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Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 2) 457

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers, I've never been a big believer in such things but the oldest is Catholic to the bone so just knowing that has lifted his spirits, many thanks.

As for gaming I hope Epic is right, that the days of exclusives are all but gone, because honestly I'm sick and tired of you needing over a thousand bucks in console hardware just to play a handful of exclusives that would just as easily run on any console or PC. According to him only a handful of games made by the console companies themselves, Gears Of War, God Of War, Mario, will be exclusives while the rest will all be multiplatform and that is fine by me, its just stupid to have to spend all that money just so you can play maybe a dozen games you can't get anywhere else.

And while I wouldn't bet the farm on it, its just a gut feeling, I personally feel we are gonna see more and more that will do like you and buy only a single console because it has a handful of exclusives they want and do the rest of the gaming on the PC. Thanks to the downturn and both Intel and AMD just cranking out the chips (because as a former Intel engineer noted here the fabs cost money even when idle and in the case of AMD the fabs provide the best processes for those that give them the most business) the OEMs are gonna be cutting margins to the bone, hell I've gotten quad kits for like $170 and triples for $130 just so these places can move some product. Its really crazy how you can get a pretty bad ass gaming rig for very little money, my youngest plays on an AMD triple with an HD4850 and the whole setup cost less than $300.

As a final note from a guy in the trenches, those that are looking for a truly great gaming card on the cheap? HD7750, thanks to price drops those have been showing up in the mid $70-$80 range and they are nearly as fast as the old HD6850 while using little enough power it is powered just by the PCIe bus (great for those with older systems as you don't have to yank the PSU) and is less than half the heat under load. since my source ran out of the dirt cheap HD4850s I've been using those in my budget gamer PCs and they are just great, AMD's new GCN graphics arch takes a LOT of the load off when decoding 1080P while kicking butt at games, I've put together $350 units using this card and it just blows through games like they were nothing, good temps, great performance, and cheap, what is not to like?

Anyway thanks again to everyone for the well wishes and prayers as it means a lot, it lifted the spirits of my oldest and there aren't words to express how much that means to me. Poor kid was just getting over losing his mom and getting his life together when this happened,poor little guy. You don't realize how quickly your life can change from being good into a day to day struggle for survival until something like this happens. Thank all that is good and decent in the universe for my new GF, bless her little heart, not too many women would get told you have to cancel your third date to take your mom to ER only to find her waiting there when you pull up, just to give you a hand with the paperwork and a shoulder to lean on, bless her little heart, I gotta find a way to make it up to her.

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 1) 457

Sadly the rest are all gone or getting there, dad has had to practically close his business as his lungs are starting to fail, we buried my sister in 08 and her husband couldn't take watching his wife slowly die and became a junkie, which is how I ended up raising two boys. Last we heard he has hep c and is end stage so he isn't even able to help himself, and the youngest died on the table when he was being born and ended up with multiple health problems of his own. Thank God for the old stoner down the hall, when i told him about how I was worried about the youngest he managed to pull some strings and get him an apt in my building practically made for him, with all the shelves at the perfect height and close enough to mine I can do the shopping and take him to the docs because he can't drive.

So its just me and the oldest, and frankly if it wasn't for my new GF I'd probably be ready to walk into traffic just from all the stress,certainly not too many girls would spend their third date in an ER at 2AM just to give you a shoulder to lean on, but you'd be surprised how much little things like that matter when you are watching someone you love just fall to pieces like that. You don't realize how truly dark ages our medical tech is until you start dealing with problems in the brain, all our fancy machines and a billion tests yet all they can do is shrug their shoulders, there is just so much we just don't know about how things work in the mind. I feel like a bastard for even thinking this but I almost wish it was dementia, I would rather have the lights on and nobody home than to look into her eyes and see she is in there, there is just no way in hell to communicate in either direction. Whatever it is allows her to get the first couple of words out in a sentence but after that it just turns into random words, like you cut up a newspaper and threw out random phrases, frustrating as hell.

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 1) 457

Well there is an even better reason to not bother...with the exception of but a handful of titles made by Sony in house pretty much ALL the games will be coming to PC as well.

Sorry I can't find a link ATM but I remember reading one of the big gaming houses talking about this (it may have been Epic, but I've been up all night dealing with a sick mom* so my brain is fuzzy now) who was talking about with the truly insane costs required to make a triple A title they just can't afford to make any game an exclusive anymore. the amount of sales they need to turn a profit on a triple A is just too much, which is why they were talking with others about having either an exclusive launch window or more likely to let each source, console and PC, have DLC exclusives for a set period of time before finally letting them all have it on a "game of the year" release. when you look up how much a Bioshock Infinite or Deus Ex:HR or Borderlands II costs to make you can see why, even if an exclusive game was a hit they would still be lucky to break even, much less make a profit.

*.-BTW if anybody here believes in prayer my mom could sure use some, the docs say there is nothing more that they can do, with this latest incident she has lost the ability to speak which is frustrating as hell for everyone. You can tell she knows what she is trying to say but it comes out as word salad,yet every scan has shown up negative so they don't know WTF is going on, so they just sent her home. There is no tumor, no clot, no block, but one sentence will be perfectly fine and the next just random words. I got to get a couple of hours sleep and then head back, the nephew is watching her but we are both about to drop, so I'm gonna end up having no choice but put her in a home. God you feel like such a bastard having to do that,but what else can you do? You can't stay awake forever.

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 3, Informative) 457

Because its not? Its a custom APU using GDDR 5 and most likely a baked in ARM DRM chip which AMD bought about a year ago. this thing is about as different from that AMD Hexacore and HD4850 I have in my desktop as my desktop is to a PS2.

The ONLY thing they have in common with an AMD desktop is they both run X86, that's it, you can't even BUY a Jaguar chip yet, not a single product other than the PS4 and XB1 has been announced using it and with AMD being a fabless company you can bet for the next year to year and a half won't nobody else will be getting jaguar chips. The jag is NOT like the Thuban, Bulldozer, or Piledriver, its actually based on the BOBCAT which is a VERY stripped down and streamlined chip designed for netbooks originally, it has a CPU that is frankly weaker than an Athlon 1 of the same MHz that is tightly coupled to a GCN GPU that is designed to take up the load,with the ultimate goal to be have the GPU replace the FP unit and to have the GPU and CPU truly work as a single unit.

So its really not like just grabbing a COTS chip like they did with the Celeron in the original Xbox, which I might add to this very day is the ONLY game console of that generation that does NOT have a functional emulator yet, so if it really was just that simple it would have been done with the Xbox, with the Jag I honestly doubt even the fastest i7 would be able to perfectly emulate the arch, its just too different from a stock x86. You are talking about 4 modules with each having two "kinda sorta" core designed to do integer and some common multimedia tasks connected VERY tightly with a GPU to do the rest and all of it with 8GB of fast as hell GDDR 5, and if I'm right an ARM DRM core designed specifically just for locking it all down...yeah i don't see this one getting copied or emulated anytime soon.

Comment Re:Guy deserves getting beaten (Score 1) 188

Yeah as someone who has set up security systems for SMBs worrying about private cams? Really pointless and stupid because the cams? Are NOT that good folks, they really aren't. You can make out what kind of car they drive, you can see what roughly they are wearing, maybe you can tell if they are black or white, but you aren't pulling that CSI/NCIS getting a clear picture that looks as good as a mug shot because they just aren't that good.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 3, Insightful) 436

What pisses me the fuck off is with the NIMBYs you CAN'T BUILD ANYTHING. Nuke? "ZOMFG radiation" Fine,dams? "ZOMG you'll hurt teh fishies", fine wind? "ZOMFG the noise and the dead birds!" alright you PITA how about solar? "ZOMFG you'll destroy habitats in the desert"...FUCK YOU!!!

You wanna know why we are only building NG and coal plants? Because its the only things you CAN build, and then only in places where they mine for coal or NG because the "We need the jobs" can get the public to turn on the NIMBYs. Look at how they let Yucca flats spend billions of fricking dollars building it, but when that billion dollar gravy train shut down? here come the NIMBYs.

I just want to shake these assholes, they suck their fricking latte while using their iPad and Macbooks and then bitch about us building more power plants...where the fuck do you think all the power for all the shit you are running comes from? the fricking electric fairy? Douchebags!

Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 4, Informative) 407

Hell it was frankly better in the old days, as at least then the cops were "honest" in their corruption. My mom worked at a truck stop when she was a teen and she said every week, you could set your watch by it, the local sheriff would come in to have a meal...and leave with an envelope that more or one of the other servers were told to stick under the plate before handing it to him. But she said you didn't get all this head cracking hassling teens bullshit because all the cops cared about was making sure you didn't tear up shit or act crazy and hurt somebody, a far cry from the 'roid monsters you get nowadays.

And for the dumbass AC that said "Oh well, nothing illegal about cops owning pine forests"? If you have a pine forest that is practically NEVER harvested, isn't making squat compared to what that same rich land would make if you used it for something else, yet in county after county you see the cops ALL have the exact same setup? Well it don't take Kojack to solve the case of the peculiar pine forest,especially when you know that the longer and bigger you allow a pine forest to get the more it throws off DEA infrared. my USAF buddy said you could have both meth labs and underground pot farms in those and the DEA won't be able to spot it because the pines just put off too much heat.

Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 1) 407

The problem with your theory is thus:" A person is smart, people are dumb, dangerous, panicky animals and you know it". Sometimes a line in a movie can capture truth in a bottle and that is what that sentence is, truth.

My mother weighed maybe 130 pounds soaking wet, a little bitty slip of a woman but she could come onto an accident scene and in less than 2 minutes everyone there, including the police, were doing EXACTLY what she said without question...why? Because when you get humans into a herd you have sheep and you have wolves, without an alpha to project authority and take charge the herd WILL adopt a position of cowardice.

Now I'm sure some shrink can explain it better than this old PC fixit guy can but I have seen it time after time, you have a tense situation and the herd will do absolutely nothing until an alpha steps forward to take control of the group. The alpha doesn't even have to be what one would typically think of when you say alpha, but I have seen it over and over. I have seen people refuse to stand up for themselves but when I refused to just kowtow and pointed out "We DO have rights and you have to respect them" I suddenly had the entire group backing me up, the same group that wouldn't have said anything if I wouldn't have stood up first.

Sadly from what I've seen society is breeding more and more sheep, and fewer and fewer wolves. as long as that is the case, and nobody is willing to stand up and be the alpha? Then things will only get worse, because the default temperament of a human herd seems to always default to cowardice.

Comment Re:Scare tactics (Score 5, Insightful) 407

Nah if its like the rest of the south they'll be locked up in a shithole of a county jail, with wires hanging down and shit falling apart, but it cost the taxpayers millions thanks to good old boy politics, aka massive corruption.

Sadly the whole south is full of little fiefdoms that are corrupt as hell. I had a bud that flew drug interdiction for the USAF and they used to have jokes like "Why does the sheriff of (insert county) bust so many meth labs? because he doesn't want the competition!" rimshot. The feds know this but they know if they were to bust all of the corrupt cops you would end up having to use the National Guard because in a lot of these places you wouldn't have enough cops left to maintain the peace. My USAF friend said ANY fed could find out if a local police force was corrupt by just 30 minutes of looking at the land deeds, why? You'll find tons of pine forests owned by the cops or close relatives of the cops...because pine trees put out enough heat to foil their infrared scans.

I have lived my entire life in the south and one thing you learn, if you get on "the right side" of the local politicians and cops? You have nothing to worry about ever. You try stepping on their toes, rocking the boat? they can turn your world into shit REAL quick, you'd be surprised how many laws are on the books in your average state they can use against you.

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

And if she lived in NY and the case was in FLA, this would be exactly? You have the right to face your accuser, the court requires you give evidence and be cross examined...that is how these things WORK.

Sure it isn't "push a button and justice comes out" and that is the fricking POINT, we are talking about the most powerful mechanism ANY government has, the right to take your life away from you for years, possibly for your entire remaining life, so you HAVE TO HAVE all these checks and balances to not only punish the guilty but to make as sure as possible we HAVE the guilty. When it goes wrong you are taking a person's life and that time can NEVER be given back, so these protections are 100% REQUIRED to make the system WORK.

But everyone is ignoring the point, which is thanks to blogging you can bypass ALL of these checks and balances and destroy someone with practically no consequences. You ever had a stalker? because I have, around 15 years ago I felt sorry for a girl at the show and bought her some drinks and played a song for her...and ended up with her following me across 4 states, vandalizing my truck, it was hell. Now imagine she had the power of the internet on her side? she could have said any damned thing she wanted and i would have been virtually powerless, especially since she knew when i was done playing shows I went home to recharge and typically spent that time alone getting my thoughts collected.

Everyone talks about the bruises but guess what? My stalker had hurt herself before and could have easily done something similar, how would I be able to "prove" that it didn't happen when you have a herd mentality like the net? The cops wouldn't listen to her because they had enough evidence from previous cases to know she stalked guys, but would the Internet have access to this info? Fuck would they even believe it if they had access? probably not.

Comment Re:Internet Explorer (Score 4, Insightful) 391

You are 100% right friend and for those that want a REAL education in what you are potentially up against I urge you all to go take a good hard look at the entries in the various obfuscated C contests and then realize know for a FACT there is malware in those, yet it is DAMN HARD to spot it. Now think about how you have the endless budgets of governments wanting to spy on their citizens and each other and you have those that create malicious code as a business.

At the end of the day all you can do is keep an eye on your browser and network traffic, see who it is hooking up to, when and why, because with THAT much money involved if a government or group with nefarious intent truly wanted to backdoor a program or even an OS they CAN do so without too much effort required. with the proprietary companies they can just flash a badge and get what they want and with a FOSS project or many of the projects are gonna turn down a highly skilled coder that volunteers?

Comment Re:What many perceive to be the real issue (Score 1) 315

What we need is an OEM showing how easy ALL their products with HDMI are. hell I take my $300 netbook and thanks to HDMI when I go over to a friends i can just pop the cable in the side and voila! We are enjoying 1080P movies and Internet TV. All it takes is me showing folks at the shop that it is literally one cable, just a single cable from one to the other and they can play games, surf the net,watch tons of free TV? Its an easy sell.

As for MSFT? If they don't fire Ballmer they'll be dead by 2020, so the OEMs are right to be in talks with Google and ubuntu. as for why MSFT doesn't do it? Because Ballmer only knows a single word right now...APPSTORE. you watch the man talk and he sounds like The Lulu Win 8 Parody. I swear you wanna have a drinking game that will lay your ass out damned quick? watch a Ballmer presentation and take a shot every time he says "apps" "Appstore", "touch" or "touchscreen" and you'll be passed out in 30 minutes! The guy is like a fricking broken record!

The reason he doesn't care is because frankly if PC sales went away tomorrow the man REALLY wouldn't care, because anybody can write programs and sell programs for the PC. No what Ballmer wants is iTunes, he wants something where ONLY things that give him 30% for a "blessing" are allowed to run and anything less? Not worth having. We have seen this time and again in the west, I call it the "iMoney or nothing" strategy and most of the time what you'll get is NOTHING. Look at IBM selling their PC business to Lenovo, before they sold it it was making a solid 8-10% profits per quarter and under Lenovo, who just did a little more advertising? on average 12-14%, just solid and reliable sales. But it isn't "iMoney" and in the fucked up wall Street way if you don't make profits like a Drug Lord you can give it up, its iMoney or nothing!

So i think PCs will end up getting a bounce, either Steam with SteamOS will make it easy and cheap to make gaming PCs that hook into the TV (hell if I didn't have to deal with MSFT gouging my gaming capable PCs would start at like $260) or maybe Google will take that business, android already has a huge chunk of the casual market, wouldn't be much harder to make AAA games run on the platform. MSFT could make PCs have a HUGE comeback, but not as long as Douchey McAppStore is running the show

Comment Re:Innocent until blogged about (Score 1) 666

Yes because all courts that aren't in the USA are just full of illiterate booger pickers, fucking foreigners are too God damned dumb to do anything but take bribes and I have your racist rant about correct? Please let me know if I missed a few.

Everyone is taking her word AT FACE VALUE and the thought has honestly never crossed ANY OF YOUR MINDS that maybe the cops on the scene didn't find her credible? Or maybe they found the evidence and what she was saying didn't match up? We have seen marks on her, where is the marks on him? If you brain somebody in the head you WILL cause damage, the head bleeds like crazy, did anybody that went to the conference HE was at the next day see an injury on his head or face?

But at least now we can all see where the phrase "Ugly Americans" as only OUR police are competent, only OUR courts work, why every other country is just wild animals, too stupid to do anything, right?

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