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Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 271

Wow, a 4 digit...didn't know any of you guys were still around ;-)

But in this case you are wrong ancient one, and here is why: Like the BD/PD design the netburst design had a fundamental flaw, in the case of netburst it was that long ass pipeline that made stalls nasty and the fact that the chip never had great IPC to begin with. I mean you can take pretty much any of the Pentium D 8xx chips and hit 4GHz and yet a C2D clocked at less than half of that will curbstomp it and in the case of the i3s it'll curbstomp it while using less under load than the 8xx used at idle.

You see what Intel found out was that raw clocks for clocks sake meant jack and shit if that high clock didn't translate into useful work, or IPC, and the cost of power and cooling to those monsters got to the point people didn't want 'em. Not that I can blame 'em, i have a Pentium D 805 running in the shop while I decide whether its worth the trouble to try to find a socket AM2 board for this ULV Athlon X2 or to say fuck it and just get a Bobcat board and the damned thing will often hit over 143f on light loads and idles at 135f So having the Pentiums hit higher clocks really wouldn't have helped, the design was flawed to begin with. if you don't believe me starmicro has the Pentium D Extreme Editions for $75, grab one of those suckers and a hell of a cooler and you'll probably hit 5.5Ghz...and still get curbstomped by a 3GHz i series or Phenom II X2, because without the IPC to back it up the clock doesn't mean shit.

That is the problem AMD has now, the "half core" design has really shitty IPC (in fact you have to have a 1GHz overclock compared to the Phenom II to beat the Stars arch with the BD arch) and instead of accepting that and going back to the drawing board they are just cranking the shit out of the clock which again gets you into crazy temps and power draw. I mean who would even want a 220w CPU, when a chip drawing half the power in the Intel camp will beat it? Hell I build exclusively AMD but I won't even mess with the 140w because of the heat, i don't even want to know how much heat a 220w CPU would crank, even with liquid cooling the amount of waste heat that thing is gonna generate will just be unreal.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 2) 271

Sadly it wouldn't help friend. read the article by the AMD engineer i linked to, they knew 2 years before Bulldozer there was a serious flaw in the design, the "half core" design requires BOTH the Operating System AND the programs to all be designed with that in mind and even then it will only give a boost in certain niche applications.

The simple fact of the matter is just as Netburst went for raw speed above all with the BD/PD design they made MUCH more primitive cores and thought they could make up for the primitive design by just adding more of them but most programs just won't scale. Even games benefit from having one really powerful core to run the main thread and weaker threads for AI,Sound, etc but the BD/PD design instead has a primitive core that is really only good at integer loads, the second you start adding floating point its gonna bog down.

At the end of the day the BD/PD design is really only good for servers and even then only in certain roles, with desktops and laptops we run just too many FP programs and single threaded programs for very simple weak integer heavy cores to work. This is why they keep cranking the clocks, hoping they can boost the speed enough to make up for that shortcoming but to use a car analogy that would be like saying if you just push this Pinto really REALLY hard it'll keep up with a Porsche, its just not gonna work. hell they have to go for a full 1Ghz higher clock just to beat the Thuban chips which were already not equal to the i7, there is no way in hell they can get the clock high enough to make a half core compete with a full core, its just not gonna work.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 2) 271

Dude, now you are just being a douche, you really are. Your argument would be like saying "You can't compare any boat sinking to Titanic because that boat wasn't built before 1920!" and it really makes you sound like a pedantic dick, it really does.

As another pointed out Intel did NOT keep adding ever more pipelines to netburst, they just kept ramping up the speed because they didn't have the IPC, with a 5GHz on their roadmap before they pulled the plug. Likewise Amd is ramping up the speed because they don't have the IPC and as other have already pointed out you get THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM you had with netburst, the more you crank the clock on an already inefficient design the more waste power and heat you are gonna have. Intel ended up into 150w territory before they finally gave up on netburst, AMD went from 65w-95w with Athlon64 to now 140W+ and soon to be 220w and again they, just like netburst, are blinding trying to fix the fundamental flaws with the arch by simply cranking up the clocks.

So I'm sorry but everyone else can see the analogy, i could wallpaper this post with websites where tech editors make the exact same comparison to netburst, so if you think the ONLY way anything could be like netburst is by adding a 31 stage pipeline? Well you're just being a dick for the sake of arguing, please stop wasting everyone's time being a pedantic ass.

Comment Re:Yes (Score -1, Offtopic) 372

Meh they'll sell a few to those that have to have the biggest ePeen, most won't give a shit. Hell why do you think Intel and AMD have both seen the PC sales drop so much? I can tell it it AIN'T because of tablets or phones, its because all these PCs became so insanely overpowered that they spend most their their time twiddling their thumbs, its like telling a guy he should spend $100K+ on this turbocharged funny car when he already has a funny car and all he is using it for is to drive to the store, its really just overkill for the vast majority.

I mean what do the vast majority use these desktops and laptops FOR anyway? they surf, watch videos, play a few games, that is it, that's all. hell any C2D or Athlon X2 can do these jobs with cycles left over yet these companies just keep building ever more powerful when the programs simply don't use the power we have. So while I can see why they are doing it, to have as many bullet points as they can, honestly? I bet there isn't even 5% of laptop users that would find this a big enough improvement to go shell out the big bux to get this feature.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

The reason for that is simple, the people are conditioned from an early age NOT to think. I mean its no surprise to me that those I have met who were home schooled had better critical thinking skills and were quicker to spot the bullshit than those that went to public school. Because I was lucky enough not to have to go to most of junior high and high school (bike wreck kept me out of junior and the coach finding out I read Asimov the first day of HS ended up with me teaching my own class for 4 years to help jocks pass minimum requirements while the "classes" I was supposed to take just gave me straight As) I got to see both sides of the fence and they might as well call public school "Conform and obey" because that is all they are really teaching.

Its like the old George Carlin bit "things will never get better, know why? Because the owners of this country don't want it to get better! Think they want adults that can think and reason? No they want obedient workers, who will take worse working conditions, less pay, who have just enough sense to be shown how to push the buttons but never capable of asking why their lives sucks, the entire system is built around this".

But if you want to know why people keeping "falling" for this all it takes is to walk inside the home of your average voter. I would walk into the homes of my boy's friends to pick them up and I would be shocked, not a single book in the house, the kids being babysat by game consoles, and mom and/or dad staring with a blank expression at the idiot box. It was sad to see how little thinking actually goes on in the average household, the only hope I have is more and more of the young and young adults are turning to computers to get information...probably why they are monitoring everyone, so they can spot them "dangerous thinking types".

Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 1) 293

It just shows that if you could turn stupid people into electricity you'd solve the energy problem tomorrow.

I mean do i personally give a wet fuck if after it was pointed out you could be downloading anything, state secrets, child porn, terrorist crap that could get you several years in PMITA prison, that some retard goes "huh huh, I'll download it anyway, just to show I'm retarded huh huh"? Nope, not my IP address that will trace back to it, not my hard drive it will be found on, I won't be the one looking at time so i really don't give a fuck, zero fucks to give here.

Hell if you "really want to show me" why don't you go download some CP and visit some terrorist websites, boy I bet that would really show me who is boss huh...dumbass.

Comment Re:220W Peak (Score 1) 271

Never had one of the Intel Pentium D 9xx chips have you? Sure with speedstep they would idle nicely but every time you actually tried using the thing the temps would just shoot through the roof and if you wanted decent performance out of the system you pretty much had to OC. Having the CPU alone hitting 140F even with a cooler with a copper center? Not much fun, especially in the summer.

I had a box with the Pentium D 805 and just to see how big a difference it would make swapped it for the 915, know what I found? It wasn't even worth the whole $8 difference to swap the 805s for 915s because while idle naturally was lower, if the system is gonna be idling all the time? Frankly you might as well turn it off. When you began to actually use the thing the temps would shoot back up to the same as the 805 so it really wasn't worth the bother to switch.

Low idle temps is all well and good but most of the things you are gonna be doing won't leave the system idling and THAT is when those hotter chips really become a PITA.

Comment Re:AMD slower / MHz (Score 4, Interesting) 271

Yeah but how much was the 4 core Intel? And you can probably buy that 8 core for $150 or less now if you watch the sales. I'm running the Thuban X6 and what did 6 cores cost me? $105 shipped, if you compare like to like the only chip I could get from Intel at $105 was the Pentium Dual core which the X6 outperforms so in that case the bang for the buck squarely landed in the AMD camp.

The problem with the X8s (well other than the arch, see my previous post with a link on why the BD/PD/EX platform is AMD's netburst) is they simply cost too much to make, for every X8 that comes out with all functioning core they probably get 2 dozen X4s or X6s thanks to bad cores so THAT is where the bang for the buck is, although if given a choice I'd take a Deneb or Thuban over Bulldozer any day of the week.

But if you are strictly wanting the most bang for your bucks and like most of us don't have unlimited budgets the best bets would probably be the Athlon X4 for $67 although for an extra $8 I'd probably go for the Phenom II X4 for $75 and for more than 4 cores the best bang is probably the FX6100 for $99 or the Phenom II 1035T X6 for $106. I think in the benches the Thuban beats the FX6100 but both are good deals. Nice thing about the 1035T is I have one and have sold several and with a low end gaming board like the Asrock boards they have a hell of a lot of OCing room, before deciding I didn't want to deal with the temps I had mine up to nearly 3GHz with a turbocore of nearly 3.5GHz. I probably could have gone higher with a better cooler but my apt gets hot enough as it is without adding a major OC to my system.

As you can see though you can still get crazy cheap deals on the AMD side if you just know where to look. These chips have more than enough power to do anything your average person is gonna want to do with a PC, heck my youngest is gaming on a 3.4Ghz Athlon X3 and is quite happy with the performance and with my 1035T I can game AND do a transcode AND burn a DVD at the same time with no slow downs so I would say I'm getting my $105 out of it.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 5, Insightful) 271

I would urge those that wonder WTF AMD is doing copying all the old mistakes Intel did with netburst to read this post by a former employee who lays out exactly why this is happening, the former CEO did the usual Wall street move of slash and burn, get a stock bounce, and cash out.

They are stuck with the Netburst that is Bulldozer/Piledriver/Suckavator or whatever other names they want to give it because the former CEO FIRED everybody that knew how to make a chip over there and replaced them with computer layouts which as you can see blow through power like shit through a goose while giving worse performance on a per watt basis than the previous Stars arch.

This isn't coming from some Intel fanboy, I own and sell nothing but AMD at the shop, but when I can no longer get Stars and Liano chips I'm gonna have to seriously look at Intel because these new designs just suuuuck. There is a good reason why you don't see Thuban chips in most benchmarks against the new chips, its because if you matched clock for clock the Thubans and Denebs will win. That is pretty damned sad, when your old chips are actually better while using less power but the CEO they had closed down production of all the Stars cores (again to get a stock bounce and cash out) so there really is no plan B here.

I just hope the game console chips can give them enough operating capital to keep them afloat while hopefully the new chip designer they hired, the same one that did the Athlon64 and the Apple A6, can come up with a new design to make AMD at least kinda competitive. Until then I'll hang onto to AM3+ and Stars as long as I can and then start looking at the i3s and i5s.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

Nope, sorry, not buying it, that is a "blame the victim" excuse and any investigation shows it just doesn't hold water. Even though I'm as anti libertarian as they come (I personally believe libertarians come in two flavors, one that wants a government to whip the slaves and the other wants to have no government so they can hire goons to whip the slaves) look up "Jon Stewart Ron Paul" to see just how rigged our primaries are, in that video Stewart (who is also not libertarian) shows clip after clip of the MSM practically jumping through flaming hoops to make sure NOBODY says a damned word about Paul, the entire MSM went to great pains to make sure he was never heard. One reporter even gets annoyed and says to the anchor "We are sitting here going on and on about Christie and Palin, who aren't even running, and we haven't said a word about Paul who is doing well in the polls here" and the anchor I swear looks right at the camera, gets a douchebag smirk, and says "If you get any footage of Christie or Palin send it in, you can keep the Paul stuff", I swear the rigging was THAT bad, and when you add in the Alex Jones video showing the voice vote against Paul at the RNC had the teleprompter showing the results before the vote was even called?

So I'm sorry but saying "the people chose" is like saying that if they show up to enough matches pro wrestling will become real...its not gonna happen, the results are decided before you ever get into the booth, your "choice" is corporate shill A or B and that is all you will EVER get because the two party system? Its just a sham,it lets the old money interests keep taking more for themselves while giving the illusion that the masses have a say when the "choice" is whether you'd prefer your mugger to wear the wildflower or sandalwood aftershave while they rob you.

Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 1) 293

Then I'm sorry but you sir are ignorant, again you have NO CLUE what is in this shit, could be state secrets, could be a huge cache of kiddie porn, you have ZERO way of knowing WTF it is except by taking this guy's word at face value...do YOU know this guy? Because I sure as hell don't, not enough to know whether he is telling the truth, just being a dick because he can be, hell we've had an asshole on this very site use links to child porn like a fucking rickroll just because they were douchebags and thought that was funny.

If it turned out to be something nasty i doubt seriously any court is gonna believe you downloaded THAT much shit without even the tiniest clue as to what it is just for the hell of it, that would be a seriously hard sell to any jury, so WTF would make you want to take that risk for some douchebag you wouldn't know if you ran into on the street?

Again you have NO idea what you are getting into, NO clue as to what the contents are, you could be opening yourself up to years in PMITA prison and for what? What do you possibly gain by giving this asshole 1.7TB of storage for his shit on your PC?

Comment Re:"Would you believe the reason..." (Score 1) 162

You are trying to sell your band to the world and get taken seriously as female musicians...so you make your site look like a 15 year old twitard chick's fanfic page? Really?

I've played with many a female musician (no pun intended) and they would frankly be insulted by this shit, their site just screams "I'm a girly girl with titties but no brains, giggle giggle" that it really does a disservice to female musicians because all it does is reinforce that stereotype.

Comment Re:Pretty Sure The Onion Got It Right (Again) (Score 1) 103

Nic Cage got his ass ripped off by one of one of those stock brokers, may have been old Bernie, all i know is he got his accounts pretty much cleaned out and now will take just about anything that has a decent paycheck.

Oh and if you want a good chuckle? Turns out Will Smith turned down Django to start in After Earth, just like how he turned down the Matrix to star in Wild Wild West, so pretty much anybody can pick a clunker. But there are just some actors, Sandler, Schneider, Vaughn, that just seem to have the worst taste in projects or are simply taking everything with a paycheck. They are a part of a handful of actors that you can see at least have a decent amount of talent that just choose bomb after bomb after bomb, frankly I don't know how they keep getting work, especially Sandler. I mean Jack & Jill and That's My Boy (which one reviewer said "The whole joke is "ha ha ha pedophilia funny" which of course the answer is no it isn't and you are a sick man for thinking it is) should have completely torpedoed any chance of doing another movie, yet last I heard he had like 3 movies coming up.

All I can figure is that they are doing comedies and the studios are all run by rich old white guys that know they "Don't get what them hep cats kids think is funny" so they just greenlight it without even bothering to look at the script. Again that is the only way I can see how something like That's My Boy could even get made, I mean who would think having a kid that looks 12 molested by a 30 year old teacher would be comedy gold? BTW if you haven't seen it you should look up some YouTube clips just to see how unfunny that shit is, I'd rank it up there with "Heil Honey I'm Home" for worst premise to make a comedy out of. Give Vaughn at least that much credit, he has been making dumb movies but at least they aren't offensive, just moronic.

Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 4, Interesting) 293

What? Who in the fuck is soooo damned retarded they will download 1.7 fricking TB of data that is completely fucking useless because its encrypted? Hell how in the fuck do you know this isn't just his way of railing against the possession laws by seeing how many dumb fucks he can get to download child pron huh?

You have NO idea, ZERO, what the fuck is in this stuff, you only have the word of one single person who is already an admitted criminal who has broken into countless companies, caused who knows how many people to have to deal with the "fun"of having to replace their credit cards, and we are just supposed to take his word for it? There is stupid and then there is plain old ignorant, and if you download 1.7Tb without even knowing WTF it is you are firmly in the latter column.

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