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Comment Re:Hey look, it's Commodore and company! (Score 2) 42

The problem is gonna be the patents, especially for mobile GPUs. Anybody who has looked into that stuff can tell you pretty much any way to make a screen render has a patent or hundred and they are all held by a handful of players who sure as hell don't want you playing in their sandbox. Wireless is just as bad, with pretty much every way to send a signal patented up the wazoo.

So while you might pull this off in countries without the IP bullshit but in the corporate states of America its not likely.

Comment Re: Good thing no one used it (Score 5, Insightful) 225

Except it won't because

1.-The clueless will never hear of this guy, and

2.-The ones that know WTF they are doing and put up the most files don't hang around sites that look like they were coded by a 14 year old girl.

Most likely all the "data" he collected is a bunch of clueless wannabes trying to play big fish in a teeny tiny pond and won't be worth shit.

Comment Re:Public domain (Score 1) 327

Uhhh...I thought they moved to CA because the old cameras needed a LOT of light and the east coast has a lot of overcast skies in the winter?

As for TFA? I'm personally loving it as it bites the globalists right on the ass. For years many of us have pointed out that globalism is bullshit, it spreads misery to many for the sake of a few but as long as they could keep sending the work overseas to places where they work for pennies while stashing their ill gotten gains in money laundering scams like double dutch and irish whip it was all good...well lets see how they like having all their IP go buh bye because they didn't like when the globalism didn't go their way. Personally I hope the bastards lose billions but then they'll just get the gov to write them a check.

Comment Re: Didn't they learn from Microsoft? (Score 1) 362

Sorry but if you would have bothered to read my journal you would have seen the bug ONLY affected FF, nobody else. Because it ran as the user it allowed a hidden iFrame to use the bookmark autofill to send spam to everyone in a Yahoo address book. Again this did NOT affect anybody else, not even IE, it was ONLY FF that was vulnerable and that is because of their piss poor security.

Comment Re:Didn't they learn from Microsoft? (Score 3, Insightful) 362

Insightful? Really? A locked down control freak company cuts out anything that would compete with their appstore crapstore and you APPLAUD that shit? So by your logic Win 8 would be the most perfect OS evar if they nonly made it so it will only run MSFT approved software from the crapstore? You DO know that the original plan for iOS was to have it so ONLY Apple could have native apps, with everyone else stuck in an HTML ghetto and THAT is why Jobs killed any chance of Flash on iOS, yes?

As for TFA I was a FF user before it was even called FF, and the suite before that, but no more, its simply a bad idea security wise to run FF any longer from Windows. See my journal for the Yahoo Porn Bug, one of many that will ONLY run on FF thanks to their frankly piss poor security mdoel. Chromium had support for running the browser in low rights mode less than 6 months after Vista was released, this same low rights mode could trivially be added to AppArmor or SELinux yet here it is SEVEN YEARS LATER and FF still makes the browser run with the same rights as the user? Madness!

People can hate and call me names but that won't change reality and reality is good security practices are good, bad practices re bad, and to run the #1 attack vector on ANY computer at the same permission level as the user is piss poor design. You have several FOSS browsers to choose from that have MUCH better security such as Chromium, I'd recommend using one of those and staying away from FF, especially if you are on Windows where even IE runs at a lower permission level than FF.

Comment Re:My friends are my identity (Score 1) 140

The problem with I2P and Freenet is they haven't been tested in court and how many of you are really gonna risk 50+ years in PMITA prison just to find out what the court rules?

You see the problem as explained to me by a bud that works in the state crime lab is how vague and open ended the laws on CP are, especially distribution and possession. He explained like this..."If I give you a safe and tell you to take it down the street and you are pulled over the way the possession and distribution laws are even if you can't open the safe you can STILL be charged with distributing CP if we find it in the safe." I mean sure you can fight it,heck you might even many of you could afford to spend a couple of years going from a cell to the court just to test it? For those that think it can't happen look up the guy in FLA that lost 3 years of his life because the company laptop had a rootkit that let scum download CP on his net. He lost his wife, his job, most of his friends, and spent nearly 100k just to clear himself.

. So while the ideas of hiding among the crowd and plausible deniability sound nice until the courts rule on what you will and won't be responsible for when using software like I2P? You are literally risking your life when you use it.

Comment Re:Trust no one (Score 3, Funny) 330

I agree 100%,which is why I wonder why so many attack when I suggest that we should simply discuss whether Naomi Wolf is on to something when she suggests that Snowden may be a plant working still for the NSA. After all it DOES make sense, you can't have a chilling effect if nobody knows to be scared but at the same time there would be too much backlash (not to mention giving groups like the ACLU court standing) if they just came out and said it, so what to do? The answer is simple...disgruntled employee.

This way those that you want to be scared, the ones that read up on such things, your rabble rousers, WILL be scared and the clueless can be told "its just a disgruntled employee, nothing to see here" and they will go along, finally groups like the ACLU and FSF can't get a court case unless the gov admits they are spying on everyone (because the courts say you have to show you were targeted to have standing) so the disgruntled employee angle neatly sidesteps it. You have to admit, if he is a plant? Its WELL played. I have talked to plenty of folks at the shop and on forums that fear talking out about politicians or the gov for fear of getting a file started while at the same time most of the right wing teabagger types have parroted the disgruntled employee angle, well played.

As for TFA I'm sure if you ask Bruce Schneier he'll tell you the same, that you shouldn't trust him or anybody else. Of course the bitch is everything from SELinux to most of our crypto now needs to be looked at with an aura of mistrust because much of it ame from the NSA or won NSA contests so you have to wonder, did they choose it for a nefarious reason? Like they know how to break it? And after reading up on the Kickstarter I'm fully convinced Truecrypt is worthless thanks to the extra blob it has on Windows that nobody knows WTF it does and the fact it won't compile from source and work.

What we need now is a handful of guys like Schneier to come together and give us some basic crypto tools that can be independently compiled, tested, and retested to insure that it works. But if I were forced to choose between something that has been handled or approved by the NSA, something like Truerypt where we now know that the source and binary do NOT math and there are hidden extra bits on Windows, or something approved of by Schneier or worked on by him like twofish? I think I'd choose Schneier.

BTW does anybody know of a tool that does full disc encryption on Windows like Truecrypt that ISN'T a big question mark when it comes to sewcurity?

Comment Re:dark conspiracy against open hardware (Score 1) 273

Don't be ridiculous, the NSA control the backbone and one you have control of the backbone you don't NEED backdoors, all you need is a datacenter fast enough to process the data. Say someplace in Utah maybe?

As for TFA all the group does is let you use the little USB logo, who cares? How many people actually look for or even know WTF the little USB logo is? Not many. Just call it "USB compatible" and all it a day.

Comment Re:Easy one... (Score 1) 558

You are making a funny but....honestly its not that hard to just strip out anything you don't care for. You an use a tool like RT7Lite or VLite to strip it yourself or if you have a Windows 7 or 8 Ultimate key just go to TPB and pick up a copy of "Win 7 Lite" or "win 8 Lite" and you'll have an OS that is thin and frankly has less of a footprint than XP RTM while having pretty much every bit of bling and extra stripped out. Just for shits and giggles I tried Win 7 Lite on a 1.8GHz Sempron from 2004 ran damned nice actually.

So its not like you have to put up with Windows running crap you don't like, you an strip it down almost as far as you an strip a Linux or BSD build, it just takes a little time or a trip to TPB ;-)

Comment Re: Full of BS (Score 1) 292

Exactly, you can keep the data in a single pool which the entire office has access to thus ending all the duplicates on desktops and with Ms and BYOD there really isn't a need for a full desktop anymore. This is why the consumer market is where more and more of sales are coming from as the consumer an't (yet) do such data consolidation (although ChromeOS is pushing it), not to mention the privacy issues since Joe Consumer can't run his own cloud yet.

In any case without consumer sales you are dead meat and OCZ burned that bridge, no coming back for them.

Comment Re:THE DEATH OF PC GAMING (Score 1) 272

Wow, thanks, I so rarely get to use this in a sentence...WHOOSH! Way to completely miss the point! I was talking about games that RIP OFF those titles, hence why I used ONLY triple A hit titles in that description. For an example of what ripping off those titles get you? See Duke Nukem, Kane & Lynch or Yahtzee at ZP with his "Like God OF War BUT" stamp which he slaps on the bazillion knock offs of GOW.

Nobody is saying you can't make shooters, only that you have to bring more to the table than a poorly made copy of what is hot.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 5, Insightful) 231

You are being funny but ironically the roles have reversed now, now its MSFT and IE that is making the standards complaint browser and Google that is putting in Chrome tags and making their own forks that break compatibility....EEE anyone?

I guess it doesn't really matter who is on top as being on top seems to automatically turn you into the evil asshole, I'd guess its one part greed mixed with 2 parts fear that someone will come along and beat you that makes these companies start turning nasty when they make it to the top.

Comment Re: Full of BS (Score 1) 292

Again that is a completely different use case than what killed OCZ which is the consumer market. Lets face it, with VMs you just don't buy the hardware that you used to so its the consumer market where the money is and OCZ burned that bridge a long time ago. Buggy firmware, shitty CS, they made every mistake you can make and THAT is why their sales are crap.

Comment Re:THE DEATH OF PC GAMING (Score 4, Interesting) 272

Sigh...correlation does NOT equal causation folks. PC sales are NOT down because of tablets, its because PCs have become insanely overpowered and therefor you don't need to replace every couple of years like during the bubble that was the MHz war.

Take myself as an example, LOVE hardcore PC shooters, practically the games that built the PC gaming business. I used to build a new PC every 2 years like clockwork and gave it a major upgrade at the 1 year mark, now? My AMD Hexacore is pushing the 5 year mark with nothing more than a GPU upgrade. I mean why should i buy a new one, when the one I got plays every game I want to play at over 30 FPS without fail? Its got 8GB of RAM, 3TB of space, I might add a caching SSD for my BDay but other than that there really isn't much more I can do that will really affect gameplay.

And THAT is why PC sales are down, its because even the low end gamers have insane amounts of cycles to spare. Hell my youngest has an AMD triple we unlocked to a quad and an HD7750 and he plays every game he wants to play at over 30FPS and his system cost less than $400! Even the low end systems are just so insanely overpowered its not even funny and with the XBone and PS4 going with a netbook chip? Really doubt we are gonna be needing octocore PCs to game any time soon.

As for about making games that don't suck? How about that? Make smaller games that target a market instead of some crazy costing AAA title that you have to make as generic as possible to have "broad appeal" which is pretty much a codeword for "boring generic crap". Look at Payday the Heist, they listened to those that bought the first one, gave them what they asked for, they made a profit before the game even came out just on preorders. Make something special? Folks WILL buy. Make generic "Call Of Honor: Halo of Killzone Edition" and watch the numbers suck. It really IS as simple as that.

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