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Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 5, Insightful) 703

Here is the problem I have personally with DOES NOT MATTER if you believe it or not, DOES NOT MATTER if AGW is 100% correct and happening because a a handful of ultra rich leeches has made damn sure that the ONLY "solution" you will get will be buying their magical carbon indulgences at a greatly elevated price of course.

Read the article above or look up "Al Gore carbon billionaire" to see why AGW does not matter as long as fucktards like Gore and Goldman Sachs have their fat piggie hands out, I mean for fucks sake Al Gore lives in a McMansion, flies around with a handful of guys in his personal LEAR JET and has a fricking fleet of SUVs drive him around to tell YOU what a shit you are for not taking the bus yet he has the gold plated balls to say he is "carbon neutral" because HE PAYS HIMSELF indulgences from his own fucking company...which he gets a God damned tax writeoff for!

I'm sorry folks but that is EXACTLY what you will get with Crap and Trade and carbon indulgences, a handful of uberrich douchebags that live like kings while telling YOU that you need to eat bugs and ride a fucking bus, all the while they get tax credits for moving YOUR money from their left pocket to their right!!! And you notice rev Al and Goldman NEVER EVER say a fucking word about limiting imports from China and India, the two biggest polluters which in the case of China we can actually detect it from the west coast? Wanna know why? Because that would hurt their profits LULZ.

If you wanna actually support real change? DON'T BUY THE SNAKE OIL being pushed by scammers like Gore and GS! They are counting on all these reports making you foolish enough to go "OMFG we have GOT to do something!" which will be followed by them selling you some scam like carbon indulgences which will ONLY give more of what we've had for the past half a century, a handful of uberrich scum making insane bank and exporting misery.

So until Rev Al and his pals aren't in the way with their hands out? You damned right I'm gonna fight against AGW, not because i don't think dumping crap in the air is bad, but because I don't think Gore's magic billion dollar carbon be-gone spray is gonna do a fucking thing except give Gore the ability to buy the nicest land and best food while YOU are supposed to live like a third world peasant...fuck that shit!

Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 142

Sorry but I have to call bull. I have an AMD hexa (Phenom II 1035T if it matters) and idling according to IES (the Asrock OCing tool) my board is using around 8-16w simply depending on when little background tasks kick up one of the cores and under full bore I have yet to be able to hit 80w and that was with a 6 core WMV to AVI video transcode which is pretty damned CPU intensive if you have ever worked with WMV files.

And where do you get $50 in computer costs? as I said I built a complete hexacore system for $370, for just $70 more than the i7-860 BY ITSELF. When you put in parts that are equal feature wise, board that has 4 RAM slots and dual PCIe for dual GPUs, 1Tb HDD, 8Gb of 1333Mhz and a DVD burner along with a nice case and decent 500w PSU? You are talking DOUBLE what the system cost NOT $50!

I'm sorry but you can twist the figures all you want but bang for the buck is in the AMD camp by a very large margin and has been since the release of the Athlon X2 back in early 09. The only thing you are gonna get at a similar price from Intel is severely gimped chips, no support for ECC, limited to no VM support, locked multipliers, gimped cache, lower speed, lack of turbo, their low to mainstream offerings are frankly lousy except for office boxes and those only playing single thread games.

Comment Re:Correct me if I'm wrong... (Score 1) 298

Citation please? Because while I might buy that if you managed to find a mid 70s working Microwave oven (those bastards cranked some serious power) that you MIGHT be able to rig it into some sort of jammer but I'm having a hard time believing that these weak sauce microwaves you get off the boat from China are good for anything but burning popcorn.

Comment Re:Intel (Score 5, Insightful) 142

What you fail to mention is the fact you could have probably built most if not all of an AMD 6 core system for the cost of the i7-860 alone, and if one were to go one notch down to the quads (which lets face it software just hasn't kept up with hardware and even more triple cores spend more time at idle than under load) then one could have easily built the entire system. The 8 cores were built just to say they could and frankly have never been priced competitively, no different than those 5Ghz chips they released not too long ago.

My oldest boy has an AMD hexacore, 8Gb of RAM, a 1Tb HDD and an HD7750, the whole system ended up costing something like $375 after MIRs. It kicks ass at gaming, transcoding, hell it'll do anything your average user will be able to think up for a PC to do and do so quite well and cost a grand total of $70 more than your i7-860 BY ITSELF without so much as a stick of RAM or anything according to Intel.

So if you want to sit here and argue that you are one of the 1% that actually NEED every MHz of speed you can get, which until we see benches done that are compiled with GCC I wouldn't trust the benches BTW but that is a different story, then fine, do so. But the bang for the buck is so far in AMD's camp right now it isn't even funny, you can choose from several quad cores including fully unlocked for less than a Pentium Dual, and if all you care about is power the AMD Jaguars spank the Intel Atoms on performance while using less than 25w for a quad. AMD is just a crazy deal ATM which is why I've had no complaints when it comes to being AMD exclusive, the customers get great performance at a great price.

Comment Re:Further: (Score 2) 704

The problem is ALL of these groups end up taken over by the nutters. Look at how MADD went from simply wanting folks to have a designated driver or calling a cab when they have been drinking to having a leader who has outright said bringing back prohibition is the goal, or how PETA went from the humane treatment of food animals to labeling fish as "sea kittens" (I swear to God, look it up) and saying that antibiotics is wrong since you are killing living bacteria..../facepalm/.

Ultimately all this political correct bullshit gives us is "acceptable targets" and protected classes. For example the stink recently over how playable female characters aren't in shooters anymore, yet when I asked the females screaming murder about this "discrimination" "So you would have NO problem with me blowing body parts off a woman or teabagging her corpse in a shooter as is done now with men?" they screamed and said that it should be outright banned if any game had that.

So I hope all these game devs tell these PC police to fuck right off. Hell put that on the box and I'll rush out and buy it, I thought Postal II was a hoot precisely because it was so anti-PC and I'm sure there are plenty just like me that would be happy to support devs that make fun games and damn the PC police. Hell if you made No One Lives Forever today they'd probably scream the heroine was unacceptable because she used lipstick bombs and bobby pin lockpicks even though the POINT was to make fun of the James Bond of the 60s with the dumb gadgets!

Comment Re:New UI? (Score 1) 256

Well the great thing about today is you don't HAVE to take Moz's shit, you DO have plenty of choices.

I use Comodo Dragon and Pale Moon, but if you don't like those there is Comodo IceDragon, Waterfox, SWIron, hell if you don't want to use anything Chromium or Gecko based there is QTWeb which is webkit and QT. Cross platform and works pretty nice IMHO, works great from a flash too. And if your machine is needing an ultra light browser or which will run on really old Windows versions there is always Kmeleon which by following their docs and adding a couple of files can run on Win98 if you need it to and which flies on anything newer.

So as you can see you DO have more choices, hell I left off plenty of others like Safari and Opera and Chrome but I figured it would be better to list some you may not have tried. Give 'em a go, I bet you'll find one you like. Oh and FYI but nearly all the above? MUCH more conservative when it comes to UI changes. I've been on Dragon since V4 (currently on V31) and the only UI change of note was moving the option button from the right edge to the left. Oh and the reason I use Pale Moon over ICeDragon? I like its UI better and the way its built with the browser targeted at newer CPU features. Nice thing about choice, I can go for the browser with the little things I like..

Comment Re:There's only one way to make biz with Sym "smoo (Score 1) 111

Yuck...just yuck. Your own description shows why to never use their software, bits like "needing info stored on a backup to unlock the backup program to restore" shows the company is being run by accountants and not engineers.

For Antivirus? Buy Comodo, their enterprise software is pretty damned solid and reasonably priced, for hard drive backup and recovery go Paragon, again solid and reasonable. There is a REASON why Symantec has such a bad rep, its a badly run company. If you want to bet the farm or your data to a company with such dumbass designs? Better you than me friend..

Comment Re:Fuck that guy. (Score 3, Informative) 397

That doesn't change the fact its still racism and white guilt. Racism is racism and we have seen time and time again shit like affirmative action simply does not work. If you want to make ALL schools better? if you want to make it easier for ALL to get a STEM education? That is a good and logical goal, but all you do when you decide "we need more of X" is lower the standards for X and make sure everyone who is X that gets in is looked at as inferior.

Comment Re:If it's such a great development environment... (Score -1, Flamebait) 149

So you can't afford Steam? Why you dirty nasty filthy bum, what are you doing here?

Oh wait, Steam is free which means you are a FOSSIE...are you running GNUSense, the only OS bless by the holy hippie? If not YOU ARE NOT PURE Of LICENSE and should immediately purge your hard drive (which I'm sure is a dumpster dived 40Gb) by cleansing it with fire and say 50 GPL V3s while flogging yourself with CAT 5 tied to a likeness of his holiness which you have defiled with your vile impurity of license, the great squatter, the most holy of hippies, the pure unwashed friar of freedom RMS.

Comment Re: This is very exciting for indie devs (Score 2) 149

Its 5% of GROSS not net, so it really ought to be labeled as more than 35% because they are getting their cut before a single one of your costs is figured in.

I know being a little shop owner I don't care what you offered me if it were for a % of the gross? Kindly do piss off. oh and UDK used to be 100% Free to download and play with so its actually worse than it was before as it'll cost you a $20 to even try the thing.

I have a feeling that while they may get some indies (who don't know the difference between gross and net) a LOT of the big studios will either negotiate for a flat rate or just switch to another engine, not like there aren't great engines out there besides Unreal.

Comment Re:Why sell one copy when you can sell four? (Score 1) 84

Bullshit, you can buy a pretty nice kit that will play anything but the latest ePeen (which lets be honest, some of those guys are just badly coded, see how fans of the original Crysis had to put out a patch because even today's uberrigs choke on the POS code of the last level) at 1600x900 (the most common resolution according to Steam survey last I checked) for less than a Xbone if you shop around.

Oh and do not forget that consoles work on the "razor and blades" model which is why you get assraped on the price of games even months later whereas a PC title drops pretty quickly. I sat down and did the math once and if you buy just two AAA titles per month in less than 4 months the PC is already ahead in terms of price. Oh and even a low end PC such as a Phenom II quad with an HD7750 will honestly keep a higher framerate through the game than an Xbone.

So if you shop around its really not hard, the last gaming PC I built was for the oldest and with 8Gb of RAM, AMD hexacore, 500Gb HDD and HD4850 (he recently upgraded to an HD7750 but the HD4850 still played the latest games at 1600x900, he just wanted a cooler GPU) and the whole smash after rebates? $379 shipped. Oh and if the rumors are true MSFT is about to release a free "powered by Bing" version of Windows so that won't even be a cost in the near future. If you need a free OS now there is always SteamOS.

Comment Re:Jack, a Kinzler? (Score 0) 34

What is fucking depressing is if he were trying to get a job today he'd never be able to do more than sweep the floors at NASA because thanks to HR giving nary a shit about anything but pieces of paper you are no longer "smart enough" for anything of note unless you go into indentured servitude to get the right degrees for the checkboxes.

Comment Re:Hmm..... (Score 1) 279

I'll have to keep this short as its late..1.-Yes, in fact not 3 hours from me is a KKK compound and they have their marches and white power picnics and nobody cares. The closest thing you get to "censoring" is the fact that the media doesn't care enough to show up but if the viewers don't care neither does the media.

2- The USA is the size of the EU so you will ALWAYS have a few "gangbangers with badges" somewhere that will act like Brownshirts. I'm sure those protesters got a big ass check after they got done suing while the brownshirts are working as mall cops.

3.-As far as "legalizes lying" I'd say the UK has that done pat thanks to their libel laws, look at how nobody would say shit about the Top Of The Pops DJ being a Pedo until AFTER he had died, even though they knew as early as 1971. And it isn't like its trivially easy to fight back thanks to the net but call me crazy, I'd rather not have a world where rich pervs like Jimmy can do what they want because the press is afraid to say boo.

4.-As for Faux News...I guess you missed the memo because not only is Fox News missing the mark but they are bleeding the right wing dry by making them out to be the "rich old white people party" and thus showing that yes free speech works because people WILL see through the bullshit in time.

Comment Re:Why sell one copy when you can sell four? (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Yeah but Steam sales mean we PC gamers really don't have to care and with AMD chips going so cheap you can build nice gaming PCs for a little of nothing. My oldest has a hexacore with 8Gb of RAM and a TB HDD and it only cost $350 shipped, add in another $70 for his HD7750 and he can play pretty much any shooter he cares to play. the youngest decided to go for a quad and spend the extra for an HD7790 and everything is smooth even with the bling cranked.

So who cares if you have to get more than 1 copy? Thanks to steam we only have to download it once and then just copy the folder to the other 2 PCs and between Steam sales, Humble Bundles, and FTP games we literally have more new games to play than we have hours in the day and as a nice bonus you have a system that will play console games going back to the Atari 2600, PC games going back to DOS, and of course web, video, hell you can even get your work done on it ;-)

Oh and if you don't want to even spend that much? head over to Craigslist, plenty of Phenom Is and IIs and C2Qs being sold for cheap. Had a friend that wanted to get into PC gaming but money was tight, found him a nice C2Q system with 19 LCD and KM for just $130, he slapped in an HD6770 he found for $35 and is happily flying his WWII airplanes.

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