keep them.

Finally as for copyrights? I believe until We,The People have a seat at the table they should be looked at as what they are, unjust laws bought by bribes and like all unjust laws should be ignored as much as possible. What we have in america does NOT fit either into the framework the founders wrote nor any idea of a "reasonable time", no what we have is Valenti's "forever minus a single day" because every time it looks like that fucking mouse will end up in PD Disney will bribe the politicians for another stay. this is why if you want to pirate something? Please by all means pirate Disney, don't give those bribing bastards a single cent of your money. I mean how fucked up is it that Walt has been dead longer than many here have been alive and many of his first works, made when planes were made of cloth and antibiotics were but a dream, is STILL under copyright?

Until copyrights actually have limits again we,the People should simply ignore them, they no longer serve their intended purpose and now merely enrich a few old white guys that lock more and more of a culture behind a paywall.

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