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Comment Re:This story sounds familiar (Score 1) 296

Not really as I like educating those below me but what IS tiresome is flag waving douchebags, which remind me of the ancient Mel Brooks joke "all go to hell except cave 76!". I mean do you HONESTLY think that CCP gives a fuck about anything other than your wallet?

Now is that automatically a bad thing? No not at all, as long as they give you good value for your dollars and if you'd like an example I'd point out Gearbox with their Borderlands series or Volition with their Saints Row series, both just love to play the DLC tango but when my boys and I are playing co-op in some massive free for all in Borderlands 1 or 2 or Saints Row 3? I honestly couldn't care less about their trying to squeeze that last nickel by appealing to completionists.

But for an example of where you are NOT getting good value see Eve Online where a LOT of the appeal, hell its even all over the ads CCP have to entice newcomers, is the "huge epic space battles" so the sci/fi fans can recreate some of the excitement of Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica only to find the engine simply can't keep up, which of course i called them out on. If you are gonna advertise huge space battles at least be capable of having epic space battles in real time, otherwise it might as well be a turn based RTS.

Comment Re:Premptive STFU to GPL haters (Score 1) 228

A FOSS company is one whose products and/or services are primarily based around FOSS software, everyone from non profits like the Document Foundation to Red Hat would be considered a FOSS company. why its a BAD IDEA for a company that is NOT a FOSS company to use FOSS in their products is plainly illustrated in TFA and also by TiVo.

As for the "unwanted freedom" as you put it, way to choose words for maximum propaganda value BTW, nice touch, I don't care if FOSS offers me blackjack and hookers if it doesn't fit my use case it would be fucking stupid to use it, now wouldn't it? I work primarily with home users and SMBs, 2 places where FOSS OSes suck a big hairy nut thanks to 1.- Shitty driver model breaking drivers so that hardware that works in foo doesn't work in foo + 1, 2.- Shitty half baked software that doesn't come even close to the proprietary solutions, see pretty much every bookkeeping software on Linux VS Quicken and Quickbooks, and 3.- Nothing that comes even close to the length of support that MSFT offers without paying tens of thousands of dollars, for an example show me ANY Linux OS that gives you 10 years of updates WITHOUT having to do the upgrade deathmarch and deal with #1 that doesn't cost several thousand dollars, see Red Hat and their $300 a year just to get updates.

So while many "true believers" such as yourself think FOSS is the answer to everything in reality? Its actually only good for a few niches and the low adoption numbers reflect that. Its good for servers, its good for embedded, oh and before you mention Android which is the rallying cry of the FOSS crowd let me cut you off at the pass, android is a proprietary spinoff of an embedded Linux product, its 100% controlled by Google which is why handset makers can lock down the OS with impunity, because Google uses the "TiVo trick" by making sure ONLY GPL V2 is allowed.

But since I'm not a programmer free lawyers mean jack and squat, and as a user and retailer I've found FOSS software leaves a LOT to be desired, so much so in fact that thanks to all the headaches FOSS software brings with it (Google "Linux busted shitter problem" to see a deeper explanation) it is actually cheaper for me to use proprietary than to use FOSS because of the better support and frankly just better written software.

Comment Re:Wireshark (Score 5, Insightful) 923

Uhhh...I thought it was common knowledge that the search engines and the feds are all buddy buddy? Not that it would have really mattered since we now know about the wiretap they have on the AT&T trunks which everything goes through at one time or another.

What I find ironic about all this is if they EVER catch a single terrorist thanks to all this big brother crap? It'll be the kind too fucking dumb to have been any good at being a terrorist, your Richard Reid "useful idiot" kind of Muslim extremist. Any terrorist that could actually do any damage, your Abu Nidal mean motorscooter types aren't gonna be so damned retarded as to Google for instructions with zero obfuscation, not when you have multiple free anonymizing services and search engines that don't log like DuckDuckGo and Scroogle.

So once again we have the government wasting huge piles of money and infringing the rights and privacy of everyone for a program that won't work...must be Thursday.

Comment Re:What HTPC game replaces Smash Bros.? (Score 1) 212

Dude nobody is gonna buy a $350 console for a single game, nobody. with the Wii Nintendo burnt too many bridges by letting an assload of shovelware get dumped for it so you ended up with game after game that did the "Wii Waggle" and that was it. You could count the really good Wii games on 2 hands and have fingers left over and they were nearly ALL made by Nintendo.

So while i'm sure you'll get a few hardcore fanboys that buy it, the kind that sleep on Mario sheets and have gone to a party dressed as a Nintendo character but how many of those do you REALLY think are out there? Not enough to entice third parties and not enough to get Nintendo out of dead last that's for sure.

Comment Re:The move to HD hurt them (Score 1) 212

The problem is twofold, 1.- The system is INSANELY weak, more of an upgrade to the Wii than a new system and frankly tech has progressed a hell of a lot farther since the Wii. If you look up the specs the GPU is equal to an HD4650, that is a GPU that wasn't even high middle when released and has been in legacy for over 2 years. This will make it hard for Nintendo to get third parties, the other 2 use AMD APUs and can be easily ported between each other, Wii U uses an older PPC chip so it just won't run the Xbox next and PS4 games.

The second problem is related to the first, 2.- The reason Nintendo went so weak was they bet the farm on the casual market they had targeted for the Wii, problem? they have all moved on. doing home theater and HTPC installs i get to go in a lot of folks homes and you don't know how many times I've been told when asked if they want this Wii hooked back into the system "Nah just hand it here and I'll put it in the closet, i don't use it anymore". The casual market has ZERO brand loyalty and the same ones that I saw playing Wii units and Nintendo handhelds are now playing angry Birds on their tablets and have replaced their handhelds with a smartphone and of course the hardcore aren't gonna spend $350 on a Wii U when for $50 more they can get the PS4 and from what I read at $350 they are losing money per unit so dropping it into the crucial $150-$200 casual range won't be easy.

So I have a feeling the big N is gonna be hurting this round, too weak to appeal to the hardcore, and the casuals have moved on to mobile devices.

Comment Re:Premptive STFU to GPL haters (Score -1, Troll) 228

Wow check out the FOSSies above you, if you dare say ANYTHING other than "Gee isn't GPL great? why it sure is Skip and RMS' farts cure global warning" they literally foam at the mouth like rabid dogs...too bad they can't seem to parse a sentence or understand basic language.

Since yours seems to be the least batshit reply let me spell it out...okay? if a company is NOT a FOSS company and are building proprietary devices its fucking STUPID to use GPL, why? Because GPL and proprietary don't play nice with each other, again that is by design as it was designed to further RMS political agenda, just look at how TiVo was named in GPL V3 because by following the license to the letter they still pissed off RMS because they didn't follow his agenda.

Now is the GPL bad? Not really, like any other license it depends on its usage as just like languages it can be abused, but if the license works for you? Fine and dandy but what everyone here seems incapable of grasping is that not every company wants to be a FOSS company, in fact the majority do NOT want to be FOSS companies because if your business doesn't fall under the "blessed three" you are screwed (which is why a FOSS game with the quality of the Bioshock or even the GTA series, because games don't fall under the blessed three and thus they can't survive) and its pretty damned obvious since this was NOT THEIR FIRST OFFENSE that this company does NOT want to be a FOSS company so...why? Why do these coders keep risking the companies they work for by taking GPL code when there is no need?

THIS is what I am having trouble understanding because if you aren't a FOSS company and in fact make proprietary stuff as this company does its not only dumb to use a software licensed to be as anti-proprietary as it possibly can but its pointless as some of the biggest names on the planet are running on BSD so its not like BSD has crap code dude, the whole thing makes no fucking sense.

But if FOSS OSes and software make you happy? Its a free country and I support your right to choose, just as I hope everyone would support my right to choose proprietary OSes and software for my customers as I find it has more polish and works better for the particular niche my business occupies. Where FOSS makes sense I have NO problem employing it, if a company needs a webserver there isn't any point in using anything but a premade LAMP stack, and I used to hand out Libre office to my home users until i found Google Docs works even better for that use case, but unlike the dumbass company in TFA I do NOT try to build proprietary solutions using FOSS software and THAT was what I was trying to point out, you have these coders that insist on sticking a square peg into a round hole and it makes no God damned sense!

All I can figure is its one of 3 things, 1.- The coders are in China where IP means jack shit so they don';t care about no steenkin licenses, 2.- They are lazy and grab the first thing they find, again with disregard for the licenses, or 3.- they are "fellow travelers" that are trying to force their company to become FOSS by tying major projects to FOSS code to try to force their hand, in which case they should be fired. But it just makes no damned sense otherwise, if you aren't a FOSS company trying to mix FOSS and proprietary is just asking for shit, just ask TiVo.

Comment Re:Premptive STFU to GPL haters (Score 2, Interesting) 228

It probably wouldn't have cost them as much as most likely it would have been settled out of court without the need for lawyers and court fees, the BSA just wants to get paid after all and will negotiate,whereas with the GPL there is NO negotiation nor compromise because like it or not that is the way RMS designed the license.

What I personally don't get when it comes to these cases is...why? Why would you bother taking the risk of using GPL code when you aren't a FOSS company and risk possible lawsuits like this? If you don't want to be a FOSS company there is BSD and there is plenty of proprietary solutions so there is really no damned point in taking the risk when your company isn't a FOSS based company. After all BSD is good enough for fricking Apple and the PS4 so its not like its not got plenty of support, so seriously they should get an extra 40% tacked on to the verdict as a "You're a dumbass" penalty for wasting all that money when there was no damned need to take the risk.

Does this make GPL bad? Nope, but one would have to be blind not to see you really need to base a company around FOSS if you are gonna be using it as it doesn't play nice with proprietary, again by design, but as long as your business makes its money by using one of what I call the "blessed three" models by which pretty much all GPL businesses are based, selling support/services, selling hardware (like this company) or holding out the tin cup? Then there is no problem with you handing out the source and thus no issues with GPL. Its when these companies try to mix GPL and proprietary that it bites them in the ass.

So the moral of the story is thus...if you are gonna use GPL make sure its no problem for your company to abide by the terms, otherwise choose something else. These cases show that stealing GPL code will end up costing you no different than if you stole proprietary code because as far as the courts are concerned its one and the same. Just because its "free as in beer" doesn't mean its "free as in do what you will", that is what the BSD license is for.

Comment Re: nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Nice to see I'm not alone in the "WTF people" attitude, if GMO is fine and dandy why not let the free market decide? the free market is supposed to be the end all of the right wing, yes? then why is it ONLY when the free market gives an advantage to a megacorp is it good, when it gives choice to the consumer its bad?

As far as "selective breeding" bullshit? I have an easy answer for that one friend, feel free to use me ONE TIME, just once, in the entire history of the planet that farmer bill managed to mix INSECT DNA into his corn crop through selective breeding like Monsanto did with their corn? then i'll be happy to STFU, but until you can show me that one case i'm throwing a flag, shilling on the field.

Comment Re:nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Thanks I KNEW something funny was going on because unlike my little stalker, who ALWAYS follows his modding down with a round of "die you fat fucker die" AC posts these seem to be VERY "corporate yay!" including corps that traditionally are fricking hated more than the Klan around here, companies like Halliburton, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, these are NOT the kinds of companies that the left libertarian leaning Slashdot tends to favor.

Anyway thanks for confirming it, I smelled something hinky but just figured i had a new stalker but browsing at -2 I see that a LOT of rational informed posts that aren't "corporate yay!" are getting modded down and you are right, they are all followed by VERY high UID posts spouting bullshit, like the one here that compared GMO to selective breeding...yeah, you show me a single case of farmer bill selectively breeding INSECTS into his corn? Then I'll buy it, otherwise its bullshit.This would be like saying since we have had transplants in the past chopping up prisoners to make Frankenstein monsters would just be an, its really NOT, really not anything alike at all.

Comment Re:Eric Holder (Score 1) 616

Dude read what the woman said, not like you have to "guess" at anything, she prattled on at length. again you are talking about a couple where the guy at 16 is driving a car that costs $60K+ in today's dollars as his FIRST CAR (look it up, he had a brand new AMC top o' the line luxury sedan) and she made it clear he got "a few thou" every year on his BDay, this was in 1962 which was about $20-$40 THOUSAND a BDay today, and again they act like they were really struggling when his "play money" was more than the average worker made it a year ($3000 a year was average at that time).

but nobody is saying they were assholes dude, which is why the left always got pissed off as well as the right when I got everybody calling Romney "Thurston Howell The Third" on the forums. remember the show? thrston and Lovey were NOT bad people, they had just lived a sheltered life of money and had no clue anybody lived differently.

Comment Re:Eric Holder (Score 1) 616

I really pissed off both the left AND right wing with that comparison during the election but its a simple fact, Romney IS Thurston Howell The Third. Remember the show? Thurston was NOT a bad guy, he honestly just had no damned clue that everybody didn't live like him!

And THAT is a 100% perfect description of Romney, he was a HS kid driving a brand new luxury car to a private school surrounded by those driving the same, he went to an ivy league college and married a woman just as sheltered by money as he is, got as you pointed out a good $35-$50 THOUSAND as "birthday money" when most are lucky to get triple digits, that man simply has never struggled nor suffered a day in his life...and THAT is what made him dangerous, the simple fact that he had no clue how it was to be poor so he had a real "Well let them eat cake!" attitude and wouldn't have thought a thing about cutting what little safety nets folks have because....well they can live on the stock dividends...right?

Comment Re:nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Notice I get modded down for daring to point out that there is no way in hell for "selective breeding" to mix fricking insect and plant? Man this place is becoming more of an elitist circlejerk by the fricking day, I swear you better kiss the groupthink around here, buy the corporate bullshit or the asskissers have a royal damned shitfit.

What I find ironic is its the right wing "corporate yay!" types which are the ones AGAINST the free market because like you I would have ZERO problem with GMOs if it was labeled so I could CHOOSE what I did and did not eat but that would hurt their profits don't ya know, can't have an informed populace making informed choice, why that is how a free market works instead of a corporatocracy, it can't be allowed!

Comment Re:'medium is the..." (Score 1) 164

If you think its a good movie then do me a favor, cut out ALL the parts where there is NO dialog, plot development character development, or story progression and then get back to me, okay? i think you'll find you have a movie that is 30, maybe 40 minutes tops. yes you can have character and plot development visually but that is NOT what you get in 2001, you get crap floating in space to music PERIOD. Just look at how long that simple flight to the moon takes, fuck look at how long that damned stewedardess takes just bringing a fricking tray! Is that tray integral to the story? Does it move the plot forward? NOPE, its just Kubrick being in love with the idea of space travel so he has to show us every.boring.tiny.bit. of space travel.

As Nicholas Meyer once said "A scene should never last for longer than it can justify itself" and Good Lord is that rule ever broken in 2001! BTW did you know that what you are watching is the SECOND release? The ORIGINAL theatrical release had another hour and ten minutes of crap floating in space to music and he had so many people walking out and bad reactions to screenings he cut it down, so why do you think X amount of crap floating in space is good but everyone thought Y amount of crap floating in space is bad?

So I'm sorry but for me there is one simple little test,how much of the movie can you HONESTLY describe the plot, not guess and make up shit like so many of the Kubrickians do, which just FYI look up what Kubrick has said on the movie and you'll see it wasn't SUPPOSED to have any kind of defined meaning...well if your fricking director says something doesn't have meaning then guess what? It doesn't have a fricking script because THAT IS WHAT THE SCRIPT IS FOR, it lays out what the fricking film is about, but how much of the ACTUAL plot can you honestly describe that isn't gonna end up EXACTLY like what Matthew was doing, "the ship is going, the ship is going, the ship is going" a billion times over?

And just FYI I don't agree with everything matthew says its just damned hard to find any critic that doesn't suck Kubrick's dick, no different than how Terrence Malick can make the most pretentious POS in the history of film and the critics will trip over themselves to kiss his ass, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find a director whose behind got kissed more than Kubrick, he could have filmed a guy eating a pickle and won an Oscar. But again look at Kubrick's own work, ALL of his movies have rich plot, characters, narrative...except one. Hell you could remove the fricking sound from a good 60% of the movie and not miss a damned thing because its just SFX put to music!

BTW if you want to see a GOOD movie with no CGI booms, no SFX put to music, just a deep rich story that makes you think? Try "The Man From Earth" sometime, or hell pretty much anything Kubrick did OTHER than 2001. Even Clarke said there weren't any definitive answers to be found on screen....really? I mean for fucks sake the guy is admitting that even the writer doesn't have an answer which means there IS no answer, and he STILL gets a pass?

Comment Re:nature and consumers (Score 0) 358

Uhhh...what do you call selling plants that won't seed to the third world and suing if they do somehow manage to get any seed? Fucking evil is what I'd call it. Sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt,Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store.

I'm sorry but you want to see the closest thing this world has to pure evil its Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and Halliburton. If I walked into their lobbies and saw demons in 3 piece suits making deals like on Angel? Honestly wouldn't surprise me.

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